Little Things Thursday

What a week for us all here in the U.S. of A. I’m sure many of you are as heavy- hearted and discouraged as I am this week with all the tragedies unfolding out of Orlando this week. Perhaps more than ever we need our Little Things this week to remind us that even in an ugly world, there are still good things to be found. Grace is still keeping us. We really need to put on our grace googles going forward, I think. It is so easy to get bogged down in this broken world, but I think we need to do a better job of lighting the way through the darkness for others.

june 2016-1

To that end, a few nice things this week.

  1. Rain. Though this caused a session reschedule, we really needed a good soaking rain.
  2. Making memories for families. The gift of portraits is so important and I love that I am able to design some beautiful memories for others.
  3. Good food. Summer is such a wonderful time to enjoy the fresh bounties of the earth. God is good.
  4. My first Erin Condren planner arrived. The search for a great tool for staying on top of life is quite a feat. I’m excited to try out this planner for the rest of this year and all of next. So far, in my few hours of exploring it, I am enjoying the fun design, colors, and functionality. I can reduce the number of sticky notes floating around my office, though I still love those, too. Interested in trying your own EC Planner? You can get a $10 discount with my referral code. You get $10 and I get $10!


What’s your little thing this week?


June Is Busting Out All Over

June is busting out all over! The saplins’ are busting out with sap.

First week of June 2015

June is when I finally exhale a bit. The days are warm and bright. My garden is fully alive and productive. The corn is corning, berries are ripening, tomatoes are turning red, and the basil is plentiful.  We are looking forward to the benefits of harvest. My garden is most beautiful in June. Each year it surprises me and makes the wait worthwhile.

We kicked off June with Vacation Bible School and the young one’s 8th birthday. The sapling in the bottom left corner is growing into her High School self in many ways. Her social calendar is full and we are learning to manage the bottomless pit of opportunities to be social.  All of it is good stuff, so we are excited to let her enjoy those things. Anyone who has ever worried about homeschoolers and their socialization can rest assured that we have got it covered in spades.

We also ushered in summer with our first family trip to our local amusement park. I remember living at said park as a teen.  We had a mixed bag of reactions to the rides, but I believe our courage will muster as summer goes on. We did get a little braver than the carousel.  We highly encouraged Aidan, our 10 year old, to ride the stand up coaster for his first ride of the day and he lived to tell despite exclaiming that we were “all going to die” on the way up.

Yep, that’s my crazy hubby in blue. So proud. 🙂

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