Meet Me

Hello there.

meet me

I’m Kim, and welcome to my little blog.  Little by Little began as a small way to document our lives back in 2007.  We were a family of 2 adults, 3 kids under 6, and a pug leaving Thailand to move back to the States.  My blog was helping me navigate transition and change by providing an outlet for a mom who barely had time to think.  I enjoyed putting my words out there even if they were a bit hurried.  I found myself aching for something else, just for me.  I couldn’t describe what that need was in my life, but I knew there was a vacancy for more creatively.

Then one day I announced that I wanted a camera.  A real one.  That meant a dSLR, even though I didn’t know the term.  A real one was all I knew to ask for.   My sweet husband bought one for Christmas of 2009.  He thought we’d share it.  Isn’t that cute?  I explained that I needed it all for myself.  I needed to have every opportunity to explore and create to the fullest without having to wait my turn.  Somehow he understood.  Having that camera pulled me out of my life’s greatest funk and heartbreak after leaving Thailand…  I fell for photography fast and hard.  I sucked at first, of course.  But, I cried and fought to learn.  I needed photography.  It spoke to me in a way that was a complete surprise.  I never knew that deep inside me was a creative waiting to be let loose.

My blog morphed into a place to share that journey.  Words and imagery.  Now we’re talking.

The community of kindred I have found here has been the cherry on top!