Little Things Thursday

Even though summer is long gone, there are still little pockets where summer once kissed.

My zinnias continue to bloom strongly, but this week I sensed that the tide of seasons is about to turn in real earnest taking summer’s gifts along for the ride.

So, I grabbed a few cuttings and made the most of summer’s last sigh.

Summer's last sigh

She was all too happy to take a break from the intense workload of the week. After a few poses with our little bouquet, I placed them in a jar to grace our table. And oh, how the last flicker of the day’s light exposed their beauty. Summer's last sigh

What are you savoring this week?


It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s not that easy being green...

Friends and Frog-blog

Minolta SRT 101 on Portra 400 Film

Especially when my daughter is around.  She will find you, catch you, and make you her squishy.

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Clap along…



Almost everything feels better when spring arrives.  The world wears a smile.

I’m feeling happy to have our backyard spruced after winter’s ravages.  The weeds are gone, the veggies are planted, the grass has been cut, and new flowers have been added.

I’m worried about my hydrangea, though.  There is no new growth on the branches.  I’m wondering if I accidently cut them off last year.  My fingers are still crossed.

But this post isn’t called “gutted”.  Pressing on.

I’m happy that we are back to eating on the patio at least until the mosquitos and flies start playing up.

The pollen is blowing fairy dust all over and the bees have come out to play.

There is definitely a skip in our steps.

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Nature Walk

We hiked on our trip…a lot.  Some of the trails were easy, but some were strenuous.  The kids did great, but I don’t think I fully relaxed until we were back off the trails with everyone safe and sound.  It can be a little disconcerting, as a mother, to be warned via signage that falling deaths have occured in that spot.

Therefore, I took some pictures, but my priority was keeping my little ones alive.

Even so, it is invigorating to take a nature walk in autumn.

Sarah Halstead

Tuesdays Around the World

My nature lover brings me plenty of photography subjects as she finds them in our yard.  This week it was a tiny green worm the size two rice grains.

It wasn’t easy to capture this wiggler with his erratic movements.

He reminds me of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.   No?



366 Rewind

This week is all about the things spring brings.  We have had sunshine, warm temperatures, a few scattered spring rains, first sunburns of the season, pollen, blooms, and soccer.  I must say that these rising temperatures have boosted my outlook.

Warmer weather rekindles my desire to eat wholesome food.


Gracyn found these in the yard.


My pin cushion flowers are waking up.


So are the clover weeds.


Soccer games began.  The Comets won their first game.  Go number 8!


We think the “Blackhops” (Blackhawks) won.  Go number 9!


The Crusaders did not win, but they played hard.  Look at the boys my girl is up against.  Go number 3!

We are all a little pinker after the games, and next week I will not underestimate the sun.


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Naptime Momtog

scavenger hunt sunday

I’m so thankful that I had time to invest this week in the prompts without feeling overly rushed.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, my blog is undergoing a facelift and will be down for part of Monday.  I look forward to visiting blogs around the uploading hours.  Please do come back and see my new design Monday or Tuesday.  Also, my URL will be changing to  I’m not sure if you will need to update subscriptions, but if you are keen, come back and sign up for email updates or subscribe in a reader.

To the prompts!

1. Vintage:

I dined on these plates during special occasions growing up.  The pattern is Meteor and is circa 1960s.  There are very few of them left intact, so the few that are still living are part of my history.

2. Word or Quote

This quote speaks to me.  It is a simple quote on a calendar hanging in my kitchen, but there is a great deal of truth here.  I can get discouraged sometimes with this photography journey.  I want to be farther faster.  It’s hard to work day in and day out sometimes to progress, but I do believe that time will pay off.

3. Nature’s Own

I love the simple beauty of produce.  The kids and I took a 45 minute drive into Midtown Atlanta this week to go to Whole Foods.  These are some type of Honey Orange.  I don’t think I have ever had a juicier, sweeter orange.

4. People

The little blond guy is one of my favorite people.  Saturday was our first soccer games of the season.  This image makes me giggle looking at Jasper’s squishy face.  I captured this pre crash-into-teammate-going-for-the-same-ball.  Jasper was bracing for impact.


5. Photographer’s Choice

I don’t know about y’all, but it is a sneeze fest in the south this week.  The yellow evil is out.  The amounts of pollen in the air and on every surface is insane!  I don’t know if this ant-buggy thing is helping to pollenate purposefully, but he is wearing a good deal of pollen.

Have a great week!

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