Sophomore Year

Last year at this time, I was anxious about Gracyn beginning her high school journey. There was definitely a learning curve figuring out time management, and other junior adulting aspects of life. Freshman year was more than survived and I am so glad that as we begin the Sophomore year that we have some experience behind that will gird us for the year ahead.

I can’t stop thinking about how in just three short years she will launch!

Newnan photographer-teen girl 01-750

And that fuels my anxiety on a whole new level. It’s amazing how you can go from worrying about starting to high school to getting ready for college in just 365 days. I’m learning that each year of high school is filled with steps on the road to higher education. Every step counts. I’m not sure I understood that when I was on my own road, the way I do now.

One thing I’m sure of is the need to pray that God would guide us as only He can in this process. He knows what’s ahead and while there is work to be done on our end, we can trust.

newnan photographer-teen girl 02-750

She’s grown a lot in the last year, not only in stature but in so many other ways. This year will be challenging, but we know she can meet the challenge head on. Every high schooler is required to write and publish a book this year. I’m so glad this wasn’t on tap for Freshman year! Gah! Thank you, Jesus!

By spring, she’ll have penned a book. This makes me want to break out in hives just thinking about it, but we have confidence in our teachers who will guide them each step of the way.

She is also, to my delight, going to be taking a film photography class with a top notch film photographer in the area. I’m probably going to peek at the notes. Shhhh… But, really I’m excited to see what photography becomes for her. This isn’t about my love for it.

There is just so much ahead that excites and scares and so many other feels. It just feels like a ball has been thrown into motion that can’t be stopped.

Know what I mean?


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  1. She looks so grown up and gorgeous! That tapestry is perfect for photos.
    Here’s to a fantastic year and an amazing book writing journey!

  2. How exciting!!!!!! It’s incredible how quickly it all goes by. With the oldest starting college in Jan- It’s hard thinking that I will no longer be his source of knowledge & he will have new ideas to challenge. This part of parenting is by far the hardest so far.

  3. Wow…penning a book! They do grow up far too quickly…time passes quicker as we get older I fear…and I hate to tell you this…but it doesn’t get any better…seems the older I get, the quicker it goes. If we only knew this when we were young…I wonder how much more we would have savored those precious fleeting moments. Beautiful photos! Love that 1st one!
    Mitzi recently posted..It Doesn’t Take Much These DaysMy Profile

  4. WOOOOW she’s so so beautiful! And that background! Glad to hear she is doing well. Maybe you’ll share some of her photos? 😉 She looks so calm in front of the camera! My oldest is 10 and she is starting to shy and not be herself in front of the camera. I rarely catch genuine smiles now. Even if she wants to stay serious she puts on a face that isn’t her true seriousness. 🙂 I am anxious too because she starts 5th grade this fall.
    Ramona recently posted..Corbu BeachMy Profile

  5. Beautiful post – a struggle with wanting your child’s growth and anxiety over what they face. Love the beautiful photo against the tapestry.

  6. She has grown up to be such a beautiful lady. The top image should be used for her book cover!!

  7. Gracyn is so lovely! Sounds like a fun year of school, writing a book and taking a photography class. My daughter lived at home through graduate school (along with some times in apartments with friends), and I loved helping her with schoolwork. Enjoy the year and God bless you!
    Sharon recently posted..Tiny Pines in IdyllwildMy Profile

  8. A beautiful lady!
    It sounds great, a high school and so many ways and possibilities (I wish I have had that at my young age in communist dictatorship -).
    Prayers for good developing
    Mascha recently posted..Dog days or how to enjoy the summertimeMy Profile

  9. We are redoing Blessing’s room here too. Her flooring is done, her walls are painted and Wed. her new bedroom furniture comes in. I can’t imagine how tall she will be in a few more years. If my child was taking a photography class from a top photographer you know I would be looking at her notes! How wonderful Gracyn is showing an interest in one of your hobbies/business.

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