Little Things Thursday

I’ve been feeling a cross between wilted and inspired this week. I usually get a little funky after a week of constant running, which was exactly what last week turned out to be. I’m in a place of craving community, conversations, and creativity. It’s hard to get all three of those needs met most weeks, but this week I was able to indulge my creative needs.

I’ve spent my free moments learning film photography.

jasper in glasses

It’s probably fairly obvious that this isn’t film. I’m in the throes of agony waiting for my first roll to be scanned.  I’m not counting on my first roll being much.  It was probably halfway through the roll that I had an a-ha moment with the TTL light meter in my Minolta. Even though I know my first roll isn’t going to wow me, I am loving the process of working through another avenue of photography. It’s meeting me in arid places where my creative side is feeling thirsty for growth.

My kids aren’t exactly excited to see me coming with the camera.  There may have been some running to hide. I may be using jellybeans for wages.

I’m inspired to keep putting myself through the gauntlet of thinking through the process on a camera with zero bells and whistles. There is something about creative hurdles and raising the bar a little higher that motivates me. I hope to have my scans next week to see just how high the bar raised.

I’ll show you, because I believe in beginnings and raw honesty.

What’s inspiring you this week, fellow creatives?

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  1. Another airy, beautiful portrait of your little boy.
    Abrianna recently posted..Ferris WheelMy Profile

  2. Beautiful portrait.

    What’s inspiring me? Macro photography – specifically with my iphone and olloclip.

  3. learning new skills is always inspiring. x
    jandi recently posted..Our Week {2015: 10/52}My Profile

  4. this post is giving me much inspiration for the rest of the week. yesterday i was drafting a post, started it with “i”m feeling uninspired. bland. what do we do now.” managed to turn it around though 🙂 stunning photo, any jelly beans involved on this one? hehe x
    Sharon recently posted..‘handwritten past’My Profile

  5. Finding that place that we can push ourselves, that place that we grow, it very exciting! Can’t wait to hear how they turned out!! (lovely image – Clark Kent?) lol
    kim at picking poppies recently posted..Because it’s the little things . . .My Profile

  6. Great portrait! Cannot wait to see your film shots. I agree with you about the hurdles, I like phone photography for the same reason, although that is quickly gaining bells and whistles too.
    Nicky @ awesomeville recently posted..Clean babies.My Profile

  7. I’m excited about your new adventures in film Kim,… can’t wait to see your first batch! I got a new camera for Christmas from my brother and have been testing it out as well…it’s manual mode only, and I’m finding the manual focus hugely challenging but also rewarding and inspiring 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Cafe St. Regis + On Dining SoloMy Profile

    • That’s a challenge for me, too. My eyes have gotten worse over the years, so now I’m questioning my sight. However, today after one such questioning, I was really feeling like something was wrong with my eyes. I discovered that some sticky fingers were touching my camera and a dainty fingerprint smudge was all over my view finder. Once I wiped that off, it was a miracle. I could see!
      Kim recently posted..Little Things ThursdayMy Profile

  8. So exciting! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. So excited to see what your new adventures with film develop into (bad pun!).
    Tamar recently posted..Natural Shamrock ShakeMy Profile

  10. I’m old enough to remember when there were no digital cameras! Lol. Good luck on your first roll, Kim. xo
    Nancy recently posted..CalvaryMy Profile

  11. All the best with your foray into film photography. It’s been ages since I shot with film. If you can find your way to a lab, have a go at developing your own prints. That, for me, was quite an experience –seeing the prints slowly emerge and having a play at how ‘developed’ you want your prints to be. You’re right, though, in that there are no bells and whistles, but therein lies the challenge (and the fun!). 🙂
    Buckeroomama recently posted..WritingMy Profile

  12. I think your challenge of working with film is incredible! I know you will master it & I can’t wait to see the result
    Gina recently posted..Industrial Sawhorse DeskMy Profile

  13. Wonderfully honest post and am sure you may surprise yourself with delightful photos using film!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol
    artmusedog and carol recently posted..Through the Lens Week 49My Profile

  14. your little man is so darn cute! I started out on film years ago(my dad had a dark room in my grandmother’s house and he let have some fun from time to time – REALLY wish I would have taken his camera when I moved to IL!!!!) . . . but, I it gave up . . too laborious! Or maybe, I’m just too lazy ☺ Good luck with your first roll!
    Rese recently posted..New USB Drives & Packaging!My Profile

  15. Great shot! Love his bright eyes behind those frames!! So fun! My creative juices seem to get flowing when I’m gifting something. Just finished a journal for my son and am about to start a scrapbook for a good friend’s son’s wedding. Somehow working on how I can make something that will match/mean something to someone else gets my wheels turning. I imagine a bit like you figuring out how a portrait session can really bring out the essence of the one you’re shooting! {which you do so well!}
    Adrienne recently posted..MeltingMy Profile

  16. Love this portrait of your son, captivating. Good luck with your newest endeavor, I hope it brings you total satisfaction!!

  17. Gosh, I use to love shooting film when I was in college in the dark ages. And by Dark Ages I mean the…DARK ROOM! LOVED that place and developing my own images. But wow, I think now of how many shots I take without even THINKING about it and compare it to t he days where if I would shoot 100 frames of film in a weekend I would be feeling REALLY guilty about the waste. Yep, I yearn for those days BUT…so glad we have digital now too. Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  18. give yourself some time – it eventually will jell:)
    At least you got your little boy to pose for you!
    Jesh StG recently posted..NATURE’S CELEBRATIONMy Profile

  19. What a sweet portrait – and jelly beans seem like good wages.
    Jo Ann Bayne recently posted..Little Things ThursdayMy Profile

  20. Awe the days of film. I remember them well and the need to keep it real and get it right in camera rather than take after take after take. A dear portrait of your little jelly bean fean and I eagerly await the results of your ventures into film.
    NIcki recently posted..little things thursday | notice …My Profile

  21. Nice portrait! BTW, my children still cringe when I lift the camera, and they are now middle-aged adults!
    Linja recently posted..Museum InterludeMy Profile

  22. Best of luck in your film photography 🙂

  23. Lovely portrait of your little guy 🙂
    tinajo recently posted..… and once there was a blog…My Profile

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