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Welcome back to Little Things Thursday where we share the little things of life through our images and words. I have a lot of little things swirling around in my head over the last few weeks, though I haven’t necessarily captured them all. This week, I thought I’d do a “currently” theme to encompass the bits and bobs I’m thinking about.

But first, a collage.

may 10, 2016


Celebrating: Today is Gracyn’s last day of her Freshman year. We made it! I remember this time last year fretting over the changes ahead and this year has been positive and challenging. Hard to believe I now have a rising SOPHOMORE. What?

Considering: Simplicity. Really tossing around what it means to simplify our lives. I will begin with a bit of de-cluttering this summer. I’m not much of a clutter collector, but I know I can take a still simpler route to managing our stuff. Really, I feel managed by stuff and I think it needs to be the other way around. Yet, I don’t want to give up too much precious time managing things. I’m feeling like there just isn’t enough margin for the things I most want out of life because of the time spent managing things and being managed by programs. I want margin!

Enjoying: The Simple Show podcast and a huge influence in the above ^^^. I really enjoy listening to this podcast during my walks. Truly fascinating ideas. Some taken and some tossed, but yeah…good stuff. Give it a try… unless you love stuff and busyness…might not be for you.

Habit To Improve: Drinking water. I’m really bad at this and concluded that the best way for me to get my water down is with a cute cup with a straw.

Summer Goal: Feeding my soul. I’ve realized that there are so many things rattling my soul lately and I’d much rather feed my soul that have it sucked away from me. What I mean by soul is not so much in the spiritual sense, because that’s a constant. But, I mean those things that chip away at who I am constitutionally (personality, purpose, vision, dreams, etc…). I think it is a good thing to have your soul rattled from time to time to remind you of who you really are, what you are about, and to adjust if off course. I simply need to be a better steward of my heart, soul, and mind.

Looking forward to: My garden. We have a bit of work to do, but I can’t wait for our tomatoes, berries, and herbs to start coming in.

Well, that’s just a few of the things I’m chewing on lately. How about you?


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  1. Congrats to Gracyn!! Enjoy the impending summer. We’ve a month and a few days to go. Crazy!

  2. sounds like exciting things are happening… or are soon to come! lovely, bright collage! have a beautiful week!

  3. My habit is to drink more water as well. I am getting a bit more in every day but I’m still not quite at my goal.

  4. Yay for ending school. I feel that way every time we wrap up a subject. I keep saying that my karma is that I’m now having to teach my least favorite subjects that I skipped out on in school—3 times over!! 🙂

    Enjoy the mission to simplify. We just re-consolidated our 2 households into one this week- I feel like an episode of hoarders. Too much stuff. I’m so ready for a garage sale. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a lot of good things. My how your daughter is growing!

  6. rebecca haegele says:

    You’ve set some inspiring goals. My son just came home from college, my daughter is housing her belongings in our basement temporarily AND she is expecting a baby so the gear is collecting and I’m just the grandma. I am giving up on decluttering for a bit. I need to retain some sanity.

  7. i love the Simple Show podcast – listened to every one! You might also really enjoy the website Becoming Minimalist and Joshua Becker’s new book The More of Less (don’t be put off by the word minimalist).

  8. Kelly Kardos says:

    I enjoyed your bits and bobs especially this morning. I had to laugh because I’m really bad at drinking water too but it certainly helps with a straw…and a bendy one at that!! So if you come to my house you automatically get a bendy!!! I also found a water bottle with an infuser so I can drop lemons and other fruits in it to have flavored water. Lemon water is so good for you. Your summer sounds a bit like mine…great minds!! Xo

  9. Greetings from Germany and thank’s for the Linkpartie!
    Nice weekend

  10. Same here, I drink a lot more water when it comes from straw!

  11. Good for Gracyn! And I like the idea of feeding my soul.

  12. Being thankful, taking care of yourself and simplifying your life. Those are very admirable goals. Good luck with them as they are very achievable!
    bettyl-NZ recently posted..monarch caterpillarsMy Profile

  13. I’m with you on feeding your soul! We have to take care of ourselves inside and out.

  14. Great post, Kim! I’m with you, simplify life so we have more time to feed the soul! Gardening will help (drinking more water will, too!) I’m lovin’ my new fitbit, although I’m often depressed by what it tells me 🙁 But it does help me move more and that is a good thing! Have a great weekend!

  15. Daniela says:

    I’m here for the foirts time and I’m so very glad to take part to your so lovely link-up party, thank you for hosting !

    Hope you’re having a beautiful week, I’m sending blessings on your days to come,


    Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  16. I’m here for the firts time and I’m so very glad to take part to your so lovely link-up party, thank you for hosting !

    Hope you’re having a beautiful week, I’m sending blessings on your days to come,


    Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  17. simplicity – yes! I haven’t listened to that podcast in a while. Thank you for reminding me of it. I LOVE getting rid of stuff!

  18. I like that second shot of the bowl. Nice angle.

    I get teased a lot about my water bottle (s) since I have two 50.7 fl. oz bottles that I drink from regularly plus a couple of smaller ones if I am away from home for the day. As a baby I would cry for water. My mother did not want to give me milk all the time and my grandmother told heeeer that was fine since I wanted water anyway. My mom did not like water so it never occurred to her that I might like it.

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