Little Things Thursday

Is it New Year’s Eve already? 2015 has blown by. I feel as if I’m still catching my breath for this year that was.

I know it is time for all our resolutions and Word of the Year stuff. This year, I’m not really doing that. I love goals, don’t get me wrong.  I just think that I’m still learning last year’s lessons. I’ll adjust my sails accordingly, but I think I’m going to camp out awhile on last year’s resolution to pause to enjoy life and to follow God as He continues the work He has begun in me this year. I found 2015 to be a rather difficult year, but gosh did I learn! I think I’ll always struggle with the same old things, but I gained a fresh perspective on moving forward.

Some things haven’t changed.  I still love doing this.

JFC by window

In 2015, I picked up the expensive film habit. Though the above is my trusted DSLR. The film bit is just for me, at present. I love the freedom to please myself with my work.  I love the way it allows me to be in a moment.  I love the way it teaches me to be a better photographer by both my successes and failures such as getting a whole roll of blank black and white film back from the lab because I didn’t load properly. I’m still grieving those shots.

I’m continuing on in my business. I’m expanding my circles and seeking to connect with those who truly value photography from click to finished product.

I’m going to shoot knowing that not everyone will like what I shoot. That I’ll be compared, critiqued, and ignored.  And that is okay. It’s kind of the artist way, isn’t it? I won’t let opinion paralyze me.

Hey, look. I guess I made a few resolutions after all. And I resolve to try harder to blog more in 2016.  The last half of 2015 just could not be kept up with. But I resolve to live to create, not create to live. Some of you really inspire that notion in me. So thank you for that!

Happy New Year Y’all! I look forward to genuine connections in this coming year! Thank you for joining me each week for Little Things Thursday!


Gray days

The gray days of January are back this week after a few days of glorious sun.  Isn’t that the new year?  It starts off with enthusiasm and then morphs into Seasonal Affective Disorder like 0 to 60.  I never really know how to handle January, which is sad because it is my birthday month. Birthday months are supposed to be anticipated. Right?

But January often brings a longing and anticipation that I can’t quit put my finger on. It’s a mixed bag of hope and fear, sun and clouds, yin and yang.

Aidan by window film edit-web

It’s not really a longing for summer days because in many ways I love the slowness of winter.  I try to embrace the everything in its own time sentiment.  Winter has purpose.

I love the comfort of a being curled up by the fire in the evening, the warmth of soup suppers, and freedom to enjoy television with minimal guilt for doing so. I really appreciate these gifts that other seasons lack due to too much activity.

But it is also hard.

Maybe the longing is really a stirring for growth.  Maybe it’s the exhilaration and the agony of  the blank slate of a new year. Will this year be different or exactly the same? Will I succeed or fail in my endeavors?  Do I really have anything to offer? There are so many questions in January.

Maybe the stillness begs for personal creativity to be reignited after months of creating for others, but not knowing how to harness and release it. Or if you even have it in you at all.

Suspicion says you do, but you often wonder how to stay on the journey.   The hurdles are just so very great sometimes. The learning curve is intense.

I dunno.  There are so many thoughts swirling through my mind at the beginning of the year. The only reasonable response to all these January blues is to pray about them and release them. Breathe in and out. Keep on truckin’ and all that jazz.

And maybe definitely seek just a little solace in a bowl of ice cream.  January is nothing that a little mint chocolate chip can’t fix.

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The beginning

The New Year is here.  January, to me, is a new start and one of the most melancholy of months. The cold, and drear sets in signaling that the long winter is upon us for awhile.  It can be hard to find the beauty on those long drizzly days. Boy have we had them lately. My pastor recently spoke about how January can be depressing as we begin again the cycle of sameness. It’s a challenge to find the joy after the first few days of the new year, but it’s there to be found.

I’m pursing it. Will you pursue it with me?


I spoke a bit about it on Instagram today, but in essence I’m pursuing the joy of the little things. To do that, I have to pause…or else I miss it.  Oh, how often we breeze by the best moments of life because we are chasing “the have tos”.  Or perhaps we focus on what’s broken and ugly that we are so blind to the good. Don’t we?

It’s so easy to let fear win.

I’m battling it with each pause and with each moment that I choose to follow God rather than my own fears.

Today, battle took place in the fragrance of our unadorned Christmas tree, in a child’s drawing, the completion of a cheery woolen scarf, and being a companion to the child left behind because of a small tummy bug.

Small, but big.

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Looking Back on 2014

How do you measure, measure a year? 2014 is soon to be over.  My word for 2014 was SEEK. I spent some time reading over my post on this word choice to see how I fared.

I won some. I lost some. Isn’t that the way it goes? Overall, I feel that some of the things I sought were obtained. Really many things were.   2014 has been a refining and defining year and it ends with a sort of fork in the road that only 2015 can answer in time.

But before 2015 is upon my shoulders, let’s look back at the highlights of this year on its last embers.


I learned to knit.

my yarn stash

We had snow.

Gracyn Snow Day


We didn’t learn to play the keyboard as we originally thought we would.

piano man

It snowed again!

snow boots


We enjoyed some pre-spring weather with Ramune.


And leaf blowers.

leaf blower


Soccer began once again.

Aidan soccer

Puddles invited us to jump.

puddle jumper

Eggs were decorated.

Easter Eggs


Sprinklers were turned on.

run through the sprinklers1-web

Barbecues and Watermelon were consumed.

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Berries were picked.

berry patch


A little boy tuned seven.

Happy Birthday Jasper

World Cup fever struck.

soccer skills


We became parents of a teenager.

makeover 4-web

And a new pup.

Rosie on bed-web


School began once again.


school prep-web


Busy autumn days meant improvising.

pizza night-web

The workloads were full.



God blessed me with a trip to Thailand.

Wat Pho



Life was busy photographing others, but I managed just two of my own.

jaspers feet and shadows



Christmas came and went in a blur.

GW party 01

Christmas Tree 2014-1-web

christmas jammies 2014-web

Now we look to the future.

Gracyn in hall-web

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know the ONE who holds the future. There are times of fear and expectation. We know that somehow it is all a gift.


Come what may…It is well.

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