Little Things Thursday

I’ve been getting a little antsy to get out and shoot lately. The dull weather hasn’t been a great friend, but I decided to just get out and make something happen. I grabbed my reliable model, dressed him quickly, and headed out to a local little patch of growth. Inspired by a Netflix show, The Monarch of the Glen, I channeled a little Scottish Highland vibe, which is also a nod to the Clan Cunningham from which we hail!

boy in cabby hat 01-750

woods blog dyp 02-750

pouring tea in the woods 01-750

boy in woods 03-750

smiling boy 01-750

woods blog dyp 03

woods blog dyp 04

This didn’t require loads of time, but was merely putting a boy in the woods and telling him to be himself. The hot tea thermos was an added perk.  Every good Scotsman takes his tea.

Just don’t tell him it was Lady Grey.

What’s inspiring you this week?


Little Things Thursday

Welcome Little Things Thursday Friends! So it is opening day for Music Man, my daughter’s school play today.  I’ve yet to get to take any photographs of anything musical related.

I hope to remedy that today between the day’s two shows.

tulips 01-750

So, my Valentine’s tulips will have to do…which reminds me that I need to pick up flowers for my daughter. She’s only rocking the chorus/town hall bits, but getting flowers on opening night is a must, regardless of the part.

The first curtain goes up at 4:30!

What’s going on in your corner of the world? 


Little Things Thursday

It’s been a solid week of constant driving and play rehearsals around here.  I’ve already put in 6 hours in the car by Wednesday, so there hasn’t been much time for much else.

Everyone is a little tired, and afternoon downtime is a treasure to behold.

after rehearsal 02-750

Tomorrow, the kids head over to the theater for their first stage rehearsal and with just a week to go before the curtains go up for the opening night. This Pick-A-Little Lady is has put in some hours rehearsing songs and staging the numbers.

We are looking forward to seeing it all come together.  I’ve purposely held off listening to any of the songs or reading any lines because I want the experience to be fresh when we finally see it.

How’s your week?



Senoia Coffee Cafe with the Boys

This past Friday the boys and I decided to go for a hot chocolate date during the hour my daughter spends in math tutoring.  I realized that an hour spent pent up in the car, in a packing lot, was just not a good fit for two active boys. Furthermore, two bored and ansty boys are not a good fit for this Mama.  Know what I mean?

We have a couple fun outings nearby that we can totally see in a hour. This week it was the Senoia Coffee Cafe, also known by Hollywood as Woodbury Coffee House.

senoia-coffee-shop-senoia-ga-kim-cunningham-photography 01-750

senoia-coffee-cafe-kim-cunningham-photography 07-750

We ordered a couple hot chocolates and a mocha for Mama. No zombies on the menu, today.

Gosh, I love coffee shop light! Who wants a coffee shop session?

senoia-coffee-shop-senoia-ga-kim-cunningham-photography 02-750

senoia-coffee-cafe-kim-cunningham-photography 06-750

Sipping hot drinks quietly only lasts about 3 seconds, so we took our cups on the go. Our boys do not watch The Walking Dead, but since it is still fun to see the filming area, we walked a few paces over to where the sets sit behind a barricade.

downtown senoia-walking dead set 04-750

We tried to use the big rocks across from the sets to peer over the wall, but no such luck for we three shorties. There are signs nearby that say, “No, Nope. Not you. Don’t even think about it.”

Well, not exactly those words, but those sentiments.  The security guards basically look the same way. But anyway, there it is behind the wall.

I think filming ended in the fall, so not much is happening here currently.  The last activity I can recall was the odd catering tent set up last October on the way to school drop off.

I love this wall of rocks in the area and always have, so we grabbed a couple shots.

downtown-senoia-rock-wall-kim-cunningham-photography 03-750

downtown-senoia-rock-wall 05-750

And then our hour out and about ended. We had five minutes to spare to make pick up for my daughter.

It was a short and sweet way to kick off the weekend.

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! Thanks for joining in.


Portra 400 rated 200 in 35mm format

What a crazy week last week was! It was one of those “putting out fires” kind of weeks. All I could think about was how I wished I could just sit in my new robe and sip coffee quitely, but there was no real way to phone it in, so I had to just show up to take care of the urgent things around me all week long. By the week’s end, I was feeling drained.

You ever have those weeks where you just can’t get off the hamster wheel of too much stuff? It’s difficult to find joy in the midst of weeks like this, but I did manage to find a few things to brighten up the week.

First, I got my film scans back. It was a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly. My 40 year old camera was having issues and messed up quite a few frames due to a sticking shutter, missed focus, and light leaks. However, I actually like the light leak in the above photo, so I can’t complain. It’s all another lesson in a long journey and I am cool with that.

But, I did purchase a slightly “newer” model Minolta because I didn’t want to continue wasting film. I need to get through the roll in my 1960’s model before I can check it out the 1981 version, since I only have one lens for a Minolta mount. 

And then…

February 2016

I bought new teak wood cooking spoons. My husband doesn’t understand my preference for wooden cooking spoons over metal, but I just love the wooden ones. So do my pots and pans! These spoons smell just like Thai handicraft markets that are filled with teak crafts. Smells like home, to me.

I bought myself a bouquet of pink tulips.  I don’t know what it is about tulips in winter that makes me so happy, but I love having them around for a little cheer. This particular morning, captured above, had the most beautiful sunlight falling on the flowers. I had to document.

The boys and I stopped for ice cream one afternoon near my daughter’s school. This particular parlor is right in downtown Senoia and the hub of all things The Walking Dead. The show is filmed, in part, just a few miles from my house. I have to admit that I do not watch the show, but the show has become part of our area’s pride. People from all over come to tour the sets, but we just wanted a cone.

I’ve been trying to make a point in the afternoon to take a moment for a cuppa tea. Just to collect myself for the end of the day rush.  It is so helpful to pause, if even for just a few moments.

All in all, an okay week! How was your week?


In the goal

A recent film scan…

jasper soccer-p40035-01

Portra 400 rated 200 on 35mm

October 2015

The boys are so ready for soccer season to start up again. We have roughly 5 weeks to go before they can hit the pitch. Santa brought them new gear that they are so excited about sporting. There will be new soccer bags, funky soccer socks, new balls and etc…

I’m sure we will freeze through the first few weeks of practices and games, per the usual spring start.

I just love this stifled smile above caught on film. Too cool for school.

Last Friday I took my 40+ year old Minolta out for more film work and became frustrated by the continual sticking of the shutter causing me to loose frames. Film is too costly to throw frames away like that, so I found another newer model Minolta (1980’s) and purchased it.  I’m going to see if I can get the 1960’s model serviced because I really do like the camera, when it works.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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Flashback to Thanksgiving

It takes me a few months to get through a couple rolls of film, so I just got my scans in this past Thursday from late fall! My family and I spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my husband’s parents. I only brought film cameras along so I could not only practice, but also be in the moment.

My keeper rate was slim out of 72 shots and 5 or so were blank due to a sticking shutter. But, failing is part of the process of making changes for future rolls, so I always take a little something away to work on. And I made a big boo boo on one roll of film in which I thought I was shooting with one stock, but it was actually not the stock I thought. I rated for the other stock, which meant that I have to compensate for my mistake in development by pushing.  I know many wonder, “why bother with film?” But, I really find the experimenting fascinating, challenging, and creative. So, I persist!


Portra 400 35mm rated 200

We spent most of our days in Mimi and Puppa’s pool. Heated, of course. The hot tub was also a hit.

Jasper Jacuzzi-p40035


Aidan on pool raft-E100+1-02

Ektar 100 rated 200 and pushed 1 stop in development.

Here is where I made a mistake. Can you see the difference in the two stocks of film? I thought I was shooting Portra the whole time, but in a rush I grabbed Ektar 100 and loaded. Ektar is punchy and a great stock for summery colorful images.  But, you need to rate your ISO properly.  Thinking I was using Portra, I left the ISO at 200 because I  like to overexpose it.  But, 200 on Ektar 100 is underexposed.  I needed to have the lab leave my film in the developer longer to bring back contrast and cover my mistake. The punchy, strong contrast doesn’t bother me, but I typically favor creamier skin tones. 

G palm fronds-ektar100+1-35mm

Ektar 100 rated 200 and pushed 1 stop in development

I ended up toning down the red around her eyes in Photoshop. Ektar can really make redness pop. I do love the strong colors here, generally. The greens look amazing!

One of each. Can you tell which is which?
blog dyp-thanksgiving 01

Portra 400 rated 200 and Ektar 100 rated 200 and pushed 1 in development

Shells of North Port-E100+1-04

Ektar 100 rated 200 and pushed 1 in development

So my take-aways from this round were to watch my stock and rate accordingly. Two, try to control the harsh light a little better in strong sun, and to maybe use my other film camera more to combat the shutter issue with the Minolta SRT 101.  I just love that the Minolta has a prime lens, and my Nikon FM 10 is a zoom.

Until next time…


Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! We have had a few new folks joining us lately, so just want to say hello and welcome to this great group of people!

I finally finished editing the photos I took of Gracyn and her friends before their winter formal.  I have not had a moment’s peace this week to do anything creative, so I’m glad to have something to share. I’ve got two rolls of film scans coming in on Friday, so I am very very excited for those. #pleasedontsuck

I barely remember what is on them, but I do remember that I shot in bright sunny Florida for most of the frames. So, there is that.

Back to the formal…

winter formal 16-750

These girls have moved on from the Winter Formal and are now onto loads of rehearsals for The Music Man. The entire high school is required to be in the play, which I think is cool. It kind of forces kids to try something they might ordinarily shy away from. Like my “uh uh” girl.  These girls are going to be The Pick-A-Little Ladies for their first foray into theater. Maybe they will get the theater bug after their first time.  I danced my way through many a play in high school. 

They will be performing in about 3 weeks time at a vintage theater in our town, which is pretty awesome. 

Rehearsals are life, currently.

So, how was your week?


January in a Nutshell

I’ve been on a mission this January to find the good of normally gray, glum days. January can be a bit of a drag, to me.

But not this year.
january 2016-blog1 january 2016-blog2 january 2016-blog3 january 2016-blog4

And though we aren’t quite out of the month yet, I’d say that January has been good to us! We’ve had sunny days more than not, I think!

We’ve enjoyed creature comforts like warm soups, savory pot pies, hot chocolate teaming with marshmallows, and Funfetti cupcakes.

I saw a few snowflakes the day before I turned 44. I’ve always wished for snow on my birthday.  This was pretty darn close. And a bit hilarious when you see the “accumulation”.

I’m really thankful for the good that I found, but honestly, I’m learning that it’s all about fixing your eyes to see the good before you.

If you look for it, you will surely find it!

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Little Things Thursday (Serenbe Part 2)

Earlier this week I shared part of our family day outing at Serenbe. I had so many photographs to share that I decided do two posts.

Continuing on… After lunch at The Blue Daisy, we hit the trails and found a tree house in the woods. The boys went for a climb and so did I.



We explored a bit more and attempted to find a geocache in the area that my husband found on his geocaching app thingy. We didn’t find it. We think it was swept away in recent flooding since the clue would have had it by the edge of a stream.

Thwarted, we decided to walk back to the farm area and making pit stops along the way.


We found someone’s art project. 




All this one cared about was this sweet little goat called Izzy, so we had to make one more visit on our way out. Izzy was really friendly and loveable… and tried to eat my camera bag.



I grabbed one last image on the way out, mottled light and all. It was a family Saturday well spent. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. Spring and summer afford a lovely little CSA and farmer’s market with fruits and veg grown on location. Check out the details.

How was your week?

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