Serenbe Part 1

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…

This year I’m on a quest to recreate more.  It seems that duty of life can take all of life if one is not careful. And I’m often not careful to guard my own tank.

As a creative, I am seeing more and more that recreation is one of the timbers in the fire of art. So, we scooped up the kids on Saturday and headed to Serenbe.


Serenbe is a small community in the Chattahoochee Foothills where farm, eco-living meets creative arts. I guess. I’m not sure how to describe it. You have to experience it.

At The Farmhouse and Inn we found an in-ground trampoline where we stopped for a jump before heading to see the animals.


We found some gorgeous hens and roosters.

And then the goats came out of their pens for a visit. Yep, some are just roaming around to the delight of my kids! No pun intended.



Everyone now wants goats.

This old gal showed up to butt in.



We found a couple llamas. This guy/girl, was pretty aloof and kept giving us the side-eye. But…we weren’t put off.

serenbe blog dyp 01


Hey, ya got a little something in your teeth.

serenbe blog dyp 02

As we continued on, we stumbled upon an awesome rock maze. After achieving victory, I had them all pose for their album cover.


We headed off to the next part of Serenbe just a short walk down the dirt road. I’ll share about that next time!

This January day in Georgia was good to us.

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  1. What a gorgeous place to visit!! Also – Chattahoochee is just such a fun word to read!
    Looks like you had AMAZING weather!

  2. Love this, and the spirit of finding beauty within it. What a fun last picture- G has her rock band pose down solid! With you on that last rock it would have been complete!

  3. Wonderful post. Thankful to get a peek into a great day. Good idea for an outing. Would love to follow your lead and take our family over. ❤️
    Beautiful pictures as always.

  4. Kelly kardos says:

    Sounds like a way I’d love to spend a day-I love love love that last shot!

  5. Oh – that last one!!! LOVE it & what a great place to just be together & enjoy that weather.
    Gina recently posted..Game Day Brownie StackersMy Profile

  6. amazingly beautiful day! sunshine & blue skies… isn’t that pretty unusual during this time of the year? Your kids are growing in leaps & bounds… especially the oldest ones. I skimmed some of the posts I hadn’t read… Love that dance idea for high schoolers! My youngest daughter would have loved that. As it was she joined a ballroom dance club in college and had a fabulous time learning various dances. All that dancing came in handy this past summer when she danced with her dad at her wedding. It brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Looks like a fun outing. Love your capture of the llamas! I’ve been told they guard the sheep (so they’re a little bossy:) )

  8. OMG Kim! Thant last pictures is amazing!!! and your girl looks stunning!!! It truly looks like an album cover!

  9. You captured the light through the trees so beautifully! The last photo is a stunner (as is each one in your family!). On my one trip to Atlanta, I hiked along the Chatahoochie River, and that’s a name you remember!

  10. This looks like a really cool place and you got some fabulous images


  11. I completely agree that, if we’re nor careful, the duty of life can just suck the creativity right out of a person. Kudos to you for making a decision to get out and about. Your photos are so fun. Love the last shot. #songography

  12. What a fun outing! I love the shot of the sheep munching on the hay. The blending and similarity of the colors and textures between the sheep and the hay is quite amazing. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.
    Kathy recently posted..Abandon…My Profile

  13. Ryan Choi says:

    a fat sheep,
    always barring the space.

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