Catching Up

I’m still playing a bit of catch up from the end of summer through this second week of school.  Really, I think it is a bit of catch up combined with a much needed breather from always feeling in go mode. Not that I’m stopping much, but merely having to give a different set of items priority.

That’s why I’m thankful for Instagram that lets me continue to connect with others while blogging has been a back burner item, lately.  I’m looking forward to picking up my camera again and documenting life.  I am excited because I have a couple rolls of never-before-seen summer film ready to go out this week! What a surprise those frames will be.  Truly, I cannot even remember what all I captured.

Meanwhile, a taste of lately…

August 18-2015

I’ve picked up the knitting basket, which is a true sign that fall is on the way.

Dipped DQ cones filled in the always present waiting on the teenager to finish her activity time gap. It’s amazing how much life we parents exchange for our teens to have a life. These activities are all good things and I’m glad that we can give her the time to let her grow in many endeavors. We do make sure to reward the patient younger brothers who have to do a bit of waiting.

My Lemon Queen sunflowers have begun to bloom around the yard.  Sunflowers are so rewarding! I think I will do a bigger planting next year.

And, in heartbreaking news, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Bangkok bombing this week.  Perhaps it feels like a far off incident to many reading this, but to me, it feels quite personal. Bangkok holds a very near and dear place in my heart.  If you are new here, you may not know that my family lived and worked there for 8 years.  Bangkok is also the birthplace of each of my children. While no one place in the world has more significance than another, this bombing stings a little. More than a little, actually.  It angers me and I hope it is a righteous anger. I can envision the exact place, the exact time, the sights, sounds, and the people.  I have stood in that place and passed by many, many times.  For me, it isn’t about the place, but the people.  So my heart goes out to this second home for me.  This evil incident reminds me to keep praying for a place and people that I love. As far as I’m hearing, all of my Bangkok connections are safe.  For that, I’m very thankful.

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Another Brick In The Wall

I’ve seen the writing on the wall.

Wat Pho

Another Brick in The Wall|Pink Floyd

Those happy days are just memories now.  They weren’t perfect, but they were some of the best days.  25. 30. 35.

Open. Free. Connected. Loved. Full of discovery and new beginnings.  A metamorphosis, winged and hopeful.

Standing on the edge of a new forever and seeing nothing but wide open spaces. Chains gone.

Mid-flight I find my wings beating against brick walls. Some yours. Some mine.

I’m gazing through the cracks to see those small slivers of blue.  But…

Each unkindness is a bit of mortar. Each rejection adds breadth and height to the wall. Disguised intentions. Manipulations. The masons keep right on building all around me.

Just another brick in the wall.  

I’ll keep taking my sledgehammer to the wall, even if it takes me years to break free.  Bruised wings can still fly.

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*Disclaimer: I’m completely fine. Just weighing life’s experiences against the lyrics of a song and that’s what Songography is all about. So yes, my truth is in here.  Good lyrics are provocative and poke our bruises, which is what makes them popular.



Little Things Thursday

We are really excited  because we have some friends from Thailand visiting us tonight! It’s been a couple months since I returned from my trip, and I’m looking forward to a couple gatherings with friends.

I just happened to stumble upon the one image from my trip, yet to be shared to commemorate the occasion.

statues at Baan Fa Luang 01-web

The Adams are having dinner with us tonight and I’m basically serving up a second Thanksgiving meal, except with ham. Perhaps it is more of a Thankmas meal. We are so looking forward to catching up, hearing their stories, and letting our kids interact with them. Then, next week the ladies I traveled with are getting our families together to share travel stories and just reminisce.  I’m really thankful for the role Thailand has played in our lives.  I know we are going to come away richer for this time this evening.

So, how is your December beginning? Tis the season to gather and celebrate!

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This is my last post on this trip to Thailand.  I thought it would be fun to wrap it up with my Instagram photo dump.  It was hard to see this trip come to an end, and I did my crying on the tarmac, per usual. It’s always right when the plane starts to taxi for take-off. It’s always a few quiet tears.  They are tears of joy, sadness, and the fear that this truly is the last time that I will see Thailand.  I don’t want to assume or presume.  I’m glad God keeps surprising me with His good gifts though, because I’ve done the runway cry at least 5 times.  This elephant shaped country has been a huge part of my story.

Thai 1 Thai 2 Thai 3 Thai 4 Thai 5 Thai 6 Thai 7

It was amazing! I’m grateful. My heart is full.

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Thailand Day 7: King’s Park

Honestly, I don’t know what day this happened to be.  There were days where I did more Instagramming versus dSLR photographs. This post ends my dSLR shots. I already regret not getting more, but there is always that conflict between photographing and being present that I have to battle.  Sometimes just soaking it in won the day.  In reality, I don’t regret that.

Right across from our second hotel is The King’s Park.  It is a gorgeous, albeit roasting, green space in Prawet District. It’s far better to visit in the early morning hours, but as schedule would have it we visited in the afternoon.  Umbrellas provided us a little relief from the sun, but we were soaked with sweat. I was.  I should probably only speak for myself.

King's Park

Monstrous Lily Pads

You may feel tempted to play a little Frogger on these like I was.

King's Park


As hot as it is, the groundskeepers dress like this to protect themselves from the sun.

King's Park

Beautiful scenery

There is much more to see here than I captured. During our years here we would have a picnic, ride paddle boats, and stroll through the gardens.  I love the serenity and secrets of nature hidden here.

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Thailand Day Six: Ram 2

Our second half of the trip moved us to a different area.  We loaded vans on October 9th and headed to Ramkhamheang 2 where my last two years living in Bangkok where spent.  I think this is the post I most want to get right in my thoughts. This is what we left behind when we came back to the States.  I know I won’t do this justice for those that know all about this area and work, but I will attempt it in my broken way.

In 2005, our team left downtown and settled in the Ram 2 area to begin a foundation that served the community.  We had affordable English classes, one of our young single girl teammates started a children’s ministry called Joy Kids, and we began getting to know the community.  This area was so different than Bangkok.  It was easier to form relationships with those we worked and lived among.  We had budding relationships in our neighborhoods, and in the area where the foundation stood.  A lot of foundation laying began this year.  It wasn’t always easy.  Our team was in a constant state of growing and figuring out the next steps just one tiny step at a time. There were times of being too short handed to sustain it all.  These years were very transitional and there was an abundance of learning along the way.  It was these years that my family also faced two major physical crises with my daughter having a significant injury and I faced a rather difficult pregnancy.  So yeah…hard years.  Even still, seeds were being planted and watered. God was faithful. It was worth it and it was a privilege even on the hardest days.

In Ram 2, this is what you would see.

Ram 2 market

Street vendors

blog board 16-blog

Market Food

Ram 2 market

Vendors selling and consumers buying fresh items

Ram 2 market

Fruit Vendor

ram 2 blog boards

Sons and fathers working side by side

ram 2 blog boards

Keeping up with the times and Friends enjoying their Boba tea

Ram 2 market

Sweet faces

Ram 2 market

A living being made by creating flower garlands

ram 2 blog boards

Good Sports

As you can see, Ram 2 is mainly a community of the working class and lower income brackets.  People are working out a living the best they know how.  Many desire to rise above their current circumstances to better themselves for the future.  New Community, the foundation, seeks to help people do just that.  But, also, community has been formed by seeing a little church sprout here meeting the greater needs of the people.  As we were leaving in 2007, the church was but just a tiny seed.  The seed germinated, and began to grow.  Slowly and surely, the growth has lead to the Thais taking more ownership of this ministry which was always the plan from the very first day.  The time has now come for the reins to be fully handed over after 10 years and that is happening.  While some support will still be in place, this work belongs to the Thais staying here as the foreign contingent moves on to the North, South, and in the center city.  It’s a blessing to see this work of faith come full circle.  And it’s a little bittersweet.  I’m thankful to have been part of it somehow.  It was awesome to worship with this community once more and for the last time in “what was”.

It was so odd to be in this area, in a way.  I kept thinking that I could jump in any taxi and be home in a matter of a few minutes.  I kept thinking my family was waiting for me at the end of that imagined journey. It felt real, but then I would snap to and remember that they weren’t there with me.  They were half a world away.  As much as everything had changed in seven years, there was something that felt very much the same as all those years ago. Like time stood still.  There was a comfort to it that I had missed and there were faces I still half expected to walk through the doors. I kept looking for them.

What I felt most was encouragement.  It made me smile to witness a healthy team all seemingly working within their strengths, personalities, desires, and future vision.  I’m so happy for where they are today.  Time didn’t stand still, and there is growth to show for it.


Thailand Day Five: Little Things Thursday

I’m going big for Little Things Thursday today with a huge photo share! Additionally, I’m going to host my Thailand giveaway today, so hold on to your hats! I’m going to make the giveaway super simple.  Simply leave a comment and you are entered.  I’ll pick a comment number at random and that person will be the winner of my Thai box of surprises!! Sound fun? I’ve got some super fun things to share with one winner!

So day five had us touring a famous Thai temple called Wat Pho.  Wat is the Thai word for temple.  Wat Pho is the home of The Reclining Buddha.  I think this Buddha is best summed up by one of my travel companions who said, ” I don’t think I was prepared for the size of this.” She was referring to the size of the Buddha. You just don’t know until you know. Wat Pho seems to be a mix of traditional Thai Buddhism with some Chinese influence. Wat Pho is also the birthplace of the traditional and somewhat painful Thai massage.  You can’t leave Thailand without one.

To enter the site, you must remove your shoes and you must be dressed modestly.  Otherwise it’s the “Lime Green Coat of Shame” for you.  We were already in the know on that one.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

wat pho

Wat Pho

If you are ever in Thailand this is a great stop that tends to be less crowded that some of the bigger temples. You can get there by bus, taxi, or river taxi. We took the latter.  A temple visit is a great cultural study to help you understand the roots of Thai life.

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I’ll announce the winner next week!


Thailand: Day Four (part 3)

Tim, lead us to Bangkok Art and Cultural Center to enjoy getting to know the arts of Thailand.  The center houses many handicraft shops and stalls as well as hosts galleries of highlighted artists.  You may wonder why visiting the arts of a big city is relevant.  Art really does shape and reflect culture.  I truly believe that art is expression of our Creator, the ultimate artist.

I really love the unique style of artists.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

These guys can draw your image in 11 minutes.

I have always been impressed by these charcoal artists that draw the images of people in little stalls dotted around the country.  I cannot draw a straight line.


After looking through the galleries, you can treat yourself to a pour over coffee on the first floor. The Coffee shop is tiny, but has gorgeous light. Such an eclectic little shop!

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Section of a mural at BACC.

Thanks Tim for a day packed with culture and art.  We enjoyed seeing Bangkok through your eyes!

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Thailand: Day Four (part 2)

After our time in Benjasiri Park, we hopped on the Skytrain to travel a few stops up the line to Erawon Shrine.  Erawon is a famous shrine that was once constructed to ward off bad spirits as one of the local hotels was being constructed. Many construction accidents were happening in the area so the powers that be thought that the spirits of the area must be angered.  The shrine was built to appease the spirits so that the project could continue without more bad luck.  Over time the shrine became more auspicious to the locals.  To this day many Thais and others come to present offerings to the shrine and to ask for favor for the situations in their lives.  Incense is lit and marigold garlands are presented as offerings of appeasement.

Erawon Shrine

Lighting incense.

Erawon Shrine

Prayers and recitations

Erawon Shrine

Garland sellers line the street in front of the shrine. Patrons use the garlands as offerings.

Erawon Shrine

Thai dancers are hired to dance before the shrine as people present their requests.

Tim with coconut-blog

Tim cools off with a refreshing coconut drink after visiting the shrine.  It’s a perfect day for a coconut.

*As we speak of cultural differences and beliefs, let’s remember to let our comments be gracious.*

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Thailand: Day Four (part 1)

The day began with a 15 minute walk down Sukhumvit Road to Benjasiri Park.  Sukhumvit is a very busy road with lots of traffic, businesses, restaurants and it is a feast of things to take in.  In the midst of all the chaos of Sukhumvit Road, is a little oasis called Benjasiri Park.  The park was built to celebrate H.R.H Queen Sirikit’s 60th birthday.  It’s a beautiful little green space, and green spaces are a gem in Bangkok.  We spent a little time singing and reflecting in the park, as well as doing a prayer walk around the perimeter.

Benjasiri Park

Rebekah, Kay, and Ty

Benjasiri Park

Grounds keepers take a rest

Benjasiri Park

Art and rest

Benjasiri Park

Tim and Birds resting on a Thai style roof

Tim is the resident artist of the MTW Bangkok team.  He is gifted in many arts such as music, drawing, photography, and most importantly his pottery.  It’s no surprise to those that know Tim that he would bring us to Benjasiri Park because of its artistic leanings.  There are many works of art on the grounds that reflect a modern touch to traditional Thai art.  Tim has a vision of using his talents in Bangkok among other local artists.  It’s an exciting vision.  What I loved about this time was how Tim used Thai architecture to explain the idea of rest.  A sala is a place of rest and refreshment to Thai people.  Tim explained how the gospel is a sala of rest to all of us.  It provides shade, comfort, and protection.  It was an amazing visual picture for us.

Benjasiri Park

Tradition meets modernity

This was such a peaceful morning before we headed into downtown’s hustle and bustle once more.  Stay tuned for part 2 of day four.

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