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So after my post yesterday I realized that I was just tired.  I had an expectation that Saturday would have been used for something fun to recharge after the week’s work.  Even though I still feel more tired than rested, I am thankful to begin the week somewhat more prepared.  I think I even mentioned on Friday that I needed to get organized.  That sort of happened.

I begin this week at least having a few meals planned, and some clean clothes.  It’s a start.


piano man

It’s always good to pause to reflect on what went well.

The Good: Getting to see snowflakes on Thursday night, time with a friend being heard and hearing, figuring out some adjustments with our homeschooling to attend to individual needs, finishing an editing project, planning out some music lessons for this lot, and enjoying family.

The Random:  3 sleds arrived on our doorstep this week via fed ex.  Hubby felt badly that our kids didn’t have them during our January snow.   The weather calls for some wintery mix this week and maybe we will be able to use the sleds!  Or maybe we will be miserable with ice…either way something is ahead!

I LOVE Santa’s White Christmas ice cream that can only be purchased during the holidays at our local grocery store, but I found Barney’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee during one of my 5 grocery store trips last week!  If this coffee is like the ice cream, it will be a treat.

The Fun: We had a few previews of spring with a slight warm up.  That is all about to change, so we are thankful for those beautiful days to enjoy before the next cold spell.

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  1. So glad you’re feeling better – hope the homeschool adjustments help everyone!

  2. Can´t even explain how much I LONG for spring… Ah, I miss the light so much…
    tinajo recently posted..Facts of life right now.My Profile

  3. such a fun collection of good, random, fun. Glad to hear you are feeling better…I am definitely ready for Spring!
    Mitzi recently posted..Monday Macro – CrystalsMy Profile

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better! I think we all have days (or weeks) like that! Especially this time of year. With the gray skies and lack of sunshine and cold temperatures keeping us indoors, it is easy to start to feel blah. Just remember that without winter, there would be no spring. Let’s just hope it gets here sooner rather than later! 🙂


  5. Hey, just wanted to check in to say hello…got caught up and am glad you’re feeling some momentum after the blahs. We all have them,,that’s for sure. Music lessons sound like a fun step- what’s the plan?

  6. my hubby’s still thinking about a sled for the preschooler. it’s not too late even if you missed the big snowfall.
    Good luck with all the adjustments…things do come together 🙂

  7. Oh sleds sound like FUN!!! We keep meaning to buy some- the kids just end up borrowing their friend’s instead.
    Gina recently posted..Featured in Green Craft MagazineMy Profile

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