In the goal

A recent film scan…

jasper soccer-p40035-01

Portra 400 rated 200 on 35mm

October 2015

The boys are so ready for soccer season to start up again. We have roughly 5 weeks to go before they can hit the pitch. Santa brought them new gear that they are so excited about sporting. There will be new soccer bags, funky soccer socks, new balls and etc…

I’m sure we will freeze through the first few weeks of practices and games, per the usual spring start.

I just love this stifled smile above caught on film. Too cool for school.

Last Friday I took my 40+ year old Minolta out for more film work and became frustrated by the continual sticking of the shutter causing me to loose frames. Film is too costly to throw frames away like that, so I found another newer model Minolta (1980’s) and purchased it.  I’m going to see if I can get the 1960’s model serviced because I really do like the camera, when it works.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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Little Things Thursday

I’m hanging on by a thin cord this week since my boys are in soccer camp. We are on day 4 of brutal temps and 5 hours of field time each day. Georgia is no place for outdoor summer camps, yet we carry on anyway. We do love our kids and wish for them to have growth in their passions, so we sit on those sidelines like a champ! I do believe I have accumulated tons of “Mommy Points” this week. I’ve clocked field hours and pool hours each day and I’m totally shattered.  It’s worth it, though.

Yesterday the kids had Wacky Wednesday where they wear their “fancy dress” items. I’m thankful that my BBC watching has paid off and fancy dress made perfect sense. There were a couple confused looks on the sidelines. I can imagine what they were thinking.

Soccer camp-wacky wednesday-blog

We didn’t have much to choose from costume wise, but somehow we found things to scrape up a “Fancy Unicorn” and a Batman.  The unicorn is a stretch.  Aidan invented that on his own, which makes it even funnier to me.  So kids, all you need to be a unicorn is a party hat and sunglasses. Halloween: SOLVED!

Two more days. Two more days. I think we can make it!

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My boys are doing their first sports camp this summer.  British Soccer hosts a Challenger clinic in various cities across the US. Our town just happens to be one of them, surprisingly!

Footballing 01-blog

Minolta SRT 101 on  Kodak Portra 400 Film (desaturated)

Local families host British coaches that come run the camp for our kids. Interestingly, the host family for our group is just one street over from us.  The morning camp hours are mostly fun and games, but our boys are taking a special after hours clinic with the coaches.  5 kids registered for the “Golden” clinic, but since 3 were no shows the boys are getting semi-private lessons.  This has been great!

They’ve been learning ball handling skills, agility training, and how to outsmart their opponents with fancy footwork. Georgia decided that this was a great week to hit the 90’s. The boys are absolutely toast by the end of camp that all we can do is take a quick shower and go to the community pool.  These boys are filthy and roasted by the end of the day.  Not one ounce of energy is left to play with the neighborhood kids.  That is saying something.

Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday so I might just bring my camera along to see what happens.

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I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend celebrating the women in your lives. We had a good, and full weekend.

Saturday was two soccer double-headers that had us out in the sun for 5 hours.  We were fairly sun-drained by the end.  AND, as much as we love our soccer Saturdays, we are happy next week is the last game until fall! I get my Saturday mornings back…which means sleep-ins.

Mother's day weekend 2015

Saturday evening I was able to escape for a Girl’s Night Out, and it was lovely to get to know someone new while growing friendships with the others over a good meal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful.  Hubby made an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and juice.  He ALSO made lunch after church.  I got to rest for a bit and then got back into my workout routine…which is simultaneously killing me slowly and making me stronger.  I’m only walking/jogging 3.4 miles a day, but when you haven’t really exercised in awhile, it hurts.  I’m looking for some great workout tunes to keep me moving.  What’s your favorite?

Jack ordered those two gorgeous floral prints for me from  If you haven’t had a tour around her work, you really should. It is so inspiring. The creator, Bridget, is the very first blogger I followed back in 2005.  I found her inspiring then, but she has really blossomed in her talent over the years. (pun intended)

Mother's day weekend 02

And with that, we are back to our work week. We have 9 days left of school. I’m dragging and ready for summer,but must keep on truckin’.

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It’s that time again. Fall and Spring.



Aidan soccer-web

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Insta Monday

Gosh.  I was surprised to see how little Instagramming I had in my feed this past couple weeks.  I feel a bit like I’m juggling photo platforms lately between Insta, dSLR, and SLR.

But that’s okay, I suppose, because I am working on personal work either way.

The little I captured on Insta this week:

mid march 2015

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with traditional corned beef, boiled potatoes, and the not so traditional spinach, you know…for green.

I got a little one on one with Jasper while the older two went to activities.  We hit up the local Fro-yo.  He looks so much older in this photo and it is one of the rare photos where I can actually see a hint of me in the mix.  Not in coloring, mind you, but somewhere in the facial features.  Or maybe it’s my middle brother, if he were blond?  But, usually he looks like no one in particular.

Last Friday, I told Gracyn to throw on a dress and go with me to the quaint part of town so I could shoot a roll of Portra 400, which comes highly recommended for portraits, as you may have guessed by the “Portra” bit. I stepped outside of my “golden hour” vision and shot mid-day.  I’ll be anxious to see how film handles mid-day sun, but of course I still exercised typical photographer caution. We took a break in the cutesy coffee shop on the town square, which was really paying my model for her time with something fun.  I will say that this one doesn’t handle stealth well. We tried to be inconspicuous as we walked alleyways. Her uncontrollable giggles most likely gave us away.

And finally, soccer is back in full swing.  We had games all day Saturday. We had two wins and a loss. Both boys scored multiple goals.

That’s our for last week!



And then…

My other soccer star.


Can you guess what is about to happen?


He played like a champ.


Aidan soccer

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One is the loneliest number.  It’s always best to play as a team.

But, if you don’t have model releases on the other players, you’ll have to use your imagination.





And because one truly is a lonely number. He scored twice.


The Score

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Soccer boys

Soccer is in full swing for spring…AKA sunburn Saturdays.  Why can’t I ever remember to wear a hat?

My favorite part of soccer is the opportunity for my kids to burn off all kinds of energy pent up from winter’s hibernation.

I captured my boys after running for a full hour, rosy cheeked and golden.

Soccer practice


Soccer practice


366 Rewind

Just a quick collage this week for 366 Rewind.  We had a great and restful week off of school last week, but today everything begins again in earnest.  Our 2nd 6 weeks of school starts back today, as well as weekly soccer practices.  The 6 o’clock mornings are back and I’m sure I am probably enjoying a cup of coffee right now to get me going again.  I look forward to blog hopping this afternoon when we break for lunch…until then, I will probably see some you on Instagram as I take quick peeks while the kids do independent work! Happy Monday!

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