Coming Home

I’m watching childhood repeat itself. I can remember the days of playing hard until the sun blazed low in the sky.

Minolta SRT 101

Fuji Superia 400 @ 200 on Minolta SRT 101.

Returning home dirty, disheveled, and happy was evidence of a day well-spent.

It’s their turn now.

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Little Things Thursday

Today’s Little Things Thursday is brought to you by dandelions and real childhood.

I live in on of those communities where weeds are a sin.  One is hard pressed to find dandelions around our neighborhood.

J with dandelion 1-web

A little plot in our local grocery store strip mall sprouted a patch of dandelions over the last couple weeks and I have been eyeing them.  Last night I finally made a point to stop and let the boys enjoy them for a few minutes.

Yes, this was taken in a weed ridden plot of land that will probably become one more slice of suburbia in the years to come.  Last night we stopped for a little slice of childhood magic while it was still to be found.   Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to dandelions, daisy chains, fireflies, star gazing and all those other glories of summer.  Whatever happened to simple childhood magic? It seems we have replaced it with some elaborate attempt to make it more meaningful by making everything grand, but have we really achieved meaning?

I find myself turning back to simple again and again.  Isn’t it the littlest things that we remember most? Isn’t it those organic moments that become our treasures?

I think so.

What simple memories are your favorites?

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Forever Young

May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam…

Forever Young

Chubby cheeks are starting to thin out.  Limbs are getting longer.  Jeans hems rise almost by the minute.

When you have babies you know that they are going to grow up and leave you, but is seems such a far off event.  You can’t imagine that it is ever really going to happen.

Day by day our children are on a steady course of leaving us.  We get just so many days before they slip off into independence starting lives of their own.  It’s the worst most beautiful thing. We know this is the design.   Day by day we are doing battle in the trenches to get them ready to launch.  And while I have not yet reached putting a child on the launching pad, I know it will be but a blink before it is here.

I’m so thankful for the gift of photography which captures the years of those I wish to keep forever young.  It’s what keeps me clicking the shutter.  Photography is the only way I know to bottle up these stages.  The images will be part of the legacy that I leave behind.  They will serve to remind me that these days were never in vain.

Photography is a series of technical, and artistic puzzle pieces that stir the soul and tell a story…your story…their story.

It bottles time.  It remembers that which is soon forgotten.

Keep them forever young.

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Lots of superhero play around here today.  Our costumes are beginning to look frayed from overuse.  Not to mention Ironman sporting floods.  Costume season is almost upon us once again, and we will be able to replenish our stash.  But only after much deliberation and mind changes about what we want to be.

I did captured one cloaked figure milling about in his sister’s Harry Potter robe.


There were many costume changes and another attempt in movie making,  but they couldn’t quite pull it off today.  It was Monday after all.

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