Little Things Thursday

My husband took our kids this evening to give me a little break.  I’ve been knee deep in details, and really just needed to have a little downtime as summer comes to a close.  Even if only for two hours.

Also…my kids will not stop bickering.  That’s a sure sign that we need structure and work.  Our days need purpose.  Summer has had its purpose and now it is time to move on, for my sanity.  And might I add their well-being?

tea break-web

My quiet time of sorts was used just to tie up loose ends around the home, put out fires in my email inbox, and journal about what changes we need to make in this coming school year. I felt like someone had to pull me to the finish line this past year.

I really need a time of getting centered before new beginnings.   While I know that I have such good intentions about changes this year, I know that distractions are such a thief.  I want to live more intentionally about so many things.  I want my family to a priority and that means saying no to things that don’t fit our vision across the board.  I don’t want us to live as warm bodies, but as purposeful beings who use our time and talents wisely.

I’m realizing that I’m a person who paradoxically needs quiet to think  and loads of creative stimulation.  When I don’t get either I can feel caged very quickly.  So I want this year to provide more balance in these two areas.  I don’t know how that will look yet, but I’m praying that I figure it out.

One way might be in giving ourselves more freedom to not have to be slaves to checking off boxes.  I don’t even want to be slaves to “normal”.  I want this year to be about the journey of enjoying life as art.

Because life is the artwork of our creator, even though we try as might to mess it up at times.

I’ll need y’all to remind me.

So yeah…all this from a little quiet and a cup of tea.  I hear the garage door opening and that means the troops are home. Quiet time is over.

I’d love to hear how you are seeking to live artistically.

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  1. Beautiful athmospheric photo!
    It must be very difficult to manage a family and homeschooling and all that. I do not know anything there, because the family I never had … as autistic woman, I could not have done. The very own everyday life, partner, and the care of the mother are enough for me, and at times too much. Find a balance between what must be, the external distraction and not losing sight of creative power – it’s probably always a balancing act.
    Good luck for you

  2. Summer is coming to a close rather quickly, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details and the things that need to get done, but at the same time I find it’s hard to let the creativity flow if those things are taking up residence in the back of my mind constantly. No advice on finding the balance, as I’m looking myself, but good luck 🙂

  3. Catherine says:

    Seems in my absence I’ve missed your goings-on Kim… I especially like reading about your process for seeking quiet and balance while moving forward. Happy Birthday to Gracyn (what a lovely teen she is!) and wishing you much success for the upcoming school year and your trip to Thailand – blessings all around 🙂

  4. As they say “this too shall pass.” I think a little structure will work wonders!

    And I love the photo, the light is amazing!

  5. Stunning light in this shot!!!

    I think the kids all get like that. Too much time off & they just get on each others nerves. As much as I enjoy them being off school & my days a little more laid back- they need it & I’m sure yours do too.

    Just remember to TRUST in HIM Kim- all will be well.
    Gina recently posted..Twinkies Banana Cream PieMy Profile

  6. After all settles down in your new school schedules…all will be well my friend.Take a deep breath and know the Lord is on your side.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos recently posted..Wild West…My Profile

  7. the teacup is darling – I want one too!

  8. Such a lovely, calming photo. This time of year serves as a transition for so many – everyone senses it and gets antsy about upcoming change….
    Seeking to live artistically – for me that means taking note of the inherent beauty everywhere – I try to capture it all with my camera, but some times, just taking time to enjoy it is a blessing.
    Shirley LeMay recently posted..Seven Questions – From That’s What She SaidMy Profile

  9. Love the warm feeling of this photo and that mug! That is awesome! I’m working on calm as well…so busy, busy, busy 🙂
    Mitzi recently posted..Of Flowers and CatsMy Profile

  10. Wonderful serene photo ~ fits your post so well ~

    In answer to your posed question ~ You sound like a very enlightened woman seeking to ‘live in the moment’ well and use your time effectively, efficiently and affectively ~ sounds to me you are on the right track. What works for me is meditation, Taos meditation readings, yoga and walking to keep my mind, body and spirit as balanced and focused in order to share lovingly with family and friends ~ Have a ‘wonder fill’ weekend ~ xoxo
    artmusedog and carol recently posted..THROUGH THE LENS 18My Profile

  11. What a lovely photo! Balance for me is always hard.. I usually realize something is off after I loose it. Something I need to work on. 🙂 I miss the forced scheduling of school, I think routine is so important.

  12. Glad you got some hours of quiet to prepare. Hope the tea helped calm you down!! I am sure this year will be a banner one!

    Linking up late, but I’m here!
    Tamar recently posted..I found Nemo!My Profile

  13. Seeking to live artistically has gotten shoved to my backburner the past few months. I’m just trying to keep my head above water and tread for the time being. Looking forward to a sense of “normalcy” around here. When that happens…I’ll be more free to wander and explore with my camera, which is what makes me happy and makes me feel more like an ‘artist’ than anything else 🙂

  14. ah – I don’t think I have time for that anymore . . . you know how hard it is as a homeschooling momma of three . . . I guess I use my photography as my outlet . . . I just wish I had more time for it . . . and different muses sometimes . . . hope all is a tad bit better . . . my kids are bickering a lot this week as well . . . driving me a bit bonkers . . . it’s about such silly stuff too!

  15. Don’t worry I’m the same – much time needed to think, as well as loads of stimulation – I think it belongs to a creative mind:):) Wish more memes mention what you did, that you can only put one link in!!
    Jesh StG recently posted..RAINBOW ARCHMy Profile

  16. Yes, gorgeous backlit, nice photo!

  17. Well said: ” Time…for new beginnings”…and “I want this year to be about the journey of enjoying life as art.” So… what can I say: great thoughts and I’ll have to think myself about it, as well… Thanks so much! All the best and have a summer time in august as pleasant as july… or as much likeable as it was till now!

  18. Breaks are good, but so is routine. Hoping school’s routine will be restoring in its own way. We seem to be getting end of summer colds here. Hopefully they will clear away before carpool and early mornings strike!

  19. rebecca says:

    Beautiful image. Enjoy your quiet tea time as much as possible.

  20. Love your teacup! Stunning shot there. 🙂 Hats off to you for doing all these. 🙂
    Melody recently posted..K is for kiteMy Profile

  21. Glad you had a moment to yourself…I definitely understand the need for alone time. Hope this new school year becomes what you want. Keep going!!
    Melody recently posted..c’s 72nd weekMy Profile

  22. I really love that teacup and beautiful tin! I’ve noticed it in your profile photo, but I love seeing the detail!

    Orchestrating a whole school year must be such a challenge. But as hard as it is, I think that’s one of the benefits of homeschooling: being able to be in tune with the overarching needs of the kids/students and allow that to be a guiding theme to help structure the curriculum.

  23. I think we are alike, I need quite time to reflect on life in order to make good changes. AND I need creative outlets to express what I’m feeling or taking in. Photography, blogging, and scrapbooking seems to work for me. Do you scrapbook?
    Kristy recently posted..The Journey: SnapshotMy Profile

  24. Hi Kim,
    I just found your fun blog and linky. I linked my post with a shout out and link to you. I tried to put the button on my sidebar but it wouldn’t work. Can you check yours? I am off to visit the other posts. I’ll be back next week!
    Thanks for the fun linky party!

  25. This may be way off track….but as I’ve invested more of my time, emotion and energy into cooking and focusing on food and health, I have been surprised by how willing I’ve been to let go of some other things….believing that the time will come back to me in ways I can’t yet understand. As our years have seasons, so do our lives…and I’m finding so does my creativity. I’ve grown less stressed by the thought of ‘running out of time’ the older I get and (logically speaking) the less time I have. Seems to me that this notion of intention and this notion of being present in the moment solves many conundrums. Though it is, as you note, much harder to say than do. Though I can sometimes feel that my blog posts might grow a bit repetative…I believe they come from my moments and my desire to find creative expression. Finding that creative voice to narrate our daily lives seems to me, at the moment, to be the best way to keep it all tied together. Love this diaglogue and the thoughts you’ve got me thinking!
    Adrienne recently posted..A River TrailMy Profile

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