Stitch Fix

It’s no big secret that I love clothes.  I don’t really focus on that here so much, but I do love feeling put together.  A blogger/IRL friend recommended Stitch Fix to me a few months ago, and I was intrigued.   The premise behind Stitch Fix is getting fun clothes without having to darken the doors of a store.   I know shopping is hard for me with kiddos in tow.   What’s really cool is that Stitch Fix provides a personal shopper to pick out your clothes based on a style profile you complete online! The style profile is fairly detailed to get a gauge on what you like and need.  I filled mine out, and waited for an email asking me to schedule a “Fix”.

My Fix arrived today!

SF box 1

I was excited to see if my personal shopper was accurate.

SF box 2

The contents had a great presentation.  So far…liking it.


I really love these how to style tags on each item.  I ended up keeping this dress.  It is adorable and versatile.

stitch fix 1 You get 5 items per Fix. The only two items that were a miss for me were the red skirt and the orange tank.  The red skirt was just too short for me, at my age.  The print was cute, but I have to watch the length on clothing.  I really didn’t care for the print on the tank, even though it fit really well.  The ruffle down the front also stuck out a bit, and looked weird.

I have to take a minute to mention that I’m all self-conscious about my messy room and dirty mirror. Our room has become the catch all during our redecorating process.  I was expecting my box tomorrow, so I feel like my slip is showing.  Just gonna keep it real though.

I did like the polka dotted artist style shirt, the layered necklace, and the bird print dress.  However, I am only choosing to keep the dress this time.  I loved the dress and can see this being a fun summer dress with sandals, or worn with tights, boots, and cardi in the fall! That made it a keeper for me.

The items I didn’t choose, were put into a pre-paid addressed envelop provided by Stitch Fix to be returned.  You do have to put a $20 deposit on each Fix, but that money is applied to anything you keep! If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on the whole order.  If you choose to return all items, you do lose the $20.  That’s the only risk.  Communication with your stylist is important, and she will look at your Pinterest boards for ideas. So start Pinning!  She gathered that I love Anthropology, and really tried to find those looks for me.  You can also set your price points to what you can afford.  The prices run the full spectrum.

All in all, my first Fix is a thumbs up! I’ll schedule my next one closer to fall when I need those kinds of clothes. You schedule the Fix when you need it, and you can ask your stylist to focus on certain kinds of items. Since I’m headed to Peru in September, I may ask for some clothing based around that trip.

Check out Stitch Fix for yourself! (referral code)



Firmoo eyewear review

A few months ago, I was contacted by Firmoo to review their eyewear.  I do not wear eyewear regularly, but I do like fashion eyewear for fun!

Glasses have become fun fashion accessory lately, so I agreed to try a pair sponsored by Firmoo.

firmoo 1-logo

Firmoo has so many styles to choose from.  I went for a nerdy-vintage look, which is so trendy right now.  I have a small face, so I need smaller frames.  I liked these tortoise and mustard frames.  They are so adorable!

Firmoo offers a wide range of eyewear in their online store. You can find prescription glasses, fashion frames, and sunnies! What I found impressive is that Firmoo offers free glasses to first time customers.  Pretty neat.

firmoo 3-logo

The glasses come in a sturdy protective case.

firmoo 4-logo

Visit Firmoo today and find out how you can get your first pair of glasses for free!

And because I love ya…and if you like these glasses…I’m going to give them away!

Contact me at kimcunninghamphotography-at- and I will give them to the first person I hear from! Glasses have been claimed!


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