Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We are wrapping up our summer break this week, which is sad and very needed at the same time.  We have hit the wall of boredom, and the need for more structured days.

But honestly, I’m sad because that means no more rest for me.  Overall, this will be good for us.  It is just hard to pull the trigger…in July!

This week, I also pulled my macro lens out after a hiatus, and used it to capture this week’s SHS prompts.  The thing I love about shooting with it, is that still life sits still! No begging and pleading. 🙂

1. Water:

 Simply water in a wine glass.


2. Petal:

I got flowers this week…thankfully! Our yard’s blooms are winding down for the summer.  Excuse the indulgence, but I couldn’t decide between these two.


3. Fresh:


One of the assistants in my husbands office shared some fresh mint with us!


4. Eight


5. Calm

Tea, for me, is a calming ritual.  I added some of the fresh mint to this brewing.  I love this tea cup my husband bought me from Anthropology.  I would love a few more…hint, hint Jack!


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  1. Wow. I can’t even choose a favorite, although calm is quite beautiful to me. Really good set.
    Kim @The G is Silent recently posted..Scavenger Hunt SundayMy Profile

  2. Beautiful! I think the pink flower and eight were my favs!

  3. Oh, I don’t know where to start . . . love your style! Water in a wine glass, perfect. Love petal -the second is my favorite. Fresh, so simple. Eight, why didn’t I think of that – brilliant, and love the tea cup.

  4. Love eight, so creative! And those petals! And fresh – okay I love them all! Good luck with your back to school, It’s only week 4 of summer here!
    Tamar Strauss-Benjamin recently posted..Scav Hunt Sunday: Kayaks and CornMy Profile

  5. WHAAA…school already!?!? Our summer break seems to be zooming by, luckily we have a few more weeks left. I am NOT ready yet ;D I am loving your set this week….. EIGHT is brilliant and calm is just lovely. I need to get a couple of those mugs too. So darn cute.
    Brooke recently posted..SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY 07.15.12My Profile

  6. what a beautiful “petal” shot, so bright and sunny!
    Sheri recently posted..sunny spiderMy Profile

  7. Oh that yellow petal shot is so pretty! Eight was very creative, and I like your idea of calm. Have a great week!
    MG Atwood recently posted..Scavenger Hunt SundayMy Profile

  8. that is a very pretty tea cup!

  9. These are wonderful. You have such a unique photography style.
    My favorites: Petal, both were lovely.
    Eight – Very dramatic in the B/W
    Calm – Very pretty tea cup and at times I find tea to be very calming. A personal favorite of mine is Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings.
    Ida recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday – July 15, 2012My Profile

  10. Glad you pulled your macro lens out…these are all delightful. Love your cup, understand why you would like more…hint hint hubby.
    Deanna@Snippets from Springdale recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday – The July 15, 2012 EditionMy Profile

  11. Terrific photos! I love the Calm one especially.
    Barb Hale recently posted..Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt…My Profile

  12. I guess I’ll quit bemoaning that my son only has 1 month until he returns to school. I really enjoyed your take on water and fresh (I have mint growing everywhere in my yard and never thought of it – shame on me!). I also enjoy a calming cup of tea.
    Nicki recently posted..scavenger hunt Sunday …My Profile

  13. I’m glad you posted both of your Petal photos because both are so pretty! My favorite photo is Water. I love the simplicity of it!
    Karen recently posted..Scavenger Hunt…July 15, 2012My Profile

  14. These are beautiful- love that last one. Perfection!
    Gina recently posted..Project 366 Rewind – Week 28- America/ PatrioticMy Profile

  15. ha… love 8!! and your petal shot is lovely!!
    JennyD recently posted..Summer is blissfully exhausting =)My Profile

  16. Your compositions look so crisp and clean – love them.
    Ashley Sisk recently posted..Tutorial Tuesday: Pop Art!My Profile

  17. Beautiful set! Loved your petals, fresh, and 8 shots!!
    Jenn recently posted..Scavenger Hunt~ 07/15My Profile

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