Little Things Thursday

Pizza. ย The great boon for a hormonal mother short on time. It’s one of those little things that helps a mom in a pinch.

pizza night-web

We rarely nosh on pizza these days, which is why a couple of us were reaching for the Rolaids afterwards. ย One does not consider gluten and grease when hormonal and tired.ย You just roll with it.

Especially when your dinner is labelled with that glorious word: DELIVERY.

It’s the little things…

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  1. Thank goodness for pizza, a staple in my home!… so much so that our stomachs are immune to the grease, no Rolaids necessary ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. When I was a kid my om said we lived on pizza bc I was too active for her to cook dinner! That sure looks good!!
    Tamar recently posted..Back to School!My Profile

  3. For me it is the salt content. I love pizza but then I always end up feeling like I have overdosed on the salt


  4. Ha ha…a sweet treat! Love it. โ˜บ
    Dina recently posted..August via InstagramMy Profile

  5. Pizza looks so good! I’m glad there is a pizza place very close to my home, it saves my day every time home made dinners are not happening.

  6. Oh, I miss those “just order something” days! It’ll get harder this winter when “just get the hubby to grill” is no longer an option!! I’ve already decided tonight is eggs… (Our Dominos has a really really good gluten free pizza – just FYI!)
    Adrienne recently posted..Yes, I WillMy Profile

  7. We had been pizza free forever until right up before both kids headed off to college and a spare minute wasn’t to be had. I used to make homemade pizza with less junk and more of the good stuff – but when push comes to shove — Little Caesars it is! (budget friendly)

  8. Well, it sure always looks good, but I just can’t do the delivery pizza any more either. Now don’t fall off your chair in shock that I linked up today!! lol

  9. Ummmm- yeah. We did that last night. Too much packed into a day makes us not feel like cooking …..and then cleaning the kitchen. Hear ya mama!! Try to get some rest.

    Gina recently posted..How to Monogram a Butcher BlockMy Profile

  10. There are just some days pizza is the only way to go!
    Linda recently posted..Global Influences on My Home DesignMy Profile

  11. Hormones can make us do some crazy things. Hang in there, friend!

  12. We did the same thing last week..except we picked up the pizza and ate it on our way to our destination. We were a little squeezed for time too! haha

  13. Carol Carson says:

    Oh, we haven’t had pizza in a long time, but my mouth is watering right now. As you say, “delivery” is a glorious word ๐Ÿ™‚ Just added my link to your meme for the first time. Thanks. Such a good idea to appreciate the small stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be back a little later to leave more comments.

  14. Aaaaannnnddd…. now i want cheesy greasy pizza that I will promptly regret an hour later. Because CHEESE. Hang in there, hope that little treat brightened your day for at least a little bit.

  15. I’m not too fond of pizza, but J can have it every day if we let him!
    Buckeroomama recently posted..Wednesday Around Hong KongMy Profile

  16. ah – me too – pizza days no more . . . I guess it is a good thing my kids are not that fond of it and hubbie won’t eat it all any more.

  17. sometimes…you just gotta keep it real! homeschooling, bigger projects at large, laundry…sometimes a good ol’ fashioned pizza meets the need.
    shell recently posted..labor in love.My Profile

  18. I don’t know how I would have survived this year if I couldn’t have sent Toby out for so much cheap, easy, yet nutritious street & restaurant food. I’m slowly getting back into cooking, but I am all too grateful for the convenience of food here. I’m pretty sure I’d have pizza delivery on speed dial if I were in the US! (and my hips would bear witness…)
    Jade @ Tasting Grace recently posted..Scenes From My Week 09.03.14My Profile

  19. I know the feeling, yet we are lucky to have to pizza parlors that deliver gluten free pizza!

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