Sophomore Year

Last year at this time, I was anxious about Gracyn beginning her high school journey. There was definitely a learning curve figuring out time management, and other junior adulting aspects of life. Freshman year was more than survived and I am so glad that as we begin the Sophomore year that we have some experience behind that will gird us for the year ahead.

I can’t stop thinking about how in just three short years she will launch!

Newnan photographer-teen girl 01-750

And that fuels my anxiety on a whole new level. It’s amazing how you can go from worrying about starting to high school to getting ready for college in just 365 days. I’m learning that each year of high school is filled with steps on the road to higher education. Every step counts. I’m not sure I understood that when I was on my own road, the way I do now.

One thing I’m sure of is the need to pray that God would guide us as only He can in this process. He knows what’s ahead and while there is work to be done on our end, we can trust.

newnan photographer-teen girl 02-750

She’s grown a lot in the last year, not only in stature but in so many other ways. This year will be challenging, but we know she can meet the challenge head on. Every high schooler is required to write and publish a book this year. I’m so glad this wasn’t on tap for Freshman year! Gah! Thank you, Jesus!

By spring, she’ll have penned a book. This makes me want to break out in hives just thinking about it, but we have confidence in our teachers who will guide them each step of the way.

She is also, to my delight, going to be taking a film photography class with a top notch film photographer in the area. I’m probably going to peek at the notes. Shhhh… But, really I’m excited to see what photography becomes for her. This isn’t about my love for it.

There is just so much ahead that excites and scares and so many other feels. It just feels like a ball has been thrown into motion that can’t be stopped.

Know what I mean?



Our House…

In the middle of our street…

girl working on homework 01-750

landscape drawing 01-750

boy on ipad with cracked screen 01-750

boy reading book on bed 01-750

pug asleep on window sun spot-01-750

boy in atlanta braves shirt 01-750

girl drinking iced coffee 01-750

boy on elliptical machine 01-750

pomston on bed 01-750

pug on stairs 01-750

…on a Tuesday morning…

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Little Things Thursday

Is it New Year’s Eve already? 2015 has blown by. I feel as if I’m still catching my breath for this year that was.

I know it is time for all our resolutions and Word of the Year stuff. This year, I’m not really doing that. I love goals, don’t get me wrong.  I just think that I’m still learning last year’s lessons. I’ll adjust my sails accordingly, but I think I’m going to camp out awhile on last year’s resolution to pause to enjoy life and to follow God as He continues the work He has begun in me this year. I found 2015 to be a rather difficult year, but gosh did I learn! I think I’ll always struggle with the same old things, but I gained a fresh perspective on moving forward.

Some things haven’t changed.  I still love doing this.

JFC by window

In 2015, I picked up the expensive film habit. Though the above is my trusted DSLR. The film bit is just for me, at present. I love the freedom to please myself with my work.  I love the way it allows me to be in a moment.  I love the way it teaches me to be a better photographer by both my successes and failures such as getting a whole roll of blank black and white film back from the lab because I didn’t load properly. I’m still grieving those shots.

I’m continuing on in my business. I’m expanding my circles and seeking to connect with those who truly value photography from click to finished product.

I’m going to shoot knowing that not everyone will like what I shoot. That I’ll be compared, critiqued, and ignored.  And that is okay. It’s kind of the artist way, isn’t it? I won’t let opinion paralyze me.

Hey, look. I guess I made a few resolutions after all. And I resolve to try harder to blog more in 2016.  The last half of 2015 just could not be kept up with. But I resolve to live to create, not create to live. Some of you really inspire that notion in me. So thank you for that!

Happy New Year Y’all! I look forward to genuine connections in this coming year! Thank you for joining me each week for Little Things Thursday!


Little Things Thursday

It was another busy week here.  One of the things we are heavily learning in this new season of raising a family is time management. The days are so full!

Learning to pace ourselves has been the theme of life.  We have always been pretty good at managing time, but each time we enter a new phase, we must adjust!

Jasper window light 01-blog I’m really getting fairly desperate for time to photograph people. My people, that is! I’ve taken so few images of them since school began.

However, tomorrow, we are heading out for an over-nighter in the GA mountains and I will be toting some cameras. We are really looking forward to a couple days to play as a family before we rev up for the end of the year busyness. I love the mountains this time of year! You can find me this weekend on my Instagram account kim_littlebylittle! Join me as we enjoy the fall! You can also find me @kimcunninghamphoto where I exclusively share my professional work! Let’s see your October fun!


American Pie

A long, long time ago…  There is something about the 50’s that seemed so idyllic.  Growing up, I was so fascinated by what I thought the 50’s represented.  Every mother a June. Every father a Ward.  I remember longing for the milk and cookies scenario after school.  I know that the time was far from perfect, but it seemed so innocent.

But February made me shiver.  And we were singing…

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie

50's Buddy Holly

50's Buddy Holly

50's Buddy Holly

50's Buddy Holly

50's Buddy Holly

 Oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly. 

Side Note: American Pie was number one on the music charts the week I was born.  It’s such a song rife with meaning and just one of the coolest songs of all time.

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Little Things Thursday

I’ve been feeling a cross between wilted and inspired this week. I usually get a little funky after a week of constant running, which was exactly what last week turned out to be. I’m in a place of craving community, conversations, and creativity. It’s hard to get all three of those needs met most weeks, but this week I was able to indulge my creative needs.

I’ve spent my free moments learning film photography.

jasper in glasses

It’s probably fairly obvious that this isn’t film. I’m in the throes of agony waiting for my first roll to be scanned.  I’m not counting on my first roll being much.  It was probably halfway through the roll that I had an a-ha moment with the TTL light meter in my Minolta. Even though I know my first roll isn’t going to wow me, I am loving the process of working through another avenue of photography. It’s meeting me in arid places where my creative side is feeling thirsty for growth.

My kids aren’t exactly excited to see me coming with the camera.  There may have been some running to hide. I may be using jellybeans for wages.

I’m inspired to keep putting myself through the gauntlet of thinking through the process on a camera with zero bells and whistles. There is something about creative hurdles and raising the bar a little higher that motivates me. I hope to have my scans next week to see just how high the bar raised.

I’ll show you, because I believe in beginnings and raw honesty.

What’s inspiring you this week, fellow creatives?


Own Every Second

The Only Way You Can Know, You Give It All You Had.

Woodland Musician

Woodland Musician

Own every second. Unrelentingly.

These images are from my latest photo shoot with a darling little budding violinist. Watching her play in the woodlands during our session is a great reminder of beginnings. The journey to mastery is long and arduous at times, but continuing on is what counts. Every Twinkle Twinkle is building up to something greater.

Growth comes in small steps and stages.

It comes in refusal to give-up.  It comes with vision.

It comes from spending ourselves and not being distracted by the temporal things. In other words, sacrifice.

It may be exhausting, but the rewards are sweet.

Carry On…

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*I’ll share more from this session on my professional site later this week.



Little Things Thursday

Welcome Friends to Little Things Thursday! I have been a total slacker this week with blogging! In my defense, I have been working on a PDF Client Guide to gear up for my spring clients.  We all know that the photography new year typically begins as soon as the weather grows warmer, so I am feverishly trying to simplify the process for clients.

Thankfully I had a photo on deck yet to be shared.


This was just a little after bath fun involving a hair dryer and a dark closet. It works very similarly to garage lighting.

And why do boys get the best eyelashes?

Hope you are all staying warm this week.  Let’s see how you are surviving!



Black and White Wednesday

Today I am sharing one more photograph from the session I had with my friends recently.  I simply loved the light in the barn loft.

Poling 6-bw-web

These images in this series pretty much begged for a conversion.

So I obliged.

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Devil in the details

This past couple of weeks has been a period of the devil being in the details.  There has been so much stuffy stuff to deal with like setting up bank accounts, PayPal accounts, studio accounts, and every kind of account imaginable.  Then there was lots of painting to do in my office, and moving things in.  Then there are those details of school like teaching and testing.  Not to mention the details of home life, relationships, and committees.

And while all these things are wonderful things, the details can get overwhelming.  So…

Here is my cat.  A quick image captured before the sun went down on another day.


I have a detail coming up tomorrow that I think you’ll like, though.   I will be hosting a pretty sweet giveaway that any photography minded person will love.  You won’t want to miss it!

I’m pretty pumped for you.

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