Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday! I’ve been a little MIA this week on the blog. I’m right in the peak of busy season with fall family sessions. I’ve been glued to my computer screen this week with edits so that clients can order their prints and Christmas cards.  I haven’t even edited my own Halloween photos from last Friday. I can’t miss sharing something in the general time frame, so I guess Instagrams will suffice.

halloween14-1 halloween14-2

This year we had a Batman Jr., Ironman, and an huntress turned Elf. We collected more candy than we need, and one little superhero has been sneaking more than his two piece a day limit. 55 wrappers were found stuffed in his pumpkin. Whoops! I almost don’t care so that we can get rid of it faster.

Well, edits and print orders are still waiting on me tonight. I’ll be visiting shortly!

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From a Distance

From a distance we will all have enough.

No hungry mouths to feed.

That’s right.  Half a world away.  I’ll still make your dinner.  It’s my travel insurance.


16 days to go to departure and I’m finally over the lingering cold.  I’m spending them wrapping up all the loose ends that make my leaving a little easier. I’ve been making freezer meals for the last two days so that my family can eat well when I am gone. And, well, making this investment means that my husband is more apt to say yes to more trips if I don’t leave him in the lurch.

I’m no big dummy.

I’ve made pumpkin bread with freshly pureed pumpkin to freeze for breakfasts.  I’ve made 5 crock pot meals and one casserole. My freezer is full of love… and insurance premiums.

The beer?  Just a experiment gone horribly wrong.  I hate beer.  The Punkin Ale sounded promising.  I still hate beer.

So yep, these next two weeks are all about getting ready.  There is shopping, packing, schooling, scheduling blog posts, and with a side of freaking out a tad.

In a good way.

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Annyonghi-kaseyo Summer

September means saying goodbye to summer, in theory, anyway.  It’s still smoking hot here in the deep south.

As if one cue, the first plague of the year hit our home.  We’ve been bouncing some sort of cold around our house for almost two weeks.

Beg Sept14

It’s nothing serious, but it is just the kind of thing that causes you to call a time out.   I had a brief clearing over the end of last week which afforded me attending an awesome women’s conference at church with Ruthie Delk.  If you are in to that sort of thing, you should look up her book Craving Grace.  It was just the thing I needed to hear, though I am still processing what it means for me.

And then, I woke up Sunday with a relapse of this cold thing.  I had grand intentions of reading over some of the conference materials, but the headache had other plans.

I cried off productivity and started another Korean Drama.  Disclaimer if you are new here: I do some things that others may consider odd…like watch Korean Dramas. There is something very amusing about them. They are not nearly as sophisticated as American TV, but I think that is part of the appeal.  There is a definite cult following out there, so I take solace in that.

This time it is Cheongdam-dong Alice.

I watched 8 of 16 episodes yesterday, which made for a pretty great sick day. Complete with ramen.





Checks and Balances

This little season I’m in is a series of checks and balances.  For every little struggle there has been some small happy to make everything more bearable.

There is so much busy currently.  All of it is a good kind of busy, but coming at a time when I’m trying to field a lot of real life.

First week of march instagrams

Like participating in a week of food events when you just realized you needed to change your diet to eliminate gluten.  Or perhaps trying to figure out a plan for the child that needs more math help, and with that the expenses of tutoring.  Not to mention the braces that the same child needs that come with a massive price tag because her situation is unique, not just cosmetic.  Then there is the process of building a business while you homeschool and run a home.  And knowing that this process isn’t for a hobby, but for being able to work at something you love without having to “go back to work”.

It’s an overwhelming time.

First week of march instagrams

But those balances come.

They come in the form of an early spring daffodil.  Or by way of the far away friend making sure you know you have value.  And then doing it all over again 24 hours later with a treat from far away.  It’s in the bun you can eat at a restaurant and the helpers who come to aid you in the kitchen at church for an event.  It’s your daughter snagging the flag of her birth in the parade of flags.  The gluten free pretzels that cost $6, but make you feel human.   It’s in taking your children to the Asian market and watching them ooh and ahh over old favorites.

It’s in a 1000 little things.  If you look.

It’s also in knowing that none of us own all the problems in the world and we are all just doing life.  The best we can.  Struggles, disappointments, and hardships are part of being human.

But so is joy.

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday! I can’t believe it has been a week since I have blogged.  I returned Monday morning from Peru, but it has taken me days to recover from our trip.  I’m still fairly tired.  There was no significant time difference, so I’m not sure why I’m so exhausted.  I guess travel just saps your energy.

Today, I am just going to share my Instagrams.  I’m so thankful for Instagram.  I don’t feel like I really got to photograph much with my Nikon.  I’m usually so in the moment when traveling that I forget to capture.  Plus, I was a little wary of flashing my camera around in a country where petty thievery is an everyday occurrence.  I mean there were restaurants with belts on the chairs to strap your purse, so that you might not have your purse stolen right out from under you.  So, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t take more images, but the purpose of the trip wasn’t for photography.  I’m okay with that.

Peru Instagrams

If you followed on Instagram,  these are a repeat.

We flew down to Peru last Wednesday night, and checked into our apartment.  It was mostly comfortable.  The only complaints were that we had no hot water.  It was very chilly and damp.  There was no climate control.  Really, these were just minor inconveniences.  These were the fodder for good stories and things to laugh about.  We eventually got the hot water electric heater repaired.  Meanwhile, we boiled water to get a hot bath.  It was quite a process, but we survived. Even when the water heater was repaired, we had to trickle the water in the kitchen, turn on the shower, let it heat up, and then yell…”OKAY!”. That meant the kitchen water could be turned off.  So funny.   We drank a lot of coffee to stay warm.  Yay for the Starbucks right across the street!  My new name is Kem.

We met the ladies from Cusco.  We spent the first day getting to know one another and crafting.  We had a lovely meal out in the evening.  We shopped a little, and I fell for all the textiles.  So gorgeous!

Peru Instagrams


We stayed in the “posh” area of Miraflores.  We wanted the time to be a treat for the ladies who often go without what you and I take for granted.   Crepes and Waffles, a small café, was on their minds for breakfast.  I had Huevos Rancheros and an amazing chocolate caliente.  Oooft! Such amazing creamy hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.  Definitely what my cold, damp self needed.  We spent time in Bible study and discussion following breakfast each day.  Such sweet times. We crafted and chatted.  We shopped a little, so the ladies could stock up on supplies for their homes in Cusco.   I found Mini Kraps in the grocery store.  I know….I’m 12, but I couldn’t pass it up. Oh and there was the Spanish fail where I ordered coffee without coffee.  I tried to order decafe, but “sin café” is incorrecto.   I speak Thai, not Spanish! My brain knew not what to do.  I drank my coffeeless Vanilla Latte. You know,  roll with the punches and all.  The Cokes made with cane sugar made up for it.

Peru Instagrams

The Indian Market was a treat.  The Cusco team escorted us to buy souvenirs, and I really enjoyed walking thorough the stalls. I love handicrafts.   The olive wood was so fragrant.  The llamas were the main request of my kids.  I bought myself a nativity.

Peru Instagrams

On Sunday the Cusco team returned home in the afternoon.  We had several hours until our flight at midnight.  We ventured out for a Peruvian meal.  I had Lomo Saltado, which is beef, onions, tomatoes, and peppers stir-fried.  On the side is rice with corn… and Papa Fritas (fries).  Yes, two carbs, which is right up my alley.  We went to the airport in the evening and had a little entertainment in front of The Britt Shop.

That was just a brief run through of our time.  There is way too much to communicate in a single post, especially on a Thursday.  The main purpose of our trip was to refresh and encourage.  I’m hopeful that was accomplished.  I was blessed just as much as I hope I was a blessing.  More later…

What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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This week, according to Instagram

I’m sliding in a bit late to the party for P52.

Beg Sept

We are finally starting to improve since the weekend fiasco.  Hubby was able to get our of bed today and go in to work for a couple hours, but he will return home early afternoon for a little more rest.  He is almost back to normal, but just not quite there.

My boys now both have the cold that Gracyn had last Thursday…so we are still having fun so to speak.  The show must go on, and we still do school if we are just slightly under the weather.

Some things we are enjoying, even in this rough patch are:

Candy corn, SAT words to improve our vocabularies, the beginnings of my autumn sampler, and the spaghetti and meatballs I made right before the poo hit the fan around here.

I’m a bit behind with visits and emails, but I will be making my way around shortly!


This week, according to Instagram

Our 4th of July week was basically a bust.  The rains came, and never let up.  In fact, we have rain in the forecast for this entire week, as well.  It’s starting to feel like the summer that wasn’t.

But, we try to make lemonade out of our lemons as much as we can, so here are a few moments from our week.

4th of July week

We managed a summer meal on the grill in between storms.  Gigi, napped on her favorite rug. We started rain collection jars (these were 36 hours later).

We lit candles on the 4th instead of fireworks.  I found Lavern and Shirley reruns on TV! Beezus turned two years old, complete with custom party hat by Gracyn.

The sun peeked out briefly, and gave us a ray of hope.  The 6th of July, our postponed 4th celebration, was rained on.  We still enjoyed BBQ ribs and chicken on my Mother in Law’s, porch.

There are just 28 days left of summer vacation around here, and we are feeling a little desperate for some sunny weather! It won’t be long before we are hunkered down for new school year.

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This week, according to Instagram.

Last week was sort of a challenge.  I felt like I was running non-stop.  Thankfully this week, all the stuff for stuff’s sake seems to be mostly behind me.  I’m so grateful.  The first day of school was starting to look appealing, so I could get a break.  That’s not a great option either, and this Mama needs to make sure we drink in summer to the fullest.

Still.  With all the busy of last week, there were moments not to be forgotten.  I love Instagram for that!

summer end of June

In recap: I tried to interest my kids in a more complicated puzzle. #fail :: scooters have been ridden and ridden :: knees continue to be scraped.

Inventive ways to ride scooters explain scraped knees :: vintage 40lb chalkboard is now on the wall with cute fabric bunting :: trying out my sheep skin rug on the school chairs and loving it!

In stress, digging into a pint of Vanilla B&J’s with no regrets :: cutting fresh flowers from my yard :: actually resting on a Sunday afternoon, realizing that God knows what He’s talking about when He requires rest.

I’m thankful for small glimpses of beauty, and order in chaos.



We pressed on this weekend to tackle as much of painting, and redecorating as possible.  We’ve come a long way toward getting our living area finished.  I’m awaiting the rugs we ordered, and getting photos on the wall.  I know that will be a big undertaking.  I promise to do a proper reveal when I’m finished with those tasks.

Meanwhile…a few Instagram sneak peeks::

house reno  My daughter keeps asking what our “theme” is.  And really, I’m not going for a theme, per se.  I just know that I want white walls, with color pops.  I’m finding myself mixing lots of elements in our space.  There is natural, industrial, Asian, and a bit eclectic…without being too scattered.  If that makes sense.  The space is evolving, and I want to make sure that I’m moving forward without being rushed. I want all the pieces to be thoughtful, truly reflecting us.

Today, while antiquing, I found this amazing hand drawn map of coastal Georgia.  Jack and I went to university 45 minutes from the Georgia coast…Go Eagles! So this map reflects time spent in this part of our state.  And…I totally fell for this vintage milk crates.  I’ve got plans for them.

I’m really loving mixing new and vintage to give the space character.  I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, but this is fun.  The space already feels soothing. And that makes me so happy.

Oh and I will be undergoing a blog redesign this week!  Not the plan, but as providence has it, this week!

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This week, according to Instagram…

It’s actually been a few weeks since I posted my Instagram weekly.  And these may not have occured in the past week…nevertheless…

I bought this darling yellow school chair at a local antique store for $14 and these vintage flashcards!  Cute props for photo sessions.

Have you Apple users been to to check out their free wallpapers? There are so many great ones for your devices.  I’m currently using this girl holding up the moon on my iPad. Below her are other samples. I’ve saved quite a few to use interchangeably.

We’ve had a bit of rain lately…

Having fun with a tree face.

My pug.

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