Little Things Thursday

Hey Little Things Thursday-ers! It sure has been a politically puzzling week for some of us.

boy playing with rubiks cube 01-750

And boy, oh boy…I could use a look at the good of this world! Couldn’t you?

So, help me out friends! Let’s shine a light on all the beautiful things we’ve encountered this week.

And briefly, we’ve continued to have posts linked here that are outside the intent of this group.  I don’t like to exclude those that desire to participate.  But as stated several times before,  please only link posts that fit with the spirit of this linky, which is sharing our personal lives and/or talents through the medium of photography.  Images with big fancy cameras or phones are welcomed. Posts not honoring this request will be deleted going forward for the sake of preserving this community.


I love ya, I really do! So, let’s see what you’ve captured!

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  1. If you think American politics is puzzling, you should try South African politics… Have a beautiful week!

  2. Well captured guy.
    German politics is very puzzled too at the moment… sigh!
    Hope, my collage-post is still welcome, I like to make such stories to say something thrugh the pics. The single large images are always my photographs, but why not make more?
    Have a joy in your day
    Mascha recently posted..Fairy princessMy Profile

    • Sweet Mascha, you are fine and your collages are more than welcome. It’s just 1-2 people who are not posting blogs that fit the theme. I love seeing what you are up to!

  3. Hope the puzzles become less puzzling!!

  4. As someone that falls into the classification of “political junkie” it’s not the actual politics that puzzles me- but watching the strategies of each candidate is interesting to watch. But I try to never talk politics with anyone beyond these walls- so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  5. It’s a bit scary, isn’t it!?
    Dina @ 4 Lettre Words recently posted..February via InstagramMy Profile

  6. I’m a total political junkie these days. I find myself glued to political coverage these days. Mostly because I find the whole process so intriguing, but I have to sadly admit…there is a small part that feels like I have to slow down in my car to take a look at the accident that just happened. Gotta admit, I’m usually disappointed that the Pennsylvania prirmary happens so late that everything is decided before it gets into our hands. But this year???!!??? Let’s just say I’m kind of relieved because I STILL have no idea whom I will vote for!

  7. I just came across your blog and have to say you have such a beautiful space here and a oh so talented in photography. Cheers 🙂

  8. Talk about patience – I’ve never been able to figure out that Rubik cube!

  9. Yeah, several of these Rubico squares were once in our house:) The recent political events are kind of a roller coaster! Even though I don’t know every detail about this political system (the Dutch is quite different) it is in my prayers, because it effects me since I’m living here!

    Kim, since you have been coming once a week for a comment on my blog -which I greatly appreciated and value – next time when you get to my blog, please also leave one of your images for my new meme called Seasons (Mon-Wed. till 7 pm) – anything goes during the season -you have plenty from recent times:):) Hope you’ll join in! and have a happy weekend!
    Jesh StG recently posted..GOING THE DISTANCE (Weekly Post)My Profile

  10. Hello, first visit here. You have very lovely photographs. I will check out some of the links to find out if I can join in here. I am in Canada and our networks are carrying all US politics all day long!
    islandrambles recently posted..HopeMy Profile

  11. It’s going to be a long eight months, I’m afraid 🙁 I’m quite ready for it all to be over. Love your little puzzler 🙂 Have a great weekend, friend !
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 9:52My Profile

  12. Hi,
    I just vote for who I think is the best, and hope I choose the right one. Love
    your picture, I remember the cube, very frustrating at times. Have a great day!

  13. Seems like politics in America is really wacky at the moment and lots of it has lost any idea of ‘good’ and what that means

    Molly recently posted..Day 64 – PhotoflectionMy Profile

  14. Not to underestimate your political issues, which are really surreal and scary….but if take a small peak into our country you would feel better instantly!!! You know here is so absurd that we have been called the only country that not being at war looks and feels at war…. is that bad. And to think that we are supposed to be a rich country, just like Dubai…

  15. As always, love the way you capture those beautiful children of yours. There is always something new. As for politics, I’m afraid I really don’t get into it. I do know that it is a wacky situation these days…I just do my best not to get consumed by it. Hope next week will be a better one for you. PS. I know I probably linked my post last week, but with the transfer, all of my comments were lost. Big hugs to you girl!

  16. Oh Kim, I fear for our beautiful 50 states some days after watching what’s going on! But like others are saying about their countries, there seems to be a great deal of us bewildered at governments and societies in all corners of the world (even right here in France!). A consolation? Don’t know, but I’m hoping for results that show we are brighter and more informed than it seems…

  17. Our country is certainly in a sad state. I appreciate your focus on the good things! Thank you for the link-up.

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