Summer’s end

This Monday morning starts our last week of summer.  Summer wasn’t particularly kind this year, but as it goes sometimes after a season of hardships the reminders of goodness come.

This last week was simply that.  Many reminders of goodness and care came to tend my weary heart.

end of summer2014

I don’t like to be preachy, but God just stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that He is taking care of so many details in His timing.  I saw that this week so clearly.

There were rainbows of promise.  While I don’t read into every rainbow as a specific promise to me and my situations, this one was a comfort to me.  I had to stop and capture it.

There were the best chocolate chip cookies known to man.  I got to lick the spatula. That is a small thing, but just a reminder that the best pleasures in life are often small and seemingly insignificant.

There was the joy brought to our home with a new pet.

Lastly, God showered me with provision by providing the funds for my trip to Thailand this October.  He really just took care of it for me and our whole team.  Tickets are to be purchased this week and I was feeling a little frantic that we would have our funding on time.  God called His people to rally and provide what we needed so very quickly.  It was a greater testimony to the truth that He is never late.  He is always on time and often answering in unexpected ways.  I’m so grateful to those  servants who are standing behind us.  It still seems so unreal.  I’ll never be able to fully explain how much I have missed Asia, and Thailand particularly. I’m just staring at my computer screen because there are just no words to communicate how I’m feeling.  You kind of have to come along for the ride to understand how much a place has been part of my story. I’m excited, but still a bundle of nerves about leaving my family home this trip. It’s a mom thing.

This is my good.  This is my fun.  This is certainly not random.

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  1. So glad you were able to see the silver linings and G-d’s hand! Sometimes it is just what you need to start getting out of the doldrums! Enjoy the last week and have some cookie dough for me!!
    Tamar recently posted..The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 30My Profile

  2. Rhianna says:

    So glad I checked in- this is wonderful news about the upcoming trip, and comforting words about God’s care in general. We look forward to seeing you tonight!

  3. HE certainly works in wondrous ways. I love this Kim. Knowing that He’s providing what you need is so comforting.
    Gina recently posted..Photography Cropping GuideMy Profile

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