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What a week for us all here in the U.S. of A. I’m sure many of you are as heavy- hearted and discouraged as I am this week with all the tragedies unfolding out of Orlando this week. Perhaps more than ever we need our Little Things this week to remind us that even in an ugly world, there are still good things to be found. Grace is still keeping us. We really need to put on our grace googles going forward, I think. It is so easy to get bogged down in this broken world, but I think we need to do a better job of lighting the way through the darkness for others.

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To that end, a few nice things this week.

  1. Rain. Though this caused a session reschedule, we really needed a good soaking rain.
  2. Making memories for families. The gift of portraits is so important and I love that I am able to design some beautiful memories for others.
  3. Good food. Summer is such a wonderful time to enjoy the fresh bounties of the earth. God is good.
  4. My first Erin Condren planner arrived. The search for a great tool for staying on top of life is quite a feat. I’m excited to try out this planner for the rest of this year and all of next. So far, in my few hours of exploring it, I am enjoying the fun design, colors, and functionality. I can reduce the number of sticky notes floating around my office, though I still love those, too. Interested in trying your own EC Planner? You can get a $10 discount with my referral code. You get $10 and I get $10!


What’s your little thing this week?

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  1. Hello Kim,
    in Germany we have to many rain. Our rivers are already running on. I hope you understand.
    Have a nice day

  2. The planner looks beautiful. I buy a planner every year, but no une I use… (don’t ask me why – )
    It’s bad that more such attacks happen, here in Europe too. That brings the Islam increasingly discredited, which is a disaster for all peaceful Muslims. And we, here in Germany, see with concern how that conveyed the popularity of D. Trump.
    We have a big rain here and we wait for a real summer.
    Enjoy your time
    Mascha recently posted..The colors of a tulip…My Profile

  3. It’s such a sad time!
    I was texting with my mom and sister yesterday as I left school and were talking about the filibuster and I sent a pic of my kids from yesterday with the text “sorry switching to shallow but last day tomorrow!” and Avi said “not shallow – the future” – so we have to just focus on making the world better!!

  4. We’ve gotten a good bit of rain up here, but with this heat, it’s very much appreciated. Have a great weekend!
    Dina recently posted..May via InstagramMy Profile

  5. I wish I would have known you needed a good planner- I have a few extras of favorites here that sadly won’t be used this year. I absolutely can’t live without mine

    As for your sentiment- you always have a way of putting things into words that really sums it up quite well. Hugs!!!
    Gina Kleinworth recently posted..Blueberry Cobbler : Just 3 IngredientsMy Profile

  6. Thanks most sincerely for hosting this so lovely party, sweet Kim !

    Hope you’re having a beautiful week I’m sending hugs and more hugs to you
    With so much thankfulness

    Daniel at – My little old world –

  7. Hi Kim and thank you for hosting. It is good to relish the little things in the midst of chaos. Blessings.

  8. So much tragedy… my son said if we cried each time someone passes away, we’d never stop crying. But you’re right Kim, best to focus on all the good and beautiful things around us because there really is an abundance of that to be found… xo
    Catherine recently posted..For the Love of Lines: Palais RoyalMy Profile

  9. We have definitely had a lot of rain here lately, the sun was shining yesterday & it is doing so again today; but according to the weatherman, there is more rain to come by the weekend. Focusing on the good is sometimes difficult. But it is the best thing we can do to handle all of those things going on around us. Grace….yes. We all definitely need a spotlight on Grace.
    Mitzi recently posted..Our Home is a Refuge for Wayward AnimalsMy Profile

  10. Despite the handiness of the phone, I still prefer a proper ‘paper’ planner. Your planner looks very pretty!

  11. I like the looks of that planner, I hope it helps simplify things. We’re getting a day that looks like rain so even if it doesn’t get wet I love the days that help calm and allow u to take a break. The food thing still alludes me right now, but it’s good to see what others are making with summer produce.
    Jeanna recently posted..Getting OutMy Profile

  12. Ohhhhhh… I LOVE my EC. I started using one three years ago and will never go back. I am already looking at my new one for next year :-D. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

  13. Nationally we are in an intense time! Hope this attack in Orlando is a wake up call for some, that we have to unite instead of screaming and holding stubbornly to our own opinion, because a house that is divided will not stand. One good thing is that it keeps me much time in prayer.
    Since my student time I held on to an hourly schedule that I made myself each week, which kept me organized for all my student- and working years. (was grad. school when my kinds were elementary school age). Now I’m retired, with kids all out of the house, I don’t need a schedule:) You’ll get there at some point!

  14. My thoughts mirror yours this week, my friend.

  15. Such a sad time, I hope in time it will heal. I think as bloggers all we can do is shine a light on peace. Thanks for hosting and for your lovely blog and such good ideas each week.

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