It’s Monday Y’all

We are having a Monday’s Monday.

Our new dog, Rosie, thought it would be fun to chew through the wires on our outdoor AC unit and thus leave us without air condition in August…in Georgia.


We were kind of promised that she didn’t chew on things, and well let’s just say that she may not chew on typical things, but she does chew! And her potty training skills are a little lackluster.

Thankfully, we were able to get the air conditioner repaired today, but it made for a very disrupted and expensive day.  It all worked out after a few hours of unbridled chaos.

I’m reposting an old image of said dog, because I need to remember her cute face at moments like these.  She’s on a bit of thin ice.  I tried to make a dog shaming photo of her, but as irony would have it she refused to sit or stay.

Summer Days

She is being such a toddler.

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