This week, according to Instagram.

I’ve been remiss in blogging my Instagram photos this year.  It’s a shame because I love seeing them all together in a collage.

I’m starting fresh, and will hopefully do better.  I’m going to call this collage image 30/365…because I’m back on my way to getting behind.  I seriously need some more accountability for my 365.  I’ve lost some of my daily mojo.  Maybe that’s because the days are starting to feel redundant with how we are spending them, minus the pause of the snow days.



So our Good. Random. Fun. this week was definitely the snow.  I know most people could do without hearing the S word one more time this year, but I love that the kids get these memories of playing in the snow just as I had years ago.   I can remember those days fondly.  The anticipation of watching the first flakes fall was the best feeling, and then watching diligently to see if it would stick.  For me, there is something wonderful about the way the air smells with the mix of snow and burning wood from the chimney tops. Bliss!

Our county had most of the week off from school, but being homeschoolers we could play and learn.  I reminded the kids that we didn’t want to let the snow days eat into our summer break.  They were cool with that.

And hey! I got to wear my boots!

The last of the ice melted this weekend and the air warmed.  That meant that our scooters came out to play.  Aidan took a tumble and got a nice goose egg for a souvenir.  All 3 got a nice reminder that our helmets are not optional.  We’ve been through a serious head injury before with our eldest, so I don’t quite care if we look dorky in a helmet compared to the other kids.  Thankfully Aidan just got the goose egg and nothing more.

I started another project on Saturday.  I bought some iron on transfers for embroidering over the fall.  I decided to stitch some vintage patterns on tea towels.  I really needed a break from normal duties and lists.  This easy project was just the thing to step outside of all of that for the afternoon.  I was also feeling a touch of cabin fever and realized that I hadn’t left our house since last Tuesday!  I needed a good airing so we did slip out for lunch as well.  No picture to prove it, but it was definitely helpful to get out.

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  1. Snow = good random fun for sure!

    We’re in for more today, and Wednesday, and next weekend.
    Tamar recently posted..The Good. The Random. The Fun. v.1.5My Profile

  2. When I read about the goose egg, my immediate thought was, ‘where was his helmet?’ YES to helmets. My husband had a serious bike wreck, the helmet cracked, his head did not. And I always love the symmetry of a 9-photo mosaic.
    Dotti recently posted..Sunday Moments {Day Two Hundred Sixteen}My Profile

  3. You are RIGHT…your red boots rock!!! Too cute…I want a pair♥

  4. I´d love an ice bag (what do you call it) like that one Aidan is holding – where are they sold? I´m heading over to the States in April, so maybe I´ll have the time to look for one. 🙂
    tinajo recently posted..Foggy nightMy Profile

  5. Oh no- hope he’s okay. We ALWAYS do the helmets. However we left all bikes & scooters behind in NV. Our current street isn’t really safe for them with the traffic. Hoping the new house will be better & we can get them back on wheels. 🙂

    Still LOVING the boots 🙂
    Gina recently posted..Quick Breakfast Options ~ Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage On a StickMy Profile

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