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Welcome Friends!   I’m glad that you are here for Little Things Thursday.  I enjoy getting a little visual inspiration from each of you! Boy, can I use it!


I call today’s image, Please, it’s 6:00 P.M. and I need a photograph.  Coming to fine art galleries near you!

We spent the hours after school yesterday about town looking for travel sized things for me to pack on my trip to Peru.  I also needed some sort of big purse to carry my carry-on type items since my camera bag, which looks like a purse, is my real carry on.   Confused? I am.

The kids also needed haircuts since I could not leave the country knowing they were shaggy.  It’s a mom thing.  Hair cuts? Nails clipped? Ears cleaned?  One has to cover the basics for her kids since I won’t be available for their nightly inspections.

Next came going back to church for one final packing of the requested items we are bringing to the missionary doctors/wives in Peru.  Just your basic bags of Snickers and Pop Tart kind of stuff.  But there are 50lbs of it!  As I’m packing the bag and locking it with travel locks, I notice that the locks have a warning on the back stating they are made with one or more cancer causing chemicals and to please wash my hands after handling.  Now, I’m neurotic about stuff like this and kind of freaking out.  I mean, who does this to people? Way to freak out type A people, Target!  The locks must go.

After hours of running around and weeks of nonsense from various places, I realized I haven’t prepared well for this week’s link up.  Thankfully my youngest stepped into the breach for his mom.

I’m really thankful we made that stop for haircuts.

Somebody sing Kumbaya.

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  1. You have been busy! What a great trip, tho…and the impact it will have on everyone.

    Baby J is always a great face to share. He is so, so precious!
    Dina Lettre recently posted..Athletic SupporterMy Profile

  2. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear about this wonderful experience!
    Tiaras & Tantrums recently posted..Growing Your Own Food | Backyard GardeningMy Profile

  3. All will be well for your trip to Peru… I know it. 🙂 So excited for you! recently posted..Hong Kong at a Glance {6} | North PointMy Profile

  4. Lovely posts today. Browsed through all of them. 🙂

    Mersad Donko Photography
    Mersad recently posted..Visiting Pocitelj: The Road BackMy Profile

  5. This is such an exciting trip!! I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!
    Tamar recently posted..Kicking Kale SaladMy Profile

  6. I can’t imagine how busy you must be — I canned salsa yesterday and was feeling a little sorry for myself. Lol.
    And don’t worry about the cancer-causing lock. I’m sure it’s a drop in the bucket compared to everything else we buy/use from China that’s not labeled properly.

    Thanks for hosting Kim!
    Nancy recently posted..Yes I CanMy Profile

  7. Kim, BREATHE!!! Everything is going to be okay…When GOD is for us…who can be against us?! You have your heavenly Father to protect you on this trip.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos recently posted..Let’s Ride the Ducks in Galveston…My Profile

  8. Oh me oh my…I soooooo remember that ‘get my ducks in a row’ feeling that over took everything before we traveled. We did so much traveling when our kids were under 12, and I was obsessively organized about it! This post just brought me right back to that place! So excited for you and your adventure!!
    Adrienne recently posted..Tree TopsMy Profile

  9. What a handsome lad! I hear you on the lock issue…I think I would have been sanitizing my hands with bleach at that point! So excited for you and your trip! I know it is something that will definitely be life changing. Big hugs!
    Mitzi recently posted..Enjoying the Morning GloriesMy Profile

  10. Breathe, Kim, deeply. All will be well. And that’s a beautiful portrait of your boy!
    Dotti recently posted..Simple Things {Day Eighty}My Profile

  11. Oh my goodness- I so wish I were there to help you. That whole thing with the locks- yeah that would freak me out too. Why are they available?? WOW.

    Love this image- he has the kindest soul – it just shines through his sweet face.

    Hugs my dear friend- you have been on my mind constantly.
    Gina recently posted..No Bake Chocolate Caramel Oat BarsMy Profile

  12. Yes, that beautiful, wonderful portrait full of tenderness, exquisite colors!

  13. What a cutie, I know what you mean about the camera purse thing. LOL What will we do when your away?
    Kristy, Life-n-Reflection recently posted..Photoshop Tutorial: September StoryMy Profile

  14. Cancer causing agents??!!??? What they heck! Now I am going to have to worry about all those baggage handlers who touch these locks over and over again :(. But on a brighter note…I am soooo looking forward to seeing your photos from this trip when you get back! Exciting 🙂

  15. I can imagine how long your to-do list must be Kim! Love crossing off haircuts… means it won’t be popping back on the list for several weeks 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your preparation…
    Catherine recently posted..Le Bonheur | HappinessMy Profile

  16. Oh, I’m getting excited for you! Never heard of cancer causing chemicals on locks, but you know there are warnings on Christmas lights to wash your hands after handling too? I wish you were my next door neighbor so you could help instruct me on people pictures…sigh!

    I could go for a poptart, but I never buy them…but I do think I may have a snickers in the cabinet…got to go! lol

    (I really can’t wait to hear about your trip)

  17. Cancer causing locks…I’ve never heard of that before. I’m glad I don’t deal with very many locks. I’d be more worried about what’s in the poptarts…
    a spirit of simplicity recently posted..19 SeptemberMy Profile

  18. I’m notorious for checking for clean ears in our house. 🙂 Somebody’s gotta do it!
    We have two boys who want haircuts ALL THE TIME.. if it’s grown a quarter inch, they’re asking for a 10 pm haircut.
    And two younger boys who try to put off haircuts at all costs!
    I’m so excited for you and your trip!
    Amanda @ Wildly Simple recently posted..My Favorite Things About FallMy Profile

  19. Oh I hear you! There are days when I forget to take my little dudes photo until way too late, but mine don’t end up as beautiful as yours! 🙂 Hope you are getting everything done…exciting times ahead!
    melody recently posted..c’s 37th weekMy Profile

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