Little Things Thursday

I’m so thankful that some film scans came in late Tuesday night or I would have been in serious pickle for today. Outside of my professional work I have been on a film jag. I think it is due to being free to capture and not run to the computer to edit.  After portrait season, I just can’t muster up much energy to edit my own stuff.

When my scans come in, my initial reaction is always a bit crestfallen.  I remind myself, “This is not digital! It isn’t supposed to look like digital!” The next viewing is always seen in a new light. Someone asked me last week ,with a snicker in their eye, why I would bother with film when an SD card holds so many images. That’s it exactly. The answer is shooting with focus and intent. Film forces you to correct in camera instead of out, which is what you should be doing regardless of technology.

Since my middle turned 11 this past week, I’m highlighting his scans.

Aidan 01-750 I actually loved this one immediately. No crests were fallen. blog dyp 01-750

These were a bit more muted than I like. Same film stock as above, but captured on dull days.

Aidan 04-750 They weren’t supposed to dog pile in this shot, but…boys. Wouldn’t you know it was the last shot on the roll? It captures their relationship and that’s what photography is all about in my opinion.

All images shown are taken on my Minolta SRT 101 using Kodak Portra 400 film stock rated @200. Images were developed and scanned by The Findlab on Noritsu.

I love Portra 400, and I’m discovering that I love it more on a sunny day. I had about 10 keepers on this roll. My shutter got sticky and I lost 10 frames.  Totally blank frames. A couple of misfires rounded out the roll. “Hey, why is there a frame of my window blinds?” How was your week and Thanksgiving?


Summer Scenes

Summer is waning here in the deep south, and I don’t think I can talk about it much.  I’m in denial.

There is still so much to fit in in these 3+ weeks until school begins again.  I’m just not mentally ready! But, meanwhile here are a few summer scenes as we seek to soak it all in.

July 1-13 2015

The kids are getting their summer tanks full, it seems. It doesn’t take more than long days playing on our street, snow cones, pool days, and youth group events to keep them happy.

I think we will keep doing these simple things for the rest of the summer. I hope your summer is full of happy!

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Cruel Summer

Hot summer streets

And the pavements are burning

I sit around

Somebody was sulky because the neighborhood kids weren’t coming out to play much today. Granted it’s been raining for days and days.  Between rains the neighbors decided it was better to stay in and somebody was bored with that idea.

Jasper in door 01-blog

It’s a cruel, cruel summer. Leaving me here on my own.

But boredom is the mother of invention.

Jasper in door 02-blog

And ideas.

If we can turn around the summer doldrums with just this…

Jasper and popsicle 01-blog

I’m okay with it.

Backstory: I was looking for something to photograph in my garden, but real life became way more interesting. He totally sneaked off to nick a Popsicle and peeked back to see if I was still by the door. Of course I was waiting with baited lens. He eventually found someone to play with, too.

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Bumblebean’s Smart Solutions

As you may know, I have had the privileged of curating for Bumblebean over the last year.  I just love this company that showcases specialty brands for modern moms, kids, and babies! If you haven’t had a look around Bumblebean’s site, you should definitely make a visit soon because you will fall in love with the brands.

Today, I want to introduce you to Bumblebean’s newest help for all you moms and dads out there.  Bumblebean has launched Smart Solutions with all sorts of parenting hacks to share with you straight from the community of moms and dads who visit the site! Smart Solutions was designed with you in mind.

You’ll find tips for raising kids , tricks, advice and everyday ‘life-hacks’ for everyday challenges.   You can upload videos, images or just words of wisdom, share them with our community and with friends.  We select the best of the best and rotate them through our home page for others to see.
bumblebean promo

I’d love for you all to stop by and share some of your best hacks with the community.  I know you have great wisdom that will benefit us all as we make our way through this journey of perenthood. Maybe you’ll find a tip to employ while you are there.

And of course you’ll always find great collections curated by Bumblebean’s experts!

Hope to see you there!



Little Things Thursday

Well.  Here we sit waiting to see once again if we will get the much hyped up winter storm south of Atlanta.  Seriously, the forecast has been all over the spectrum for rain, wintry mix, snow and whatever else falls in between.  So far we’ve had just rain where we are. We keep hoping and checking to see if this rain changes to snow. I know, it’s laughable the way we southerners get.

My kids are going to be so disappointed if it doesn’t snow, though.  It’s not looking promising.

To take their minds off of it, I decided to make afternoon tea.  I made some blueberry muffins with the berries that needed to be used up, cut up some strawberries, and put on a pot of Earl Grey.

Tea Time

Tea Time

Tea Time

It’s nice to think about doing an afternoon tea on the regular.  Maybe we will.

It’s a little something that makes ordinary, dreary days special.

What’s your Little Thing this week?


Christmas Time is Here

The week after Thanksgiving is affectionately known as The Gauntlet around here.  From Thanksgiving Day we have 2 birthdays, and 3 parties/events every single year.  It’s always good to get through that busy week and finally start to wind down to enjoy  create the quiet of the season.  This is when we look forward to quieter nights enjoying Christmas specials and family moments with no need to rush to another event. The truth is that more busy seems to pop up, but we do try. My favorite way to enjoy Christmas is with nights home by the fire, warm bowls of comfort foods, listening to Christmas Hymns, and enjoying a good Christmas movie. Intimate gatherings are also special.

This past week we got to enjoy my husband’s office Christmas party once again.  The kids love this day! They like their gatherings big and raucous. Oh to be a child!

GW party 01

GW party 02

GW party 05

So with all that behind us, I feel that Christmas time is finally here.

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Ramune Fun

We have a new Asian grocer in our area.   Since I’m helping to host an Indonesian dinner at our church next week, I thought I’d stop by and see what was on offer.  <- Excuse.  I would have stopped by regardless to stock up on some of our favorite snacks from our Thailand days.

They had Ramune.


Ramune is a fun soft drink from Japan. Most of the fun is in opening the drink. The bottle is sealed with a marble. You get a neat plunger to break the seal.


You push the plastic plunger on the marble until it pops down in to the bottle. It takes a bit of force.


With the right amount of force, the marble dislodges into the neck of the bottle. I think the effect looks alien.


You can drink safely because the marble remains trapped and cannot be removed from the bottle unless you smash it.

It is for all.


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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

So the best thing about Daylight Savings is more light in the day for shooting!  I can relax a little and not worry about losing the light before I can pull out my camera.  Nice isn’t it?  If you haven’t been here since last Sunday, you can see I have a new blog design.    If it is your first time, welcome! After a busy week, I’m glad to link up with Ashley once again for SHS.   This list of prompts was perfect for the first week of spring.

1. Whimsy

Spring is whimsy.  Everything is colorful and fresh.  I love the colors of these pale, whimsical  jellybeans.


2.  Create

I don’t know why, but I always think of spiders as ladies.   I found this tiny lady creating her web.


3.  Dust

Pollen.  Love it and hate it.  I love that it is working to bring forth new life, but hate what it does to my sinuses.   Tonight, I am thankful for cleansing rain to help get this stuff out of the air.


4.  Seed

My yard is covered in these seeds from our trees.  I almost used these for whimsy.  Remember playing with these “helicopters”?  Totally digging the pink.


5.  Swing

This one is from my February archives, but perfect for the prompt.  I did tweak the editing a bit.

Have a great week!



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