Little Things Thursday

Our pups were getting a bit stinky, so Aidan volunteered as tribute for bathing them. It’s not an easy task, but thankfully the summer months let us take the splashing outdoors.

You will need a change of clothing afterwards.  One dog in particular has a habit of escaping while full of soap. Ahem, Rosie.

rosie gets a bath 02-blog

rosie gets a bath 01-blog

Gigi keeps her cool every time, for which we are all grateful.

gigi gets a bath 01-blog

gigi gets a bath 02-blog

Hope you are all having a great week! What’s up in your slice of the world?


Little Things Thursday

What happens when the corn crop you so desperately looked forward to dies?

You create a backdrop out of it, of course! It’s the whole lemons and lemonade drill.

Jasper in corn husks 01-blogOur corn just didn’t produce like we hoped. We managed to get 2-3 respectable ears and many tiny weird ones.  Our garden was essentially a big failure except for the basil, tomatoes, okra and berries. In many ways my garden became a metaphor for my summer.  Disappointment.

I envisioned refreshment.  There were bits of that, but not on the scale that I felt I truly needed to be refreshed to begin again. But, the thing about need is that what we think we need may not be what’s best for our growth, overall. I’ve grown all summer long, but I’m weary. I guess you could call it growing pains.  I’m planting and planting and planting.  The harvest sometimes looks like disappointment on the surface, but rather it is the fodder for a greater harvest to come.  I believe that.  Because disappointment, when used correctly, causes us to grow. We dig deeper, and make adjustments. I’m no quitter and I also believe that God wastes no circumstance that He allows.  We just have to be willing to accept and learn from our circumstances.  It’s not easy, but it is necessary. While not getting a vacation or other luxuries this summer was disappointing, I do think I’ll look back on this time as pivotal. My souvenirs aren’t seashells and T-shirts, but I believe that my take-aways are valuable.

We have less than 3 weeks before our new school year begins and I am furiously working to shore up loose ends so that I’m not crawling to the first day of school.  I apologize for not being as available to participate and visit.  I hope you know that my desire is FOR those things, but that well, honestly, I’m struggling to balance duty and delights. Delights have just had to retire to the backseat over the last month or so.  There has been just so much on my proverbial plate that needs attention. It’s nothing serious, but as you know, when things pile up life can feel overwhelming.

I do have a couple massage gift certificates that will be a balm once I get through the bulk of the crazy.  I’m looking forward to those.  I’m still going to be around, and I’m trying to make room for delights as I can. Soon, routine will win the day once again and I’ll be back on the saddle. Less than 20 days to go! How’s your summer?  


Little Things Thursday

OK, this week is turning out to be an absolute blur! Summer totally stepped on the gas peddle and is flying by. I almost missed this Little Things Thursday because of not knowing what day it is!

My family decided to hit the local water park today to squeeze in that item on our summer bucket list.  So, we will be out splashing and sliding today! It’s a needed break from being glued to my computer.

I’ve been editing hours per day to catch up on summer sessions, but I love providing happiness and memories for others.  This is one from my last session that I adore.

Johnson 01-LTT-BlogTo me, this feels like life in these young family years. And, it is perfect! How’s your week going? Let’s see what life feels like in your part of the world!


Little Things Thursday

You might notice a trend of kid in the rain imagery lately.  It just means that our summer pop up rain showers are an almost daily occurrence. They don’t stop the play, unless the skies rumble.

But if the skies just leak a little, the kids keep right on…until Mama forces them to finally stop and come home.

summer nights 01-blog

Can’t you feel the excitement of this homeward call?

Aw, Mom!

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Dance With Me

Dance with me, I want to be your partner

Can’t you see the music is just starting

Dance with me

Night is falling, and I am falling
Dance withe me

Sunday I had the honor of photographing this 30 year strong couple. They truly are the happiest, most loving people I know.

They are the definition of blessed.

One of their passions in their semi-empty nest years is ballroom dancing.  I asked them to give me a little demonstration of their favorite moves while standing in this field.

They more than happily obliged me.

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Blueberry Hill

I found my thrill…

On Blueberry Hill.

blueberry bread-blog

blueberry bread 2-blog

And I made bread, blueberry banana bread, from that hill. Or terrace. Whatever.

In faith we planted blueberry bushes 3-4 years ago. Each year the berries failed to mature or the birds got to them before they could. This year we have had our first real bounty. Each day new berries have turned blue from the hundreds of berries clustered on our two little bushes. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to see the harvest come in.

I’ve been know to open my back door to scream at birds and chipmunks getting a little too cheeky. I can’t let them near my precious.

This summer will be blueberry everything if the rest of the little green hopefuls ripen.

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Little Things Thursday| The Happy Birthday Edition

My baby turns 8 today! Just one more year before we are halfway there with him. But, I can’t go there yet.  Jasper has been such a joy to our family.

He is our blue-steely-grey eyed boy with blond locks. Quite the opposite of all of us in terms of genetic features. His eyes are like blue jasper and I marvel at how God ordained that little detail so perfectly.We are thankful for his spunk, humor, generous spirit, mathematician brain, and fierce warrior spirit on the soccer field. At the same time he is equally tender, easily wounded, and prefers to fade into the background just like his mama. He has to muster the courage to put himself out there, but he does little by little.  He is perennially called Jabber by all who love him. He is a perfectly made peanut with a big spirit. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Happy 8th Birthday Jabber!


Cruel Summer

Hot summer streets

And the pavements are burning

I sit around

Somebody was sulky because the neighborhood kids weren’t coming out to play much today. Granted it’s been raining for days and days.  Between rains the neighbors decided it was better to stay in and somebody was bored with that idea.

Jasper in door 01-blog

It’s a cruel, cruel summer. Leaving me here on my own.

But boredom is the mother of invention.

Jasper in door 02-blog

And ideas.

If we can turn around the summer doldrums with just this…

Jasper and popsicle 01-blog

I’m okay with it.

Backstory: I was looking for something to photograph in my garden, but real life became way more interesting. He totally sneaked off to nick a Popsicle and peeked back to see if I was still by the door. Of course I was waiting with baited lens. He eventually found someone to play with, too.

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! Today, I’m sharing a little BIG thing.  I don’t do weddings often, but when I do there is always something special about it that leads me to say yes.  It’s usually a personal connection.  This wedding was one I could not turn down.  I won’t share all the personal details, but this wedding was definitely a GOD story.

ST wedding 19-bloglbl

The Bride and Groom chose a quite spot by an old mill to exchange their vows. The ceremony was the two of them, the minister, and me as photographer. Except, there were a couple people fishing across the stream who gave a loud cheer when it was time to kiss the bride. It was adorable! This day was perfectly perfect.

I’m so honored to have documented the joining of these two in Holy Matrimony.

More shares will be coming soon on my business site next week!

How’s your week?


S-Summertime Gladness

2/3 of my children are finished with school! We surprisingly pulled out all the stops and got the boys completed by Thursday last week.  Gracyn has just a bit to finish up this week and then it’s onward to summertime.  It’s time to water our bodies with rest and refreshment.


And it is time to begin setting the course for the year to come, after I take a small breather from this year! I’m always so thankful to get to this place in the year.  May is hard, and busy… but also yummy in many ways as I gear up for the things to come!

First up: Shooting a very intimate wedding on Thursday!

Cheers to summer!

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