Thailand: Day Four (part 2)

After our time in Benjasiri Park, we hopped on the Skytrain to travel a few stops up the line to Erawon Shrine.  Erawon is a famous shrine that was once constructed to ward off bad spirits as one of the local hotels was being constructed. Many construction accidents were happening in the area so the powers that be thought that the spirits of the area must be angered.  The shrine was built to appease the spirits so that the project could continue without more bad luck.  Over time the shrine became more auspicious to the locals.  To this day many Thais and others come to present offerings to the shrine and to ask for favor for the situations in their lives.  Incense is lit and marigold garlands are presented as offerings of appeasement.

Erawon Shrine

Lighting incense.

Erawon Shrine

Prayers and recitations

Erawon Shrine

Garland sellers line the street in front of the shrine. Patrons use the garlands as offerings.

Erawon Shrine

Thai dancers are hired to dance before the shrine as people present their requests.

Tim with coconut-blog

Tim cools off with a refreshing coconut drink after visiting the shrine.  It’s a perfect day for a coconut.

*As we speak of cultural differences and beliefs, let’s remember to let our comments be gracious.*

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