Little Things Thursday

Today on Little Things Thursday, we are going to talk about an ugly truth.

It’s the ugly truth of The Hershey’s Miniature Bag.

hershey's miniatures-web

I bought a bag of these classics to keep in our school room. I let the kids pick one chocolate at the end of their school day as a little closing treat.

The ugly truth has been left to stare us in the face.  Mr. Goodbar is not very popular.

Come to think of it,  The Mr. was shunned in my day, too.  Krackle and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate were always chosen first.  Special Dark was that kid you played with when you had to, but only when you had to.  Though now, you fully appreciate his finer qualities.

Mr. Goodbar just can’t get a break.  He’s a little nuts.

I try to eat one here and there to even the score, but we are still trailing.

Soon he will be all that remains and I wonder if his day of acceptance will finally come.

I’ll be there to console him, if not.

So what’s your favorite miniature?

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  1. It’s actually my fave. 🙂 And, now I want one…
    Dina@4LettreWords recently posted..Late BloomerMy Profile

  2. I’m a Krackle fan! And I think Mr. Goodbar is so lucky to have a friend like you, ready to console him in his time of need 😉

  3. As a huge peanut fan, I always went for Mr. Goodbar first! (Krackle a close second)… good to know you’ve got his back 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..A Ride + A View: La Grande Roue de ParisMy Profile

  4. Hershey dark!!
    Nicky @ awesomeville recently posted..Dexter’s first shoot.My Profile

  5. I used to love those!! To bad they have dairy in them, well, maybe its a good thing, an excuse to not eat them!

  6. Nooooo, no chocolate pictures – I try to avoid sweets now. 😀
    Pieni Lintu recently posted..ArvontamuistutusMy Profile

  7. Hehehehe – the chocolate/ nut combos is what we all go for first. So those never last but a day here. Send them my way 🙂

    How funny!!
    Gina recently posted..Cake Batter MeringuesMy Profile

  8. I think I’d go for dark first, then either Mr. Goodbar or Krackle. But I know my kids would be just like yours and avoid Mr. Goodbar at all costs.
    Jill Foley recently posted..Turning 40My Profile

  9. Okay, okay, okay….a friend has gotta do, what a friend’s gotta do. Send those Mr Goodbars to me…I’ll handle them for ya 🙂

  10. Krackle. I’m actually not sure I ever ate (or saw?) a whole krackle bar. I just loved the miniatures and always picked them first. Them…as in more than one!
    Adrienne recently posted..A Culinary AdventureMy Profile

  11. Hi Kim…back in the day I loved Krackle minis and biggies. These days I am older and wiser…only eat organic DARK (85%) fair traded chocolate. Enjoy your school days. Maybe you can save all those extra Mr.s in the freezer for Halloween??
    Sheila at Longings End recently posted..When life gets crazy married couples must intentionally cling and connect…My Profile

  12. A few Halloweens ago they had mini white chocolate Kit Kats. They were divine. I shamelessly rummaged my kids candy staff and ate them all. I am only somewhat ashamed of this. 😉

  13. Ha, too funny. Poor Mr. Goodbar. Doesn’t live up to his name. 🙂 I’m sad to be out this week…I had to return to the land of the living from sickness and the week has gotten away.
    Brea recently posted..birthday monstersMy Profile

  14. Oh, we love the Krackle. Those are always the first to go if we get a mixed bag.
    Buckeroomama recently posted..Cookies, Please!My Profile

  15. Oh, he’s my favorite-the milk chocolate was always last for me 🙂 Love Mr. Goodbar with a cherry coke!
    Margie Visnick recently posted..Scrapbook Sharing On SaturdayMy Profile

  16. You are hilarious, and this so true! Oddly enough the Mr. Goodbar is one of my Mr.’s favorites and it is hard to find.
    Kristy, Life-n-Reflection recently posted..The Country: Casper BluffsMy Profile

  17. Haha – Mr. Goodbar might not be my favorite, but if it involves chocolate there’s pretty much zero chance it will escape my mouth.
    Jade @ Tasting Grace recently posted..Scenes From My Week 08.27.14My Profile

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