Little Things Thursday

Happy Little Things Thursday! Hope you guys are having a great week. The weather is looking up here as we finally hit the 80’s and I think those temps may be here to stay!

In other words…basically summer. I couldn’t be happier about that.

In summer’s honor, beach photographs!

punta-gorda-florida-blog 02

punta-gorda-florida-blog 03

boy-in-water-in-punta-gorda-florida-mangrove 06-750


punta-gorda-florida-blog 01


I love these idyllic images that I can go back to when I need a little escape from reality, which may not be too far off in the end of the school year rush. 4 weeks til summer!

What are you shooting this week?

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  1. Our temps are warmer now, too, but unfortunately with the warmer temps came the awful humidity, too. We couldn’t even see out or window this morning. The fog was so thick.

  2. Such a wonderful summer mood!
    We must wear still warm jackets and I cannot wait for warmer temps…
    Enjoy your time
    Mascha recently posted..Русская азбука в песнях – Russian ABC in songsMy Profile

  3. Oh, how wonderful with summer!!!!! Here it’s a long time before summer comes, if we even get summer weather, in this country we never know. But at least with summer comes the summer holidays and our annual trip to Italy, where you can always count on warm weather in the summer. Good times!
    Such cool beach pics!! I’m just waiting for an alligator to show up… lol 🙂

  4. We’re still hanging in the chilly temps, we’ll get a day of 70 and then 50 again for day. I’ll take that over summer heat!
    Tamar Strauss-Benjamin recently posted..Native American MuseumMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous!

    Hasn’t it been a lovely week!?
    Dina recently posted..WandererMy Profile

  6. I just loved your images!! Have a great day!

    ARTantana recently posted..Pepper and Coriander Mackerel.My Profile

  7. Looks like a wonderful time away!!!!!

  8. We’ve been blessed with summer like temps. as well, maybe fooled a little in thinking it’s summer. Lovely beach photos!

  9. Well, it’s raining here again, but we did have a couple of sunny days that I took full advantage of! Your shots are dreamy, Kim! The lighting is magical! Enjoy the weather!
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . Psalm 129My Profile

  10. LOVE the pic of your son (5) with the tree in the water as background! And the sunglasses of your daughter – my goodness, I didn’t think these would ever come back in vogue again:)
    Can’t think about summer yet – Spring just started here in the mountains – still when it rains the temps cools down enough that we put the stove back on! I know you must have a hectic schedule, so appreciate your comment on my blog:)

  11. Great beach photos! Cannot WAIT for summer!
    Thanks for the prompt and the inspiration.

    My poem for today incorporates your prompt/s and fits NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

    Here it is:
    Reach for the beach

  12. So sunny, so cozy and warm in photo instants captured… A lovely collection to remember a special vacation! Greetings in Spring!

  13. Such wonderful reminders of the family vacation!… Just love the happy faces and backdrop. As you welcome summer temps, we’ll be dropping back into the 50’s this weekend. Enjoy the warmth and perhaps push some over the Atlantic if you can 🙂 xo
    Catherine recently posted..To Be a Child in ParisMy Profile

  14. LOVE….all of them! What a wonderful family vacation!
    Mitzi recently posted..My Week in Review V-7My Profile

  15. pat kumicich says:

    It’s hard to believe summer is just around the corner – enjoy!

  16. Beautiful shots again. I like the one of your husband and daughter with the shades.

  17. I’ve enjoyed seeing these photos of your vacation. It looks like an idyliac place. Your family is beautiful and the camera loves them!

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