I’m a bit contemplative today.

I guess you could say I’m feeling a little OOS…Out of Sorts.

For starters, I’ve been going this parent thing alone for a few days while my husband had a conference in Chicago.  That really wasn’t bad and my kids usually rally when I have to go it alone.

But…my cat decided to go in heat this morning.  I was abruptly wakend this morning by Aidan stating that something was wrong with Beezus (umm, no…not really).  I explained that she was just going to act a little silly for a few days, but that she was fine.   We had her scheduled for spaying on this coming Tuesday.  She couldn’t hold it in any longer, I suppose.   Since she decided “bloom” a few days earlier than we planned, we have to wait a couple more weeks before we can get her spayed.  That means we are enduring bizarre kitty behaviors that will last 4-6 days.  I’m terrified she is going to spray my house!

I’ve been knee deep in getting my new blog URL to be identified out there in the blogosphere.  I’m having to update gravatars, open ID, commentluv, google analytics, and all those other billion things that keep a blog running smoothly.  It’s been a load of work. I feel like I’m starting over even though it was just a transfer.    I know, I can feel your tears for me.  🙂 But, I know you fellow bloggers, who are amazing by the way, understand the work that goes into staying out of the blog graveyard. My google analytics are pathetic currently. It is hard to see stats reset to zero.  Seriously though, some of you have been so supportive with your visits and comments.  I’ve been so thankful for what a safe and encouraging place the blog world has been.

On top of these other small things, I feel a bigger disappointment in some situations in which I don’t feel taken seriously or supported in the real world.  Sometimes you feel that only a few people notice and invest in you.  I’m thankful for those people that don’t give you the long arm and who are constant. For those that want to see you grow and succeed.  For those that give you a chance.   I’m just in a Friday night funk!  I’ll snap out of it.  99.9% of this funk is brought to you by lack of sleep.  I probably should go get some of that.






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  1. Love the photo. I totally get what you were saying. Hope you got a good nights rest.

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