There are just a couple days of September left, but she was good to us!

So many new beginnings came this month. The biggest was our oldest heading out of the home a couple days a week for school. She attends Monday and Thursday classes, and works at home the other 3 days.  The classes are challenging and the work load can be intense. It’s a great push for college prep! She writes 2-3 essays per week, which shocked me, but I can see how that is developing her so much.  She got a 100 on her very first essay comparing To Kill A Mockingbird with Pride and Prejudice.

September 26-2015

I’m happy to report that she has 3 A’s and a B in her studies, so far. Algebra 1 is proving to be the nemesis, so I spent my Friday night brushing up on Order of Operations so that I can help tutor. Algebra was never my strong suit, but together we will learn!

I whipped up some breakfast burritos this month to help the morning rush and to feed the kids something that would sustain their bellies until lunch.

Do you guys like vintage Pyrex? I have been scouring antique shops for a set and finally found a pristine collection in the Cinderella series. The pattern I found is one that I remember from childhood. I don’t know who had this pattern, but I remember it in someone’s kitchen. I needed a set of mixing and serving bowls desperately. I was down to one.

September 25-2-2015

Fall began, and so did my Wednesday Night, Mommy Needs a Work Night, Starbucks. That’s the official title.  I’m using this time to catch up restructuring my photography business.  I’ve realized that there are some changes that I need to make that will help protect my over-arching goals and if I can’t do that, then I’ll need to stop.  I don’t want to stop, so it is time to strengthen my backbone in some key areas.

Soccer began again.  It’s a new beginning in that we changed from a beginner’s league to a real rec-league with some rock-star type players.  My boys are a bit outclassed at the moment, but it is pushing them to new heights, which is exactly what they needed. I’ve already seen them digging deeper to develop. We weren’t getting that at the other league after 5 years.  It was a perfect entry point, but it was time to move on.  They are going from 1 practice and game per week to 2 practices, 1 skill camp night, and 1-2 games per week.  They love playing, so we want them to truly develop the skills they need to succeed. They were always the better players at the former league and well, if that’s the case, that’s as far as you develop.  Being with stronger players will only make them stronger.

Homeschooling the boys has been great.  They are growing by leaps and bounds, which makes the schooling enjoyable for all. We are taking school on the road on Mondays while big sis is in classes. That change of environment is just the boost we need to stay revived.

So September, thank you for being a great start.  We are looking forward to the rest of fall and finding the good in it!

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  1. So glad you’ve had a positive month! The workload sounds intense, good for G!! And best of luck to the footie boys!!!
    Tamar recently posted..The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 39My Profile

  2. So much happening! I hear you on the algebra. It’s no fun – I didn’t like it when I was their age & I don’t like teaching it now.

    Love your Pyrex. I have a set of corning-ware with the blue cornflower design. I was trying to find a link to it on Amazon & ended up finding out that the set I have is now considered vintage & going for about $100. I was shocked. Contemplating packing it away & not using it anymore. Who would have thought that a wedding gift like that from 20 years ago would be “collectible”.
    Gina recently posted..10 Best Halloween Recipe IdeasMy Profile

  3. Oh wow.. you just got me all excited about september! Am glad you are juggling so many things in such high spirirts!!! I´ve always thought of you as a very patient person… the more I know you the more I think so!
    Hope october is even better!
    Oh and congrats on all your daughter´s As… that was one tough essay right there!

  4. So glad to hear that September brought encouragement on many fronts! Soccer sounds intense, but what a great opportunity for your boys.

  5. Sounds like things are really taking off to a good start. Bravo on the kids flourishing – it makes the rest of mothering so much easier.
    Nicki recently posted..Good.Random.Fun | SoLongSeptember …My Profile

  6. Yes, growth comes when you’ve been pushed out of your comfort zone! September sounds good!

  7. Bless you Kim….if my daughter had to rely on ME for Algebra help??!!?? I shudder to think! haha.

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