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I haven’t picked up my real camera for anything personal this month. I rarely do when I am busy editing professional work or when trying to stay afloat with the demands of the home.

So, Instagram will have to do today. Oddly and frustratingly, my go to Instagram downloading program,Instaport, was down for service as I was trying to prepare for today. I found another service and got a computer virus in the process. Really struggling to get this post up tonight! But here we are!

may 18 2016

At any rate, I hope things are on the upswing going forward. Gracyn finished school on Tuesday and the boys have their last day of school today. So ready for summer.

We’ve been toying with summer break already. Everything just seems to say that it is time to enjoy the gifts of the slower season.

It’s time to read, swim, rest, and grow in all the best ways like all the personal development that isn’t afforded by others filling your schedule. Everybody sure seems to have a plan for your life! I love that summer allows you to say yes to the truly essential.

I’m asking myself lately what things are truly essential. I love the process of answering that question. Having an answer allows us to pursue our yes to a greater degree and say no to the fillers.

One yes I am looking forward to is getting back to more blogging and photography. I really do enjoy it when there is margin to create.

Let’s see what’s before your lens this week…

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  1. Those elephant clips are cute!! I have to restrain myself from indulging every time I go to a stationery shop… all those cute clips, post-its, pens, etc are so irresistible!

  2. Lovely green snaps!

  3. Dear Kim,

    your have a beautiful black cat!

    Have a nice day

  4. Happy summer!! I’m one month out! Only around 16ish school days left!

  5. Your photos are always so neat and pretty. Thank God for smartphones, it makes it so easy to document day by day life, isn’t it? 😉 Your black kitty is such a cutie!! I adore black cats. <3

    We still have more than one month to go at school. My oldest starts 5th grade next year. That's serious school here in Romania. I don't know if you knew but school here is very VERY hard. When my cousin moved to Canada his daughter was tested and they said she was two years in advance. Parents and teachers want to change the whole system for years now but we had no luck. Even now my 10 yo's backpack is SO heavy that I can barely hold it. They have to carry tons of books plus other stuff every day. From next year my 7 yo will join the fun too.
    Ramona recently posted..Sun-kissed LilacMy Profile

  6. Oh I so hear you. Embracing the slower pace can be liberating & soothing to the soul.

  7. Such a pretty collection of Spring!… I wish I had a green thumb, jasmine would be high on my garden list 🙂 Congratulations on making it through another school year, a particularly special one! Taking time to question what are our life essentials is a very good one… am asking myself the same. Happy Summer Kim!!
    Catherine recently posted..Cinque Terre, Italy: A Visual NarrativeMy Profile

  8. We are looking forward to slower days as well!

    Have you heard of or read the book “Essentialism”? It’s my favorite read of 2016 so far and it sounds like you are already asking the question the book tackles – what is essential?

    Have a great weekend!

  9. With kids on vacation and work, it is a constant going back to basics! But it’s not always a matter of what to do or not, but what the heart craves for at the moment:) Hope you have a great and relaxed summer! Thanks for coming to my blog!

  10. Pretty cat. Thanks for the link-up. Sounds like you had a rough time.

  11. A virus, oh, no! I hope that got worked out quickly – scary stuff! Love your grid this week, Kim! I’m looking forward to seeing how your creativity will bloom this summer 🙂

  12. Here comes summer!
    School is out, oh happy day!

  13. Yay summer break! Enjoy it!!!

  14. Sounds like you are ready for summer vacation! Here in New Zealand, kids go to school year round with just 6 weeks off for summer.
    bettyl-NZ recently posted..the last train shotsMy Profile

  15. Beautiful photos, post, thoughts and lovely said “truly essential”… Have a great weekend!

  16. Kelly Kardos says:

    Summer comes at the perfect time-that’s the real renewel time for mind and body!

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