Little Things Thursday

Today’s Little Things Thursday is brought to you by dandelions and real childhood.

I live in on of those communities where weeds are a sin.  One is hard pressed to find dandelions around our neighborhood.

J with dandelion 1-web

A little plot in our local grocery store strip mall sprouted a patch of dandelions over the last couple weeks and I have been eyeing them.  Last night I finally made a point to stop and let the boys enjoy them for a few minutes.

Yes, this was taken in a weed ridden plot of land that will probably become one more slice of suburbia in the years to come.  Last night we stopped for a little slice of childhood magic while it was still to be found.   Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to dandelions, daisy chains, fireflies, star gazing and all those other glories of summer.  Whatever happened to simple childhood magic? It seems we have replaced it with some elaborate attempt to make it more meaningful by making everything grand, but have we really achieved meaning?

I find myself turning back to simple again and again.  Isn’t it the littlest things that we remember most? Isn’t it those organic moments that become our treasures?

I think so.

What simple memories are your favorites?

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  1. Ha…yes! Weeds are fine, but NOT in my yard. 🙂 Love the golden glow of that photo!

  2. Oh yeah, I like dandelions, yet I myself have a garden.
    In our part of Germany, the former GDR, has changed a lot over the last 20 years, and everything is clean and sterile now …
    Only in my garden may dandelions and daisies and all that still flourish (high hedge around, so that neighbors do not see it) and I have many butterflies and insects preserved … A little paradise like gardens of childhood.
    Have a happy summer 🙂

  3. Kimberly says:

    Love the lighting in your photo! Glad your kids got to enjoy a bit of nature! There is no shortage of dandelions here. We seem to get them spring, summer, and fall.

    (By the way, for some reason I can’t see what I’m typing (there’s a line through my text), so excuse any typos!) 🙂

  4. Catherine says:

    Ohhh, just love all the golden luminance… bravo for finding that little plot of dandelions! My boys miss them… simple is always the most beautiful.

  5. Ich liebe Löwenzahn, aber ich weiß auch, dass er bei vielen Gärtnern nicht geduldet wird 🙁
    Das ist so schade !
    Liebe Grüße
    Jutta K.Deutschland recently posted..SoftMy Profile

  6. Gorgeous!! There is something so pretty about wildflowers – sure some weeds get in the way, but I think they are tough and super hardy!
    Tamar SB recently posted..100 Happy DaysMy Profile

  7. It is sad that there is so little space for free play. We had open fields by our house growing up that were great places to explore and it did make for some rich summers. Glad your boys got in some good dandelion blowing time!
    Brea recently posted..all threeMy Profile

  8. Hehehehe – I’m totally laughing. We have lived in neighborhoods like that. We had a landlord once that would call us if she saw a weed in the grass when she would drive by. It took us moving to this place where there is more wilderness around us for the hubs to chill about the dandelions. But I think the new neighborhood will be back to the same – especially now that the yard is ours. 🙂 Not to worry though – we have plenty of areas that have turned into seas of dandelions.

    LOVE this image of pure childhood bliss.
    Gina recently posted..Patriotic Porch ArtMy Profile

  9. Dandelions are a weed? I’ve been telling myself those are pretty little flowers all over my yard!

  10. Handsome little man and wonderful photography ~ very professional ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
    artmusedog and carol recently posted..Through the Lens 13My Profile

  11. rebecca says:

    Some day I will make time for dandelion photos. Yours is beautiful.

  12. Amen! Reading your post, I was sitting here thinking “Oh, yeah, what happened to those photos I took of the kids playing with the caterpillar. I guess I never posted them to my blog.” And then I realized I shot those with my film camera. Looks like I need to hurry up and get that roll developed! 😉

  13. I love the magic of this photo, blows to look for love, that I was in my teens!
    Leovi recently posted..Abstract Photo 3082 Crystal Landscape 150 Lips of sea with sharpkisses – Labios de mar con besos afiladosMy Profile

  14. Kim,
    I know exactly what you mean. I felt that way living in Chicago years ago. I could do was dream of the wide open spaces until move back to the Texas Prairie!

  15. Such beautiful light in your photo! Yes, most lawns in our subdivision are fairly dandelion free, but I don’t think the HOA has specific rules around the lawns, just that the grass must kept at a reasonable level!
    We have many “common areas” and they are full of dandelions in the spring. I think they add much magic to the landscape….
    Shirley LeMay recently posted..Golden DaysMy Profile

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