Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! We have had a few new folks joining us lately, so just want to say hello and welcome to this great group of people!

I finally finished editing the photos I took of Gracyn and her friends before their winter formal.  I have not had a moment’s peace this week to do anything creative, so I’m glad to have something to share. I’ve got two rolls of film scans coming in on Friday, so I am very very excited for those. #pleasedontsuck

I barely remember what is on them, but I do remember that I shot in bright sunny Florida for most of the frames. So, there is that.

Back to the formal…

winter formal 16-750

These girls have moved on from the Winter Formal and are now onto loads of rehearsals for The Music Man. The entire high school is required to be in the play, which I think is cool. It kind of forces kids to try something they might ordinarily shy away from. Like my “uh uh” girl.  These girls are going to be The Pick-A-Little Ladies for their first foray into theater. Maybe they will get the theater bug after their first time.  I danced my way through many a play in high school. 

They will be performing in about 3 weeks time at a vintage theater in our town, which is pretty awesome. 

Rehearsals are life, currently.

So, how was your week?


First Day Jitters

The first day is in the books for Gracyn, our Freshman.

First Day of School

There were the usual jitters upon drop off, but she was all smiles at pick up. She kicked the year off with a bang by getting a 100 on her government quiz!

We are pretty sure that she will be just fine as the year goes on, even though it will require a lot of her academically speaking.

Socially, it is promising to be just as great.  She met a few new kids on the first day and had her first social this past weekend.  One of the kids hosted a s’mores bonfire for all the high school students at a get to know you gathering. The high school only has 100+ students so they will have a pretty intimate group with many chances to develop friendships.

These are exciting times!

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Little Things Thursday

It’s a big day around here, which will explain my absence in blogland this week. I “officially” have a high school Freshman today!

Ektar 100

Kodak Ektar 100 on Minolta SRT 101

Today is the first time since Kindergarten where I am releasing my child to be educated by others. It’s a big step. For us both.

It’s not that we have felt others couldn’t teach our children, it’s more that we fell into a way of education that felt right for those years between 1st and 8th grades. But, the time for change and help came around winter of last year.  We could sense a need to fill that wasn’t there before.

We have always said that we would take this homeschool journey one year at a time and consider the needs of each child individually.  At this stage, for this child, it was time to explore other options. She will begin a hybrid type education today.  There will be campus days and home days. There will be dances, plays, and time to be with peers.

And, the next four years will be rigorous.  She hasn’t even had her first day of school and she has already written an essay comparing/contrasting Pride and Prejudice with To Kill A Mockingbird. Her choices.  She has studied for Government and completed a project for Government. She has completed 3 lessons of Algebra I, and has begun reading for her Literature class. There will be several quizzes on day 1.  

I’ve merely been the assistant in helping her navigate this transition from all me to a slew of educators with new expectations. So,we’ve been busy and I’m still on the hook.  I may not be teaching the classes, but I am still to be the supplement and guide ensuring that all is well.

There are butterflies this morning, but I know that this is going to be great.

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