This week, according to Instagram.

Last week was sort of a challenge.  I felt like I was running non-stop.  Thankfully this week, all the stuff for stuff’s sake seems to be mostly behind me.  I’m so grateful.  The first day of school was starting to look appealing, so I could get a break.  That’s not a great option either, and this Mama needs to make sure we drink in summer to the fullest.

Still.  With all the busy of last week, there were moments not to be forgotten.  I love Instagram for that!

summer end of June

In recap: I tried to interest my kids in a more complicated puzzle. #fail :: scooters have been ridden and ridden :: knees continue to be scraped.

Inventive ways to ride scooters explain scraped knees :: vintage 40lb chalkboard is now on the wall with cute fabric bunting :: trying out my sheep skin rug on the school chairs and loving it!

In stress, digging into a pint of Vanilla B&J’s with no regrets :: cutting fresh flowers from my yard :: actually resting on a Sunday afternoon, realizing that God knows what He’s talking about when He requires rest.

I’m thankful for small glimpses of beauty, and order in chaos.


Simple things

Each summer I take my kids to a local farm to pick berries.  We pick strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  I love showing them where real food comes from.  They love harvesting their own snacks, and they often pick way too much.

We can turn that bounty into jams, pies, and cobblers.

But mostly, we will just eat them just as they are.

And, when we get to the use ’em or lose ’em point, we make smoothies.

Berry picking is a throw back to the way things used to be before everything became a cellophane wrapped product.


This simple thing is real.




This week, according to Instagram

What a busy week this has shaped up to be:

Enjoying my new polish from Birchbox; dentist visits; shooting practice at our home fellowship group…very random and not ordinary

Finding Kevin, the frog, once again; Jasper teaches himself to add and subtract; Barnes and Noble after soccer games

Attempting to provide respite to the Robin’s eggs blown out of their nest during a storm-they were helped a bit too much and dropped shortly after this picture; chilly days return; Thai homework in preparation for translating

The boys decide they like Thomas the Tank Engine again; monster pork chops (What was I thinking?); catching up on the Korean drama, Lie to Me.

And the week isn’t over…

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