Little Things Thursday

This spring has been all about finding the little things in life that bring joy.  Spring has been exceptionally pretty and restorative to me this year.


bird eggs

Finding beauty and life right around me has kept my perspective from tanking in the harder moments of life. And there have been a few stressful days.  Overall, I’ve been encouraged by the prospects of things to come in the months ahead. In someways it feels like a turning of the tide. Some call it HOPE! I think I’m calling it GRACE.

It doesn’t hurt that summer is just two weeks away… Oh the bliss of slow mornings and relaxed days.


Little Things Thursday

Happy Thursday and Saint Pat’s! I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of spring like we are in Georgia! I think this has been the earliest that we have settled into spring since I moved back to the States almost 9 years ago. Normally, I find March a bit manic, but this year she has been a woolly lamb.

No complaints. I’m glad to see the back of winter.

A look at March, so far…

march 2016-1 march 2016-2 march 2016-3

march 2016-4

Voting. Soccer. A Thai Throwback. Holding the Thai flag for missions conference.

Texas Sheet Cake with sprinkles. Ice Cream Truck returns. Gifts from a friend. Blueberry blossoms.

How’s March treating you?


May Flowers

We’ve been clocking many hours around the yard the last few weeks to create not only an oasis for summer, but to also feed ourselves…Lord Willing.

Here’s a look at a few scenes of late.

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

May Garden

Everything is in gorgeous mode!

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Boo Boo season

As soon as the weather warms up the daily boo boos begin.  My kids have been going out to play full force since winter left.

I happened to capture this a few weeks ago and it just makes me laugh.

Boo Boo-blog

Minolta SRT 101 on Portra 400

This guy hates boo boos.  It’s like they don’t physically hurt as much as they hurt his feelings or something.

He is absolutely filthy from playing hard in this image, but that boo boo just needed a moment of reflection.

He was back to play in no time, but scrapes always give him pause.  Always.

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Sunday Backyard Fun

Now that the weather has warmed up the kids have taken to playing more backyard games.  They unearthed a beach badminton set.

Thus begins the tales of the last day of spring break.

93/365 – 101/365…I play by my own 365 rules, and I’m still not caught up.

badminton fun

badminton fun

badminton fun

badminton fun

badminton fun

Apple break to try to get the loose tooth out without success.

badminton fun

We got chased by a bee, and are scared.   Game has been cancelled on account of bee chasings.

badminton fun

A little reassurance goes a long way when you’ve been the victim of a bee chasing.  Feelings are sorted.

badminton fun

Games will continue on another sunny afternoon. Back to school this AM. 6 more weeks to go.

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Clap along…



Almost everything feels better when spring arrives.  The world wears a smile.

I’m feeling happy to have our backyard spruced after winter’s ravages.  The weeds are gone, the veggies are planted, the grass has been cut, and new flowers have been added.

I’m worried about my hydrangea, though.  There is no new growth on the branches.  I’m wondering if I accidently cut them off last year.  My fingers are still crossed.

But this post isn’t called “gutted”.  Pressing on.

I’m happy that we are back to eating on the patio at least until the mosquitos and flies start playing up.

The pollen is blowing fairy dust all over and the bees have come out to play.

There is definitely a skip in our steps.

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Random 5 Friday

Ah, Friday.

Time for a recap of the week.



1. One of the things about early spring is that the weeds wake up before everything else does. While many start to do battle with them immediately, I often savor the delicate beauty of them. My daughter and I noticed all sorts of pretty weeds on our evening walk.

2. With spring comes soccer season.  I’m really excited that the boys get to play, but I do grieve the loss of Saturday sleep-ins for the next couple months.

3. You know those moments when you really feel that God is working in your life? I feel that this week God has really stated that He is watching over us.  I can’t really explain, but I see it and feel it.  Maybe its in those moments of surrender saying, “Ok God, we are going to trust you and do this your way.”

4. A fun opportunity came my way this week.  I plan to do another blog post about it, but I am now curating for  Your can check out the website and see some of my collections!

5. Have any of you been following the Malaysian Airlines story?  I know a few of you are because we have been Tweeting about it, but seriously, this is just a scary story!  I think I have dreamed about airplanes for several nights because I have this stuck in my head.  I mean it is a terrible story no matter what, but I think it just hits me close to home because we lived in the region for so long.  I’m really praying the plane gets recovered soon so those families can get some sort of start on closure.   I’m just hearing that they may have discovered some debris…

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Little Things Thursday

It’s time once again to link up with Little Things Thursday!  This week has been a little taste of what is to come.  We’ve enjoyed warmer temps, and the signs of spring are all around.  I’m just waiting for the last frost so I can get my summer garden planted earlier this year for an earlier bounty.  It’s amazing how a little warmth and sunshine boosts my productivity.

We are all a little happier.





What’s springing up in your part of the world?

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Spring Forward

It takes me a couple days to feel balance in my sleep with springing forward, but the bonuses of spring are making up for the deficit.

You know the way warmth and sunshine restore you after that cruelty of February? Today was that kind of restoration.   The weather combined with all the good food I have been putting into my body left me feeling pretty well.  I had a moment of recognizing the return of energy that had been in a serious wane.  Warmth, sun, smoothies, and salads are healing so much that has felt off kilter.   We enjoyed our lunch outdoors today, and I think we all breathed a collective sigh.


cut daffodils

I brought spring inside by cutting some of my mini daffodils.



Even, Gigi is keen to stay outside for more than a few minutes.  I promise we aren’t rubbing it in.  I know March is going to lion and lamb us for a couple more weeks.  These tastes of spring are enough to get us to April in time for the yellow haze of death.

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New Life

I think we could all use a little happy this Monday morning.  What a harrowing, stressful week we all just witnessed. I’m thankful that mercies are new every morning, and that new life is bursting forward even as we grieve.

We found a reminder this weekend.


Spring means Gracyn begins to scour our outdoor area for bird eggs.  She finds nests like nobody’s business.   We enjoy following the whole process of hatching to fledging.  We usually find baby Towhee in our yard each May.  We have been blessed to watch them fledge for two years.   Gracyn has already spotted a Mama Towhee making a nest.  For now, we will marvel at these eggs and try not to upset Mama bird much.

Yes, new life is beginning.

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