Random 5 Friday

This week went so fast!


starbucks school

I’m not mad about it at all.  I’m ready for the weekend, which will hopefully give me sometime to get myself together for the week ahead.

I say that every Friday though, and I’m not sure I ever really get it together.

In recap of the week, my randoms.

1. On Sunday night we watched the final episode of Sherlock Season 3.  Can I just say how much I love this show? It is rare for me to find shows I actually care about these days. Sherlock has just the right amount of quirky humor and brilliant characters.  What I can’t take it how the Brits give us such short seasons.  I also kind of respect that because each episode is packed with a punch.  There is none of the dragging of storylines that can get old with some shows.  Now the long wait for season 4.

2. This one is sort of strange.  Yesterday, our never met before backyard neighbor accidentally cut 8 small trees down on our property.  Our properties sit back to back, and to be sort of fair, our backyard is terraced with a natural area at the top.  We noticed this new neighbor up on our terrace pruning and cutting down branches.  She had no idea that she was on our property and started cutting down trees she didn’t care for in her view.  They were small trees, but nevertheless, 8 of our hardwoods were culled.  My autumn color!  It was a mistake, and yes, she should have asked before going to town back there.  However, I must admit that we kind of ignore that area and her clearing some of the shrubbery was helpful.  C’est La Vie, right?  She apologized.  I let her off the hook.  She also got my next door neighbor’s property.  Oops!

3.  So, it is actually Thursday night as I put this post together.  I’m waiting to see if we are going to get a few snow flurries tonight.  I hope we do.  They won’t stick, but it is always fun to see the flakes fall from the sky.

4. The above image is us doing homeschool at Starbucks one morning this week.  Occasionally we take school on the road, if we have appointments.  It’s a fun diversion, though not as relaxing for me since I can’t zone out with my cup of coffee.

5.  Speaking of coffee, I’m headed out to see a friend for sharing over coffee…which will probably be tea.  Either way, a warm cup and conversation will be a nice way to wrap up the night.  Hopefully with a few snowflakes on top!

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  1. kim at picking poppies says:

    Well, I think I might have been a bit more chapped that someone cut down some of my trees-I guess just over the principle of it. My daughter posted a photo on instagram of a little snow they got, and it looked like vanilla dip ‘n dots…for real, haha! And….I would love to be able to have coffee with you someday! xo (still won’t let me post my comment if I put my website?)

  2. I’m amazed at how focused your kids are as they do their schoolwork! I would be distracted by all the distractions around me. Well done!
    Dotti recently posted..Tea for One {Day Two Hundred Twenty}My Profile

  3. Hope you got the snowflakes you were hoping for 🙂

  4. Love the concentration. Love Sherlock – still have the final episode to watch….there was some game on tv last Sunday… As for sharing a cup of coffee ~ wouldn’t that be wonderful!?!!

  5. A fun outing for school.

  6. i would love some coffee but i think it is a little late for me to enjoy a cup – might not sleep tonight. ( :

  7. Honestly – I think you are the only one I’ve read lately wishing for snowflakes. Will keep you in mind as we are to get some this evening/tomorrow morning (maybe with enough hoping and wishing I can mentally send it in your direction). You are being a good sport about the property – but as they say – no use to cry over spilled milk (not like you can un-cut them) – but at least she was apologetic. I was not ready for Sherlock to be over. At the end, I was thinking – “nooooooo” not yet. What? No way! Not a pretty sight I must admit.

    Enjoy your evening.

  8. Oh WOW! I’m absolutely appalled by your neighbor. She must of known that it didn’t belong to her. Who did she think it belonged to?? It’s not just an easement area- that belonged to someone & it wasn’t her. Oh my- I would have gone through the roof- but I tend to be a bit of a hot head when it comes to my property. 🙁 Oh my goodness. I am happy you got it resolved with her. Not a good way to meet your neighbors.
    Gina recently posted..40 Nights of Dinner IdeasMy Profile

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