A Pocket Full Of Sunshine Boutique|Review

I’m doing a little something different for Little Things Thursday this week! Over the summer, I was contacted by the super cute children’s clothing company A Pocket Full of Sunshine Boutique to try out a couple of their items for review. My little girl is all grown up, but I’m surrounded by darling little girls in my town.  I put out a model call for one of them to model some dresses for me, and this doll stepped forward!

First, you have got to see all the clothing on A Pocket Full of Sunshine’s website. The outfits are adorable.  I love all the unique items that your girls will love this back to school season.  You won’t find these items in the collections in your local stores.  To me, that is a plus! As a photographer, I am also always looking for great companies to recommend to my clients for putting together a wardrobe for portraits. A Pocket Full of Sunshine has so many great, affordable options.

Like this adorable Blue Lace Florence dress:

APFOS blog post 1

I love the lace detail on the neckline and the empire waist!

APFOS 06-LBLblog

Next up is the Cream Crochet Maderia dress. Even my high school daughter said that she wished this came in her size!

APFOS blog post 2This is such a versatile dress! I can see this as an autumn look with a cute pair of tights and some cowgirl boots. It’s a perfect Back to School look! I know you’ll find so many looks to love this fall!

A Pocket Full of Sunshine is graciously offering my readers 25% off orders when you use the code littlebylittle! A little savings this time of year is such a blessing to the back to school budget!

And a parting shot of my darling model, because she was so fun to shoot! APFOS 04-LBLblog

Now come link up for Little Things Thursday with us and show us what you’ve got! Be sure to stop by A Pocket Full of Sunshine Boutique to get 25% off some unique Back to School clothes with my code!


Boon Suds Bottle Washer| Product Review

The good folks at Boon reached out to me to review one of their new products, the SUDS Bottle Washer.  SUDS was designed for parents who are in that stage of constantly washing baby bottles and sippy cups.  Boy, do I remember those days! In our early years of parenting we did not have a dishwasher as those were not common in the country we were living at the time.  I always felt like it was a chore to really get bottles and sippy cups clean. Even though we are no longer in that stage, we are in the stage of constantly washing sports bottles for our kids.  I hand wash those because dishwashers tend to cause these bottles to expand and that leads to the dreaded leaks. On top of this, I also like to hand wash my coffee travel mugs.

Boon Suds 01

I could see that a Boon SUDS Bottle Washer could be a boon for me as a soccer mom! 5 water bottles after every game and practice really adds up to time at the sink.

To use, simply fill the basin with warm soapy water, invert your bottle, and push down a few times! Warm sudsy water splashes inside and the bottle scrubber does the rest.  It’s easy peasy to clean your bottles in mere seconds.  The basin fits in your sink and contains all the mess! This is a #ABoon4Bottles!

Boon Suds 02

Boon Suds 03

I’m trying it with my trusty coffee travel mug!

The Boon SUDS Bottle Washer is now available in Target stores and at Target.com.

Check out the action here with this video!  I hope you will find the SUDS Bottle Washer a boon for your bottles! And hey moms, this totally works on those end of the day wine glasses, too.

*Post sponsored by Boon, Inc.* All opinions are my own.




Kidecals reached out to me a few weeks ago about trying some of their personalized decals.  The selections were great!  I love the idea of labeling everything because if your kids are like mine, they leave their stuff everywhere.  Summer is definitely a perfect time for using Kidecals durable labels.

I’m usually a Sharpie pen girl.  However, over time even Sharpie pens start to wear off.  You can use Kidecals on any surface…even fabric! They are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe.  You can be confident that these labels will keep your kid’s personal belongings labeled for the long haul.

I will use my labels on all our sporting gear that seems to get “lost”.

Kidecals is offering my readers a 15% off discount so that you can get all those labels you need for summer camps and activities. Simple use the code: fashion at checkout.  Go stock up on Kidecals for your kids!

Courtesy of: Kidecals

Kidecals provided me with their product to try and review. All opinions are my own.


Must Haves

I’m taking a deep breath of relief this Monday morning.  We’ve gotten through the first hurried, chaotic weeks of summer and now maybe that slower summer pace will begin.  So far it has felt like the same kind of different.

However, this morning I am willing myself to carve out some time to get caught up to speed! Starting with showing you guys my POPSUGAR Must Have Box for June!

PopSugar must have June-web

POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes are a box subscription service that pulls together some great products for you to try!  I was so impressed with the full-sized products! My Must Have Box felt like a present!

June’s box is totally inspired by summer! The box is chock full of things to take along to the beach or a day by the pool.

Of course a fun book is requisite for lounging on the sand or poolside.  Emily Griffin’s The One & Only will be perfect for a fun summer read.  I’m looking forward to carving out time to indulge.

I’m loving that huge bottle of Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion.  It smells so, so good!  I just want to drench myself in it.

I was delighted by the Turkish-T Beach Towel.  It’s really luxurious.  You can use it either as a beach towel or you can turn it into a sarong.  You can wrap in so many creative ways to cover up going to and from the beach or pool. I love the color and the stripes!

Lollies hair ties are so cute.  I’m always reaching for a pony tail holder during the summer months.  These ties are made out of swimwear fabric.  You can totally wear them as you play in the water.  They hold their shape, and look so polished!

Did someone at POPSUGAR know of my affinity for kettle style chips?  I can’t wait to dig into this bag of Hawaiian BBQ.  I’m not sharing.

I had to smile at the You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes.  Yep, I’m a germaphobe.  I love having ways to clean my hands on the go.  The lemon fragrance will surely add a little refreshment to the process. I’m going to save these for travel.  They will be perfect for those quick freshen-ups!

Finally, as a bonus, Native Union included a $15 gift card for their fun gadgetry! I’ve already spotted a super fun iPhone cover. If you are geek-fabulous, you will love Native Union’s range of products.

POPSUGAR’S June Must Have Box was incredible!

Because I am a POPSUGAR Select blogger, I get to offer you guys a $10 discount on a 3-month subscription for Must Have Boxes! Sign up by June 30th and use the code JUNESELECT10 for your discount!

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have Box.  The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

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Mamoo Kids Giveaway!

Friends, I’m really excited to introduce you to a sweet company called Mamoo Kids! Mamoo Kids reached out to me about sharing a couple of my favorite products with you.  I was first introduced to Mamoo Kids via my partnership with Bumblebean.  Mamoo Kids is a vendor and I just adored their handmade totes, messenger bags, and backpacks.  They are seriously adorable.

As a mom you know how important it is to get your child’s possessions wherever they need to go.  I love the amazing products that Mamoo Kids offers for that task!  I’m so encouraged to learn that Mamoo Kids donates 5% of their net proceeds to reading programs for underprivileged children.  That warms this mother’s heart!

Mamoo Kids sent us the Indy with VW Bug Design messenger bag to try.  I love this bag! I’ve been admiring it for awhile now.

Mamoo Kids 1-web

My almost 13 year old daughter has claimed the Indy for herself. It’s just right for her wallet, lip gloss, and other essentials. It is the perfect size for your tweens!

They also sent me the uber adorable Rover Backpack. WHICH I LOVE! Psst…it comes in red, too!

mamoo kids 2-web

The Rover is made of soft corduroy and lined with the cutest coordinating fabric. It’s perfect for your littles headed to a day out and about. They will love carrying this on their backs! It’s great for all their treasures. And it’s perfect for summer travels.

Mamoo kids 3-web

Mamoo Kids has graciously offered you guys an opportunity to win a $50 store credit so those special kids in your life can rock these sweet bags! Simply enter below for a chance to win!

The winner will be announced June 6th!

The bags shown here were graciously offered to me by Mamoo Kids and all opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sonicare #powertokids

One goal of parenting is to empower your children to become more and more independent as they grow.  Now that my youngest is six, we are seeing our children take on more responsibilities to contribute to their own care and the care of our home.  They love being big enough to do things for themselves.

We are focusing on good health goals in our family in this season of time.  One of those ways is by eating more healthful foods like green smoothies.  I love empowering my children to make sound health choices.   I’ve taught Jasper how to make these green smoothies that we love with some supervision, of course.

#powertokids from Kim Cunningham on Vimeo.

Jasper was pretty chuffed to be able to make smoothies for the family!  We love putting all those micronutrients into our bodies for health and energy!

Another way to encourage healthful habits is to empower our children to take on more of their personal hygeine. One of the first things that most kids want to do to gain independence is toothbrushing.  I mean, sometimes helping kids brush is akin to wrestling alligators.  It’s a big relief when kids start brushing on their own.  The downside is the fear that their efforts aren’t enough.  Sonicare For Kids is a great tool for helping our kids develop this independence.  I love the great design of this toothbrush.   Sonicare toothbrushes come equipped with a two minute timer that helps kids monitor the amount of time spent in brushing teeth.  If your kids are like mine  you know that they are probably not brushing nearly the recommended time.  Sonicare For Kids will help make sure your kids brush long enough to cover all those areas including the hard to reach ones.  We absolutely love rechargeable electric toothbrushes for ensuring the most effective means of cleaning those pearly whites. Kids love them for their fun designs and power.  Give #powertokids with a Sonicare For Kids toothbrush.  Parents can rest easier knowing that those precious teeth are getting clean!


Want a chance to win a Sonicare For Kids unit to try?  Visit Philips Sonicare’s Facebook page for an opportunity to win!  Just snap an Instagram photo of your child taking on new independence with the hashtag #powertokids to enter.  Two winners will be announced between now and April 11 every Friday! Happy Brushing!

This post is sponsored by Philips Sonicare.


Pan:The Fearless Beribolt Interactive iPad App

Suzanne at Hullabalu reached out to us to review the new iPad app, Pan: The Fearless Beribolt. Being a big techie family, we were game for the opportunity to review this app!  Pan is an adorable purple panda who lives in Cloud City.  Through story-telling, we are invited on Pan’s adventures to find her parents with her equally cute companion, Capitol Bug.












The adorably cool Pan^^^.

We are a family of readers, so I appreciate the way the app encourages story-telling and reading.  For pre-emergent readers, or early readers a narrator is provided to guide your child along. Readers can turn off narration and read the story for themselves, if they choose.  The graphics are engaging and the music has an epic feel.  Children of all ages will enjoy interacting with Pan to help her find her parents.   I love that she is a spunky, brave, and adventurous panda! My children ranging from 6-11 years of age all loved testing out this app.

394281_529229873810335_1530570268_n At the end of the game, your child can play in Pandagrams! Follow Pan on Instagram.


pandagram 2

You can find Pan in the iTunes store for just $3.99.  You can also pop over to Hullabalu’s Facebook page to learn more. And Psst…rumor has it that Part Two comes out in just 74 days!

Many thanks to Suzanne and the entire Hullabalu team for providing us with this wonderful app!


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