Serenbe Part 1

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…

This year I’m on a quest to recreate more.  It seems that duty of life can take all of life if one is not careful. And I’m often not careful to guard my own tank.

As a creative, I am seeing more and more that recreation is one of the timbers in the fire of art. So, we scooped up the kids on Saturday and headed to Serenbe.


Serenbe is a small community in the Chattahoochee Foothills where farm, eco-living meets creative arts. I guess. I’m not sure how to describe it. You have to experience it.

At The Farmhouse and Inn we found an in-ground trampoline where we stopped for a jump before heading to see the animals.


We found some gorgeous hens and roosters.

And then the goats came out of their pens for a visit. Yep, some are just roaming around to the delight of my kids! No pun intended.



Everyone now wants goats.

This old gal showed up to butt in.



We found a couple llamas. This guy/girl, was pretty aloof and kept giving us the side-eye. But…we weren’t put off.

serenbe blog dyp 01


Hey, ya got a little something in your teeth.

serenbe blog dyp 02

As we continued on, we stumbled upon an awesome rock maze. After achieving victory, I had them all pose for their album cover.


We headed off to the next part of Serenbe just a short walk down the dirt road. I’ll share about that next time!

This January day in Georgia was good to us.

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For All That You Have Done For Us

This past Sunday our worship team sang For All That You Have Done For Us by Rend Collective, which is set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. I had not hear this before, or at least I hadn’t remembered hearing it.

But, what an incredible song of praise as we look back over the last year with Thankfulness.

Your grace will never be forgot

Your mercy all my life…

Christmas 2015-1 Christmas 2015-2 Christmas 2015-3 January 16-1

Will be my source forever song
My story and my light

2015 had its share of ups, downs, transitions, and general overwhelm.

But even in all of that, one only needs to look around to see that everything is grace and everything has purpose.

The little blessings are huge and numerous when we stop to count them one by one. Mine might not look as grand as the one next to me, but they are grand when viewed through the lens of grace.

And when I truly take stock of all I have I am humbled and even ashamed of my grumblings.  I’m making the effort to count those small blessings this winter when I am often plagued by the blues. I’ll be doing a #100happydays on Instagram to document the blessings that God gives me.  The smaller the better.

I am so tuned to see the big as what counts (especially when I get trapped by comparison), so I am only focusing on the small things that equal a happy life.

I know that waiting for the big things will cause me to miss the bounty before me.

I hope you are all off to a great start in 2016. Let’s count our blessings!

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Our family got a little treat this past weekend when my husband’s sister came to town.  It’s been 3 years since she and her husband moved to Texas to take on a new job.  We were excited to spend a little time with them around their camper in a beautiful state park near our home.

Of course, S’mores were called for.


Smore's 02-blog

Smore's 05-blog

Smore's 06-blog

Smore's 01-blog

Smore's 07-blog

These are a bunch of grainy, low-light images, but still so fun! There is something about fall that makes sitting around the campfire so enjoyable.  The company wasn’t too shabby either. Happy Trails To You…Until We Meet Again.

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Little Things Thursday

It was another busy week here.  One of the things we are heavily learning in this new season of raising a family is time management. The days are so full!

Learning to pace ourselves has been the theme of life.  We have always been pretty good at managing time, but each time we enter a new phase, we must adjust!

Jasper window light 01-blog I’m really getting fairly desperate for time to photograph people. My people, that is! I’ve taken so few images of them since school began.

However, tomorrow, we are heading out for an over-nighter in the GA mountains and I will be toting some cameras. We are really looking forward to a couple days to play as a family before we rev up for the end of the year busyness. I love the mountains this time of year! You can find me this weekend on my Instagram account kim_littlebylittle! Join me as we enjoy the fall! You can also find me @kimcunninghamphoto where I exclusively share my professional work! Let’s see your October fun!


First Day Jitters

The first day is in the books for Gracyn, our Freshman.

First Day of School

There were the usual jitters upon drop off, but she was all smiles at pick up. She kicked the year off with a bang by getting a 100 on her government quiz!

We are pretty sure that she will be just fine as the year goes on, even though it will require a lot of her academically speaking.

Socially, it is promising to be just as great.  She met a few new kids on the first day and had her first social this past weekend.  One of the kids hosted a s’mores bonfire for all the high school students at a get to know you gathering. The high school only has 100+ students so they will have a pretty intimate group with many chances to develop friendships.

These are exciting times!

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Little Things Thursday

Our pups were getting a bit stinky, so Aidan volunteered as tribute for bathing them. It’s not an easy task, but thankfully the summer months let us take the splashing outdoors.

You will need a change of clothing afterwards.  One dog in particular has a habit of escaping while full of soap. Ahem, Rosie.

rosie gets a bath 02-blog

rosie gets a bath 01-blog

Gigi keeps her cool every time, for which we are all grateful.

gigi gets a bath 01-blog

gigi gets a bath 02-blog

Hope you are all having a great week! What’s up in your slice of the world?


Little Things Thursday

OK, this week is turning out to be an absolute blur! Summer totally stepped on the gas peddle and is flying by. I almost missed this Little Things Thursday because of not knowing what day it is!

My family decided to hit the local water park today to squeeze in that item on our summer bucket list.  So, we will be out splashing and sliding today! It’s a needed break from being glued to my computer.

I’ve been editing hours per day to catch up on summer sessions, but I love providing happiness and memories for others.  This is one from my last session that I adore.

Johnson 01-LTT-BlogTo me, this feels like life in these young family years. And, it is perfect! How’s your week going? Let’s see what life feels like in your part of the world!


June Is Busting Out All Over

June is busting out all over! The saplins’ are busting out with sap.

First week of June 2015

June is when I finally exhale a bit. The days are warm and bright. My garden is fully alive and productive. The corn is corning, berries are ripening, tomatoes are turning red, and the basil is plentiful.  We are looking forward to the benefits of harvest. My garden is most beautiful in June. Each year it surprises me and makes the wait worthwhile.

We kicked off June with Vacation Bible School and the young one’s 8th birthday. The sapling in the bottom left corner is growing into her High School self in many ways. Her social calendar is full and we are learning to manage the bottomless pit of opportunities to be social.  All of it is good stuff, so we are excited to let her enjoy those things. Anyone who has ever worried about homeschoolers and their socialization can rest assured that we have got it covered in spades.

We also ushered in summer with our first family trip to our local amusement park. I remember living at said park as a teen.  We had a mixed bag of reactions to the rides, but I believe our courage will muster as summer goes on. We did get a little braver than the carousel.  We highly encouraged Aidan, our 10 year old, to ride the stand up coaster for his first ride of the day and he lived to tell despite exclaiming that we were “all going to die” on the way up.

Yep, that’s my crazy hubby in blue. So proud. 🙂

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Cruel Summer

Hot summer streets

And the pavements are burning

I sit around

Somebody was sulky because the neighborhood kids weren’t coming out to play much today. Granted it’s been raining for days and days.  Between rains the neighbors decided it was better to stay in and somebody was bored with that idea.

Jasper in door 01-blog

It’s a cruel, cruel summer. Leaving me here on my own.

But boredom is the mother of invention.

Jasper in door 02-blog

And ideas.

If we can turn around the summer doldrums with just this…

Jasper and popsicle 01-blog

I’m okay with it.

Backstory: I was looking for something to photograph in my garden, but real life became way more interesting. He totally sneaked off to nick a Popsicle and peeked back to see if I was still by the door. Of course I was waiting with baited lens. He eventually found someone to play with, too.

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I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend celebrating the women in your lives. We had a good, and full weekend.

Saturday was two soccer double-headers that had us out in the sun for 5 hours.  We were fairly sun-drained by the end.  AND, as much as we love our soccer Saturdays, we are happy next week is the last game until fall! I get my Saturday mornings back…which means sleep-ins.

Mother's day weekend 2015

Saturday evening I was able to escape for a Girl’s Night Out, and it was lovely to get to know someone new while growing friendships with the others over a good meal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful.  Hubby made an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and juice.  He ALSO made lunch after church.  I got to rest for a bit and then got back into my workout routine…which is simultaneously killing me slowly and making me stronger.  I’m only walking/jogging 3.4 miles a day, but when you haven’t really exercised in awhile, it hurts.  I’m looking for some great workout tunes to keep me moving.  What’s your favorite?

Jack ordered those two gorgeous floral prints for me from  If you haven’t had a tour around her work, you really should. It is so inspiring. The creator, Bridget, is the very first blogger I followed back in 2005.  I found her inspiring then, but she has really blossomed in her talent over the years. (pun intended)

Mother's day weekend 02

And with that, we are back to our work week. We have 9 days left of school. I’m dragging and ready for summer,but must keep on truckin’.

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