Thailand: Day Four (part 3)

Tim, lead us to Bangkok Art and Cultural Center to enjoy getting to know the arts of Thailand.  The center houses many handicraft shops and stalls as well as hosts galleries of highlighted artists.  You may wonder why visiting the arts of a big city is relevant.  Art really does shape and reflect culture.  I truly believe that art is expression of our Creator, the ultimate artist.

I really love the unique style of artists.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

These guys can draw your image in 11 minutes.

I have always been impressed by these charcoal artists that draw the images of people in little stalls dotted around the country.  I cannot draw a straight line.


After looking through the galleries, you can treat yourself to a pour over coffee on the first floor. The Coffee shop is tiny, but has gorgeous light. Such an eclectic little shop!

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Section of a mural at BACC.

Thanks Tim for a day packed with culture and art.  We enjoyed seeing Bangkok through your eyes!

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