Little Things Thursday

Stuff happens. Like when your daughter’s phone ends up in the washing machine…

Yep, that happened this week and became the reason I was able to do this for myself.

iphone 6s plus 01-750

Shameless plug included.

Thank goodness for an available upgrade which allowed me to give my daughter my iPhone 5s, and get the big Bertha for myself. Truth told, I needed to upgrade because my eyes at this age need to see everything in LARGE format. Amen? Amen.

It’s a win for far-sighted eye-strain sufferers everywhere.

What kind of stuff is happening this week for you?

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  1. I was hesitant about going big, but have loved every minute of it!
    Dina recently posted..Celebrate #8My Profile

  2. Well, there’s always a silver lining! Have a beautiful Easter!

  3. Oh my. I remember my son dropping his in the toilet and then my hubby fell in the lake and lost his.

  4. Most bad has to be good…
    Have a blessed Easter
    Mascha recently posted..Wordless – без слов –My Profile

  5. Oh my goodness- that had to leave a pit in your stomach. But at least yo u turned it into a positive. We have the Note3 (need to upgrade)- so the huge screen is a big perk. Can’t imagine anything smaller

    My son just has a tracphone that he buys his own minutes for- it’s not even a smart phone. He doesn’t even want one, but we keep telling him he needs to get an actual plan now that he’s 18. He’s so frugal- he doesn’t want to have a monthly bill. Smart kid- has the rest of his life for that I guess.
    Gina recently posted..Chocolate Banana SmoothieMy Profile

  6. Oy for the washed phone, yay for the new one! I LOVE my 6!
    Tamar Strauss-Benjamin recently posted..Spring?My Profile

  7. I have a Samsung Note 3 which is huge and sometimes I wish I had a smaller phone. Have fun with your new one! 🙂

  8. reminds us how there’s always good to be found, even in the messiest of situations! Now there are two happy campers 🙂 Enjoy your new iPhone…
    Catherine recently posted..The Real Voyage of DiscoveryMy Profile

  9. I LOVE MINE!!! Enjoy!

  10. When a bad thing turns to be a good, even happy thing…*-* Lol …
    🙂 Enjoy your phone; happiness is what makes you and your day , to smile…
    Have fun and A happy Spring to you!

  11. According to our cell service provider, we are past time for upgrades. But until the phones become a problem for us, we will likely not upgrade. Congrats on the new phones!
    Mitzi recently posted..A Time of ReflectionMy Profile

  12. Cannot tell you how many people I know who dropped their phone somehow in the water!! Seems to be so common:) and that’s why I always leave mine at home (not the real reason – lol).
    Have a wonderful Easter, Kim!

  13. Oh my, yes I have same gem. The it is so much faster than my iphone 5 was.

  14. Everything happens for a reason! Enjoy your upgrade!

  15. Oh, my! Well, I’m glad that ended well for all of you! Blessings on your Easter, Kim!
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . Psalm 126My Profile

  16. That must have been a heart stopping moment


  17. This post made me laugh. Not the phone part, but the eye part 😉 I was amening right along with you.

  18. Lowanda J says:

    Yikes! The washer can be such a dangerous thing. Kids are always leaving things in their pockets. Stains from chapstick happen often. Lol, well you were able to get a treat out of it and it was a nice one indeed! I am a droidie, but I love the new I Phone. I know you will enjoy it. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! 🙂

  19. My girls have killed two of my phones! Ugh! So frustrating!

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