Cherry Blossoms

I adore cherry blossom season and sadly those brief days have already come to an end here in Georgia. It’s like a small miracle every spring! The Miracle we are waiting for.  I sure was thankful that I found this little gem on my latest roll of film!

Spring 2015

Minolta SRT 101 on Kodak Portra 400 @200

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Own Every Second

The Only Way You Can Know, You Give It All You Had.

Woodland Musician

Woodland Musician

Own every second. Unrelentingly.

These images are from my latest photo shoot with a darling little budding violinist. Watching her play in the woodlands during our session is a great reminder of beginnings. The journey to mastery is long and arduous at times, but continuing on is what counts. Every Twinkle Twinkle is building up to something greater.

Growth comes in small steps and stages.

It comes in refusal to give-up.  It comes with vision.

It comes from spending ourselves and not being distracted by the temporal things. In other words, sacrifice.

It may be exhausting, but the rewards are sweet.

Carry On…

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*I’ll share more from this session on my professional site later this week.



I can see clearly now

The rain is gone….

I can see clearly

I can see the obstacles in my way…

I can see clearly

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind…

I can see clearly

I can see clearly

It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sunshine day!

Choose Joy!

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Kids Live Here

The evidence is all around. 24/7/52. My inner neat freak wrestles, but my mama’s heart takes comfort in the reminders of their presence.

They are still gonna have to clean this up, though.

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

kids live here

Except monkey. This one I love.

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I see this look all day long from my dogs.  There is always expectation for what’s coming next.  They sure do live for the treats.

Gigi wants a treat

I suppose I do the same, at times. I’m often looking down the pike for what’s ahead instead of taking in what’s right before me.  I’m learning not to misplace my expectations in opportunities, people, materials or really any of the wanted things. Also known as “treats”. It’s okay to have desires for things as long as they do not cause you to miss what’s already given: the staples.

I’m embracing the right now. The staples. And it is good.

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Black and White Wednesday

Today I am sharing one more photograph from the session I had with my friends recently.  I simply loved the light in the barn loft.

Poling 6-bw-web

These images in this series pretty much begged for a conversion.

So I obliged.

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I love this time of year when everything seems to be a fresh start.  I really don’t feel that January 1st brings about the same feelings of newness like the start of a new school year.  I get a sort of recharge and fresh look on life every August.

It’s like I get a chance to refocus on what matters.  For me, that has been less time online, and more time seeking to be mindful of what is going on in our home.  It’s tiring, but good. Very good.

I’m seeking balance in duty and delights. I’m saying yes to those things that fall within my vision, and letting what doesn’t fit slide.  It’s not always easy, but it is needed.

One thing that has been an absolute delight was this recent session with a precious family.  This one honestly recharged me in so many ways, and I’m so grateful.

Schaefer 8-bw-web

I felt very free to be the photographer that I am.  That’s a gift when that happens.  It makes me want to try to reach my vision even more.  And aren’t these two darling?

I have also been spending a good deal of time preparing for my travels to Thailand in roughly 7 weeks! I know that time will go so quickly.  It still feels unreal to think of going back after 7 years away.  This is the longest I have been away since 1994. It’s really exciting!

I’m really looking forward to just being free to enjoy and experience that time.  Again. A gift.

Things are currently looking up and it is so encouraging!

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Wednesdays Around the World

I’m in the home stretch.  Yes, summer is here and we are have been finished with school for a couple weeks now.  However, we live in a scenario every year where the beginning of summer is absolutely nuts…in a good way.  Tiring all the same.

We had Vacation Bible School last week, and now my daughter’s life takes off to another dimension of crazy.  Her activities sort of drag us all along for the ride.  She is headed to her first summer “missions trip” on Saturday.  Her Youth Group is taking the VBS that we just finished to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC.  Our church has hosted this for 17 years, and now it is our turn to send a child.  And…it is her first full week away from home without us.  Lots of prep has been going on to get her ready.

So, please forgive me for just scraping by these last few weeks.  I see the light though…


I haven’t had much time to shoot these past couple weeks either. I tried to get some shots of my kids a couple days ago, but they too, were burned out.  Thankfully, Bella, our next door doggie, was willing to pose. I think she wants a senior session. If only she could throw one paw over her head.

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Devil in the details

This past couple of weeks has been a period of the devil being in the details.  There has been so much stuffy stuff to deal with like setting up bank accounts, PayPal accounts, studio accounts, and every kind of account imaginable.  Then there was lots of painting to do in my office, and moving things in.  Then there are those details of school like teaching and testing.  Not to mention the details of home life, relationships, and committees.

And while all these things are wonderful things, the details can get overwhelming.  So…

Here is my cat.  A quick image captured before the sun went down on another day.


I have a detail coming up tomorrow that I think you’ll like, though.   I will be hosting a pretty sweet giveaway that any photography minded person will love.  You won’t want to miss it!

I’m pretty pumped for you.

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Easter Morning

Confession: Easter morning pictures are always hard.


Easter morning

We usually have roughly 3 minutes between the chaos of getting ready for church and leaving for church to grab a shot.  Most years I just say “forget it”.

This year, I just gave it my 3 minute best.  I’m sure I’ll be happy to have this anyway.

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