Survival Mode

I didn’t really intend for the start of summer to go straight to survival mode, but who does? There has been a whole lot of Murphy’s Law going on, but I am able to see the brightside of it and laugh a little. A little.

May 24-2015

My knees never really got better after last week. I ended up resting for almost a full week to be ready to shoot the wedding last Thursday. I adopted the RICE lifestyle just to make it through that. I got through, but was a little worse for the wear the next day. It was worth it though! I’m feeling a bit better now, though the pain travels from knees, to quads, to hams. I am best friends with Advil and ice packs. I think it is all just a matter of time to heal and hopefully I can start walking again. Slowly. I’m a dork and thought I could handle the pace before.  Clearly, I was wrong.

Our kitchen sink died Monday. So that required lots of hoopla to try to salvage it before chucking it and getting a new one.  All this happened while Jack tried to prepare Memorial Day goodies. Of course it isn’t fully installed because there are always hurdles to overcome. But soon, it will be all functional.

Today, Jasper chipped a permanent front tooth on the side of the pool. It was a small chip, but I took him in to the dentist anyway. His chip was jagged and I knew it could present issues. His tooth was sanded down to smooth the edges. Now we wait until his front teeth are fully grown before deciding if they will need either more sanding or a little bonding. There was no nerve damage! It’s really not that bad, but this is my baby, afterall. I’m allowed to overreact.  Right?

Then…as if we needed more, Texas showed up. All those mid-western rains started to fall here in Jawgia. My backyard turned into a river and then the garage started to flood from the bottom and leak a bit from the top. By this point, all I could do was laugh. I mean, it could be way worse.  Way.

I’m grateful that these sufferings are really just petty ones. If these things are our biggest problems, we are doing well!

So, things have been slow here on the dear old blog, because I just haven’t had the physical stamina to photograph anything besides what I am paid to photograph. My clients needed the best of me, so I didn’t want to jeopardize that by being too mobile. I’m slowly making it back to normal. I keep saying that, but I believe it is true this time.

Here’s to the upswing!

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