Little Things Thursday

“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road.”

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I’ve alluded to this a few times already, but in case you missed it, I have taken up daily walking combined with little runs. Basically to the end of the road type runs, but multiple times over the 3.4 miles. I’m still building stamina to run. I hate running.

Except, I don’t hate the benefits of those short sprints. Stress? I love taking it out on these morning walks/runs.  I love feeling strength creep back into my body.  I’m at a place in life where I can take better care of myself.  I’ve been walking a week and a half and I have already logged 33.3 miles. My knee is cussing me out, but I feel accomplished. I love arriving back to my porch after 45 minutes completely drenched in sweat.  The endorphins are an amazing anti-depressant.  I just gotta have my Rocky “No pain, No Pain” moment to get to the endorphin part.

Another no pain, no pain pep talk is getting to the end of the school year.  We are almost there and I will be back to regularly joining all the linkies very soon! Thanks for your patience and still joining me here each week while I tie up loose ends!

Let’s see your week!

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  1. How satisfying to reap so many benefits after just 45 minutes! I’m not a runner either (and believe me, I’ve tried!), so I walk instead. All the best with end of school year prep, another finish line visible just ahead 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Portugal Part II: Obrigado PortoMy Profile

  2. I should just get up and run too! x
    jandi recently posted..In the Garden {+ around the neighbourhood}My Profile

  3. Thanks for hosting and I hope your running routine will yield the results you are looking for.
    Mersad recently posted..Visiting Prague [Part 1/5]: Old Town SquareMy Profile

  4. Good for you!! Keep going and the stamina will come!!
    Tamar SB recently posted..Art SelfiesMy Profile

  5. Makes for some great time with God!
    Dina recently posted..Pretty in PinkMy Profile

  6. rebecca says:

    I have always hated running. But I walk several miles every morning. I wish I could get into Running. Rebecca

  7. Good for you! I should start running, considering tat we have a stadium right next door, whose track we can use. I’ve tried, but just could not get into it.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..The Creativity Project | 5PMMy Profile

  8. So glad I stopped by here this morning! I’ve been thinking of easing back into blogging and I just thought I’d check out some of my favorite blogs that I haven’t visited in quite some time. I workout at the gym in the evening, but I’ve been thinking about adding walking in the morning. This is an inspiration! Have a blessed day.

  9. Kim, I’ll bet you are really anxious to have the school year come to an end and to enjoy the summer months. I have so much respect for you teachers! Good job with the miles you are putting in.
    Linda Kay recently posted..Fence, no a wallMy Profile

  10. The walking? I’ve got it going on. I’m also starting to {slowly} insert some running. We’ll see what the summer brings – I have this idea that I will, someday, be able to take off running from my front door, get to the pond, do a big lap, and run home…..haha! We’ll see! I guess stranger things have happened – just not sure what they might be!
    Adrienne recently posted..And now, in living color…My Profile

  11. Same here! Got FitBit, Couch to 5k app, and am ready to roll!

  12. I need to do this- you inspire me every day….this is just another example of all the things I can learn from my dear friend that has so much to teach. I’m inspired!
    Gina recently posted..Black Velvet Peanut Butter ParfaitMy Profile

  13. Good for you for staying motivated. I can walk but can not run as exercise, nor do steppers-unless I want my knee replaced, which I don’t.
    Abrianna recently posted..SillyMy Profile

  14. You do what you gotta do! Good for you, because after the move I haven’t even gotten back to walking yet:)
    Jesh StG recently posted..LOVES in MY LIFEMy Profile

  15. I so get what you are saying! I´ve been running for about three years now, at times with y hubby like for the last two months, and sometimes by myself. As you, I don´t necessarily like it, maybe I could say that I don´t even like it.. but those endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the run keep me at it! And then the hope that maybe one day my body will get it and I´ll look fit as a runner… haha because up to now I do it to be ¨fit¨or so I kid myself! Have a great week kim!

  16. Ohhh! Good for you!
    This serves as a reminder for me to run and be physically active, seems like only my mind is willing to get up 🙁
    Shiella A. (Balot) recently posted..Thankful for Milo Summer Sports Clinic 2015My Profile

  17. Proud of you. I started to jog/walk two months ago. Last month, I started to jog more than walk convinced by my friend that I could do it. Now I have to pull my dogs to catch up with me going home. I am getting better and faster.

    Keep going.
    Carin recently posted..The Gift of LightMy Profile

  18. I never liked running. I like to walk, though, as long as I’m outside and the weather is halfway decent.
    Linja recently posted..Wrought Iron and TulipsMy Profile

  19. Good for you, Kim! I, too, always hated running, but I love those walk/runs and I cannot wait to start on them again.

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