Little Things Thursday

I’ve been getting a little antsy to get out and shoot lately. The dull weather hasn’t been a great friend, but I decided to just get out and make something happen. I grabbed my reliable model, dressed him quickly, and headed out to a local little patch of growth. Inspired by a Netflix show, The Monarch of the Glen, I channeled a little Scottish Highland vibe, which is also a nod to the Clan Cunningham from which we hail!

boy in cabby hat 01-750

woods blog dyp 02-750

pouring tea in the woods 01-750

boy in woods 03-750

smiling boy 01-750

woods blog dyp 03

woods blog dyp 04

This didn’t require loads of time, but was merely putting a boy in the woods and telling him to be himself. The hot tea thermos was an added perk.  Every good Scotsman takes his tea.

Just don’t tell him it was Lady Grey.

What’s inspiring you this week?


Little Things Thursday

I’m hanging on by a thin cord this week since my boys are in soccer camp. We are on day 4 of brutal temps and 5 hours of field time each day. Georgia is no place for outdoor summer camps, yet we carry on anyway. We do love our kids and wish for them to have growth in their passions, so we sit on those sidelines like a champ! I do believe I have accumulated tons of “Mommy Points” this week. I’ve clocked field hours and pool hours each day and I’m totally shattered.  It’s worth it, though.

Yesterday the kids had Wacky Wednesday where they wear their “fancy dress” items. I’m thankful that my BBC watching has paid off and fancy dress made perfect sense. There were a couple confused looks on the sidelines. I can imagine what they were thinking.

Soccer camp-wacky wednesday-blog

We didn’t have much to choose from costume wise, but somehow we found things to scrape up a “Fancy Unicorn” and a Batman.  The unicorn is a stretch.  Aidan invented that on his own, which makes it even funnier to me.  So kids, all you need to be a unicorn is a party hat and sunglasses. Halloween: SOLVED!

Two more days. Two more days. I think we can make it!

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Little Things Thursday

I pulled out my camera for closer look at these gorgeous day lilies that bring me joy in June.  I am always amazed at the bittersweet life of the day lily. It blooms for just a day and withers by the next. But, oh that splendor in those 24 hours! Thankfully, they stage bloom for most of the month to keep me from being crestfallen over their short life span.

Blossoming 04-blog

I planted these several years ago not really knowing what was to come. They have blown me away each year and each year I have realized that I planted them in the wrong place and really need to move them. I’m somewhat afraid that I will destroy them in doing so. Plus, the fact that I need to replant in fall always creeps up on me and leaves me a day late and a dollar short. Maybe this year! They really need to move back by my front windows rather than in front of the hedges. They are so gloriously tall and I had no idea how so when I first bought them as wee plantlings. That’s a word, right?

The goal is to divide and replant this September. I’m really quite the accidental gardener and have zero clue what I am doing, but somehow I manage to grow some things.  Bulbs are so rewarding.

If you haven’t planted these fleshy and fragrant lilies, you should definitely get them in the ground this fall!

What’s blooming in your corner?

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Little Things Thursday

Good Morning Little Things Thursday Friends!  I’m sharing another sneak peek from my recent Newsies inspired session with Aidan and our neighbor.  I’m almost through this session, but had a few things come up this week that have kept me from being able to complete the set.  One of those things being strep throat hitting our house. Sickness always trumps routine, but I think we have a handle on it.  At least we are well-equipped with prescriptions if the strep starts to spread.

But anyhoo…I really enjoyed this session with these two chaps.  They were just the right age to ham it up. Not a self-conscious bone in either one.


I have two film rolls currently in development and I am eager to get those back. I’ll be sharing those soon of anything comes out of those rolls.

Meanwhile, let’s see what you’ve been shooting!

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