So this happened today…

As of today, we have a student driver…

gracyn's learners dyp-750

I’m not really ready for this, but here we go.


Sophomore Year

Last year at this time, I was anxious about Gracyn beginning her high school journey. There was definitely a learning curve figuring out time management, and other junior adulting aspects of life. Freshman year was more than survived and I am so glad that as we begin the Sophomore year that we have some experience behind that will gird us for the year ahead.

I can’t stop thinking about how in just three short years she will launch!

Newnan photographer-teen girl 01-750

And that fuels my anxiety on a whole new level. It’s amazing how you can go from worrying about starting to high school to getting ready for college in just 365 days. I’m learning that each year of high school is filled with steps on the road to higher education. Every step counts. I’m not sure I understood that when I was on my own road, the way I do now.

One thing I’m sure of is the need to pray that God would guide us as only He can in this process. He knows what’s ahead and while there is work to be done on our end, we can trust.

newnan photographer-teen girl 02-750

She’s grown a lot in the last year, not only in stature but in so many other ways. This year will be challenging, but we know she can meet the challenge head on. Every high schooler is required to write and publish a book this year. I’m so glad this wasn’t on tap for Freshman year! Gah! Thank you, Jesus!

By spring, she’ll have penned a book. This makes me want to break out in hives just thinking about it, but we have confidence in our teachers who will guide them each step of the way.

She is also, to my delight, going to be taking a film photography class with a top notch film photographer in the area. I’m probably going to peek at the notes. Shhhh… But, really I’m excited to see what photography becomes for her. This isn’t about my love for it.

There is just so much ahead that excites and scares and so many other feels. It just feels like a ball has been thrown into motion that can’t be stopped.

Know what I mean?



Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday, where we share our little moments of life through image and words. This week has been all about catching up and getting back into routines since spring break. Needless to say, I’m behind on last week’s blog entries. But. I will be going back to visit soon!

I still have a slew of photographs to edit this weekend from our trip. I’m looking forward to revisiting those shots because it has been gray and chilly here most of the week. Warm, sunny beaches are far better, in my opinion.

I’ve edited just one personal photograph.

Our family had just visited a replica exhibit on the water of the ships Nina and Pinta. We were surprised at how small they actually were. Afterwards, we drove over to Peace River Wildlife Center and found these mangroves. It’s funny because these beaches are what I would expect Columbus an his gang to wash up on. They just have that look. Or maybe caskets of rum and pirates, whichever.

boy-in-mangroves-punta-gorda-florida 02-750

The mangroves and quite beach nooks were serene and so enjoyable to explore. I have several photographs from our walk through this area, coming up soon!

How’s your week been?


Little Things Thursday

Hey Little Things Thursday-ers! It sure has been a politically puzzling week for some of us.

boy playing with rubiks cube 01-750

And boy, oh boy…I could use a look at the good of this world! Couldn’t you?

So, help me out friends! Let’s shine a light on all the beautiful things we’ve encountered this week.

And briefly, we’ve continued to have posts linked here that are outside the intent of this group.  I don’t like to exclude those that desire to participate.  But as stated several times before,  please only link posts that fit with the spirit of this linky, which is sharing our personal lives and/or talents through the medium of photography.  Images with big fancy cameras or phones are welcomed. Posts not honoring this request will be deleted going forward for the sake of preserving this community.


I love ya, I really do! So, let’s see what you’ve captured!


Our House…

In the middle of our street…

girl working on homework 01-750

landscape drawing 01-750

boy on ipad with cracked screen 01-750

boy reading book on bed 01-750

pug asleep on window sun spot-01-750

boy in atlanta braves shirt 01-750

girl drinking iced coffee 01-750

boy on elliptical machine 01-750

pomston on bed 01-750

pug on stairs 01-750

…on a Tuesday morning…

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Little Things Thursday

Welcome to Little Things Thursday! We have had a few new folks joining us lately, so just want to say hello and welcome to this great group of people!

I finally finished editing the photos I took of Gracyn and her friends before their winter formal.  I have not had a moment’s peace this week to do anything creative, so I’m glad to have something to share. I’ve got two rolls of film scans coming in on Friday, so I am very very excited for those. #pleasedontsuck

I barely remember what is on them, but I do remember that I shot in bright sunny Florida for most of the frames. So, there is that.

Back to the formal…

winter formal 16-750

These girls have moved on from the Winter Formal and are now onto loads of rehearsals for The Music Man. The entire high school is required to be in the play, which I think is cool. It kind of forces kids to try something they might ordinarily shy away from. Like my “uh uh” girl.  These girls are going to be The Pick-A-Little Ladies for their first foray into theater. Maybe they will get the theater bug after their first time.  I danced my way through many a play in high school. 

They will be performing in about 3 weeks time at a vintage theater in our town, which is pretty awesome. 

Rehearsals are life, currently.

So, how was your week?


Little Things Thursday

We had an exciting milestone last Friday.  Gracyn had her first formal evening of high school!

blog board 01-750

The school she attends has an English Country Dance Society. Doesn’t that sound so chic?

The girls donned long gowns and the guys wore their best suits. In other words, the girls spent all day getting ready and the boys got ready in 10 minutes with suits already in the closet.

During the beginning of the year, the school holds practice dances where the kids learn to dance English Country Style (think Jane Austen), The Waltz, a bit of Swing, The Virginia Reel, and others. I sure do value the way they learn to dance the old society way versus modern culture’s idea of dancing. I mean, modern dancing has it’s place, but many kids grow up without learning to dance for grown up events.

The girls are learning to wait to be asked to dance, and to graciously accept requests.  Except for that one Sadie Hawkins number they like to mortify the girls with, occasionally.

Call me old fashioned, but I love when men are called upon to step up and pursue. This is something that I am emphasizing in our home, even though it isn’t necessarily a value of today’s culture. Equally, I was thrilled that most of the kids did not go with a particular date, so that they could have the experience of dancing with more than one person.  I just kind of love that idea.

The final report of the evening was good, even though the girls did hide during some of the harder dances. Not an ankle was twisted, so all’s well that ended well.

Let’s hear about your week!


Little Things Thursday

Is it New Year’s Eve already? 2015 has blown by. I feel as if I’m still catching my breath for this year that was.

I know it is time for all our resolutions and Word of the Year stuff. This year, I’m not really doing that. I love goals, don’t get me wrong.  I just think that I’m still learning last year’s lessons. I’ll adjust my sails accordingly, but I think I’m going to camp out awhile on last year’s resolution to pause to enjoy life and to follow God as He continues the work He has begun in me this year. I found 2015 to be a rather difficult year, but gosh did I learn! I think I’ll always struggle with the same old things, but I gained a fresh perspective on moving forward.

Some things haven’t changed.  I still love doing this.

JFC by window

In 2015, I picked up the expensive film habit. Though the above is my trusted DSLR. The film bit is just for me, at present. I love the freedom to please myself with my work.  I love the way it allows me to be in a moment.  I love the way it teaches me to be a better photographer by both my successes and failures such as getting a whole roll of blank black and white film back from the lab because I didn’t load properly. I’m still grieving those shots.

I’m continuing on in my business. I’m expanding my circles and seeking to connect with those who truly value photography from click to finished product.

I’m going to shoot knowing that not everyone will like what I shoot. That I’ll be compared, critiqued, and ignored.  And that is okay. It’s kind of the artist way, isn’t it? I won’t let opinion paralyze me.

Hey, look. I guess I made a few resolutions after all. And I resolve to try harder to blog more in 2016.  The last half of 2015 just could not be kept up with. But I resolve to live to create, not create to live. Some of you really inspire that notion in me. So thank you for that!

Happy New Year Y’all! I look forward to genuine connections in this coming year! Thank you for joining me each week for Little Things Thursday!


Little Things Thursday

Welcome back to Little Things Thursday! I got a little behind this past week with blogging because in all honesty, my daughter’s high school stuff is kicking my booty. Now, I know it should all be her high school stuff kicking her booty, but as a mom you still have to make sure it all happens.  All the purchases for the week…my job.  All the taxi needs…my job. Did I mention school is 36 miles away and we have umpteen functions to attend? All the forms and homework oversight…my job.

Not to mention normal life needs that don’t involve said high schooler.   Can I get an amen, Mamas?

High School is kicking both of our butter beans.

I really want to get this time management thing back to auto pilot, but that isn’t going to happen.  We are still working on the kinks of transitioning.

G homework-750 Wednesdays are Def Con 5 in preparing for Thursday campus days.  There is frantic studying and editing of essays every. single. week.

 There is the mad rush to read 100 pages of the current literature selection.  She is working steadily, but it is just a lot. It’s truly a lot.

 She takes it all with a grain and loves going to school. Great friendships have been born and are developing as the weeks go by.

It’s all a blessing in our lives…but a busy blessing.  I almost feel that my mothering needs have increased exponentially of late. There is just so much terrain to navigate. I need to be present.

I am present. It’s a gift to walk these last in the nest years and make them count. If I don’t blog as much as I used to it’s because I’m asleep. By the end of the day I am simply toast with a long list of the undone.

How’s your week?


Little Things Thursday

It’s THAT time of year again. You know, Fall Photo Session time?

This session was unique in that it was the first time I did a full, real session with extended family members.  My SIL and BIL were on deck for some updated photos. I’m still editing their gallery, but I always have at least one sneak to share early on. You may have seen this on my Biz Facebook Page, but I’m going to share it here, too!

Sheldon 02-LBL I’m keeping my fall sessions on the lighter side this year as I prepare to launch some new initiatives in 2016. I’ll still have plenty to edit before Christmas!

Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying this beautiful Autumn season.

*And as a side note, please remember that all posts should contain images that you have captured in keeping with the spirit of the linky. Thanks! <3

Linking also with Black and White Wednesday.

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