So, what’s been going on?

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I blogged. That alone shows me that giving up Little Things Thursday was the hard, but right decision for this season of my life.  I want to thank everyone who stopped by to thank me for the 4 years of hosting and those who just generally gave a few words of understanding. Each Thursday since I have missed our little community here, but am so thankful that Tamar is carrying the torch!

I don’t plan to let weeks roll by between blogging like these past couple weeks, but I did just need some time to focus on being the mom and helping my family get started with the new school year.

So, what’s been going on around here lately?

August 17-01-2016

Our 2016-2017 homeschool year is now in the second week. We’ve started well, but I tell ya, those 6:30 mornings have been hard! Coffee, coffee…and lots of it.

Gracyn begins in September, but she has plenty to work on before the first day.

I’ve also been getting back into a meal planning and cooking routine. I don’t know what it is about summer that makes me say, “meh” to having a plan, but once school begins I become more proactive with making sure I’ve thought through our food situation. Tomato pies with homegrown tomatoes have been on the rotation, and I even attempted a Thai dish this past week. I have some skills to develop on that, but it was a valiant effort.

August 17-02-2016

We also busied ourselves fulfilling a birthday request for an updated room for Gracyn’s 15th birthday. We realized that this is most likely the last big re-do before decorating a college dorm room. Gah! Seriously?

I mean, we do have 3 full years before we need to send one off to college, but I know how this time thing works. Tapestry and bedding are from Urban outfitters. There are fairy lights around the perimeter of the room, and a desk to the right of the door for all those studying days ahead.

And speaking of studying…the PSAT is October 15th and Gracyn is studying for her driver’s permit. I truly am in some alternate universe, it seems. I’ve definitely turned a parenting bend in the road and have no idea what I am doing or how to make sure we are on top of all the stuff! #firstkid

We are figuring it all out and starting to talk colleges and degrees and scholarships. We are trying to verse ourselves in all of it to make sure we make the most out of each step in the process.

We bought study guides and SAT vocabulary cards to get going on prep.  Got tips? Send them my way.

That’s our slice of the world these last couple weeks and it surely feels like new territory in so many ways. I guess that will be lots of blog about in the days ahead!

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  1. I saw the IG of the books earlier and had to check it was your account!!

    Hope the school year is off to a great start for the boys and you! I’ve begun to set an alarm, even if I just lay in bed or on the couch, just to get my internal clock prepared…alarms are officially back in 1.5 weeks. (:

  2. When I read about your having started school already my heart races…I’m not ready at all. Thankfully we don’t start until September, and even then will take the first month very lightly (because hubby and I are going for an anniversary trip while grandparents visit for a week!).

  3. Oh it such a busy time of year for sure. It will all settle soon- but then again, that’s what makes summer so nice.

  4. We’re into the first school week and I’m feeling what you’re feeling! J has just started secondary school and I still pinch myself every day…

  5. rebecca haegele says:

    Wow. You are busy. I didn’t blog for one month…my daughter had a baby and I’m enjoying grandmother-hood! My son took a class on how to take the SATs – how to answer or not answer questions, what they are looking for and that kind of thing. But the biggest help to him was taking AP Classes and college credits in high school. He is starting his second year but he is a junior!

  6. Hi Kim, just finished our first week of school too. Glad yours got off to a good start. Definitely taking AP classes and testing out of them helped Austin. Now he’s 3 semesters away from graduating college. I get that alternative universe cause somehow I seem to be having out of body experiences watching my kid grow up and making his way through life! I hope you and your kids have a great year.

  7. I am sorry that I have not been around when it all happened e.g. Little Things, but did see it on Tamar’s Facebook. Reason being that like you and without having planned for it at all I took a break from blogging for – gosh – six weeks! I’m just starting to get back. Here’s to a great year ahead!
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