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Welcome to Little Things Thursday, the linky where we share the little things that are making us currently happy through images and words.

This week has been busy with getting the kids back and forth to VBS. They are enjoying their week, while I am enjoying a little time to work on a few things.

Some things I am currently enjoying this week are:

Happiness project 01-750

I’m only halfway through, but I’m learning a couple of fun ways of approaching the topic of happiness. Gretchen Rubin is a podcaster that I have recently been introduced to and her thoughts on the tendencies of people are intriguing. I really love the topic of personality. So, I decided to pick up a couple of her books for summer reading. Rubin essentially selected 12 things she desired to improve in her life to work on over the course of a year. She breaks each of those topics down to tell how she approached the changes. The biggest take away that I’ve learned so far is to “act the way you want to feel”. Yes. I think this is such great advice. You know? 

Speaking of podcasts…

june blog dyp 01

I found another fun one called Sorta Awesome. You can find it in iTunes. Megan Tietz used to write for the blog Sorta Crunchy, and has now developed to a full-time podcaster. I’ve added this to my exercise podcast-listening rotation. If you like podcasts, check this one out.

Finally, my three kiddos and I are preparing to head out on June 25th to Cherokee, NC. to assist with hosting a VBS program with kids living in the Cherokee nation. My daughter has participated twice, and this will be my boys’ first trip, of many, I’m sure. I will be helping with the documentation of the week, while our kids serve the kids from the reservation. Everyone is looking forward to the time. Oh and yeah…the little one here has a busted forehead after a run in with an exercise band. He is all glued up and on the mend. This kid…

How’s your summer going? What’s making you happy this week?

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  1. The book sounds great and useful… get well soon for your boy and have a wonderful time all 🙂
    Mascha recently posted..Twilight zoneMy Profile

  2. hope your boy’s wound heals quickly! have a wonderful week! I think it is all about intentional living…

  3. Sounds like another useful read Kim… so good to have a load of lessons to pull from when necessary. Have fun preparing for your NC trip!
    Catherine recently posted..Just Before the Swollen Seine…My Profile

  4. The summer in Germany this year is totally crazy.
    In Hamburg was the first Tornado, that there was never before. And in many german federal states are floods.
    I hope the weather calms down and it give a really nice summer with a lot of sun!
    Greetings from a really cold (today) Germany

  5. Not summer…yet! One week and one day to go!
    Have a great time in NC!
    Tamar Strauss-Benjamin recently posted..Things my third graders say v. 14My Profile

  6. Oh boy- already so much planned. Sounds like it’s going to be a great summer.

  7. I remember going to Cherokee as a kid. That sounds like a great experience!
    Dina recently posted..Awaiting your arrival…My Profile

  8. I really enjoyed that book, too. Funny thing, though…for some reason Gretchen’s voice bothers me. I’ve heard her on a few podcasts and when I tried to read her newest book (Better than Before), I couldn’t get her voice out of my head and couldn’t read the book. Weird. (me, not her).

    Glad you found Sorta Awesome podcast. I’ve been listening to it for about a year now and enjoy it. Sometimes they talk a lot about tv shows, and I’m not much of a tv watcher, but it’s fun and lighthearted show. And it turns out Rebecca (one of the hosts) went to the same small Mennonite college I went to.

  9. It is so awesome that your children are all involved in VBS. That is going to be a great time for them.
    Mitzi recently posted..How a Day Filled With Noise & Activity Can Be a Good ThingMy Profile

  10. Kelly Kardos says:

    Ohhhhh-I can’t wait to see and hear about your trip to NC. Sounds amazing! I’ve never listened to a podcast! This one has intrigued me

  11. “act the way you want to feel” that is a very empowering thought. Sounds like an interesting book


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