Tuesdays Around The World

I know I shared this yesterday in a smaller image, but here it is again in all its glory!  My kids have lived in Atlanta for 5 years and have never eaten at The Varsity.   Apparently, Obama was in Atlanta recently for a day visit and he even ate at The Varsity before my kids.  We had to correct this.

The Varsity is an Atlanta icon in fast food.  It is greasy, but you have to eat there to say you did. And you have to wear the little paper hat; it’s a rule that must not be broken.

My first time eating there was at the wee age of 8.  The grease was a bit much, and I remember getting a little sick.

Fast forward 32 years, and I am eating it for the second time.  I didn’t feel great the next day…but my kids seemed to be ok.  Not sure if my tummy was experiencing a self-fulfilling prophecy, or what.

Still, there are some foods to not miss.  You need the onion rings.  You need a Frosted Orange.  You may need a Tums.  But do visit if you are in Atlanta!

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